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Its been two days since I returned to the royal capital from the city of Rigforeshia.

Im now leisurely walking through the streets of the royal capital, exhausted from the events in the Sacred Tree Festival.

I was only in Rigforeshia for about 4 days, but I feel like I was there for a long time because of all the things that happened there.

Im not sure if it was because Im the winner of the harvest festival, but many of the elves were sad to see me return and told me to come visit again whenever I wanted.

Id also like to thank Rei-san and Fia-san for their help while we were intruding upon them, and I hope to visit them again with some souvenirs.

By the way, Anima is still with the guard force in the city of Rigforeshia.

Even if Lillywood-san promised to help reorganize the guard force, its not something that can be done in a day or two, so Ive decided to have Anima work hard until they finished reorganizing.

Anyway, since Ive thrust the job on her, when the reorganization is over and Anima comes to the royal capital, Ill take her out for something delicious to eat and let her have a good nights sleep.

Lillywood-san seemed to be busy with lots of things, and we hadnt been able to talk much since we chatted in the Spirits Forest, but she made a suggestion before we went back.

That promise I made with Isis-san…… Lillywood-san would be picking me up when I go to visit Isis-sans home.

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It seems that there are a considerable amount of monsters in the Demon Realm, and since Isis-sans home is quite far from the city, I was very grateful for her offer.

I will still be discussing the details about when I will visit Isis-san, but it looks like Ill be visiting the Demon Realm soon.

If there was a big change after the Sacred Tree Festival, it would be the relationship between Lilia-san and Sieg-san.

The rut has been resolved, and even though I didnt know if they began talking the same way they used to before, the chances of seeing Lilia-san, Lunamaria-san and Sieg-san being together had clearly increased.

What particularly caught my impression was how happy Lilia-san seemed to be and how she had a bright smile on her face, as if an evil spirit had taken possession of her body.

Now then, the purpose of my current visit to the city is to give the owner of the miscellaneous goods store I met before…… Alice, a souvenir I brought from the Sacred Tree Festival…… or more like, some of the prizes I won as the winner.

Well, to be honest, since its called an assortment of fruits, I was expecting it would be something like a basket of fruits…… but I was given an outrageous amount.

Its already an insane amount of fruit, so much so that it feels too much even after sharing it with the servants in Lilia-sans house.

According to Rei-san, it was more than usual, but I wonder if he was trying to look presentable since Lillywood-san was there

Anyway, it was so much I can eat them all, so Im heading to Alice, who sold me a variety of good items at a discount.

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Well, I did buy around 5000R worth of goods last time, so I dont think she would have any food problems like she did before……

In an alleyway off the main street, there stands a small shop with a sign that says “Miscellaneous Goods Store” just as it was before.

When I got there, I opened the door of the store without thinking about anything in particular…… and closed it immediately.

I think I saw something strange just now. No, maybe I was looking at it wrong, but it looked like there was a stuffed cat lying on the floor……

[……This is bad…… its not like the skins of my stomach and back are sticking together anymore, Im so hungry its like my stomach has a hole in it……]


[I really cant move…… I cant even move one more step……]


A familiar stuffed costume lying on its back on the floor, mumbling to herself.

To be honest, I was filled with the desire to leave immediately even if I just arrived, but I endured it and looked at the “idiot” in front of me.

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[……Unnn Ahh, Kaito-san~~ You came to buy something from me again~~ Or rather, please treat me with something~~]


[Hiieehh! W- Wait! Why does it look like youre going to just trample down on me! That looks dangerous, you know!]

[……Sorry, I didnt see you there.]

[No, no! We totally met eyes with each other just now! You were just about to step at me right as you came in!]

I tried stomping on the laid down stuffed costume while pretending its just a coincidence, but unfortunately, she quickly evaded it…… That doesnt look like you cant move at all though……

[How violent could you be that you would stomp on the face of such a beautiful girl as soon as you see her again, Kaito-san!]

[No, I just cant see around that area because of my height.]

[……Well, it certainly may be unseeable based on your height.]

[Then, its alright.]

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[I see! Thats right! ……Wait, no! Isnt that strange!]

Is that…… Noritsukkomi As I thought, this person really isnt ordinary.

(T/N: Noritsukkomi is where the boke goes along with the joke, then throws his/her tsukkomi.)

[……Is that admiration Im seeing in your face Rather than that, Kaito-san, arent you too harsh on me Please give me more affection instead, affection!]


[……Erhem. Once again, welcome, Kaito-san. Since when did you come home from the Sacred Tree Festival]

[Its been a while, about two days.]

Coldly staring at Alice, who got up and spread out her hands after making her joke, after a while, Alice greets me as if to reset the conversation again.

Wryly smiling as shes still as enthusiastic as usual, after we exchange greetings, Alice dexterously rubs her stuffed hands together.

[So, did you come to buy something from me today too Tell me what youre looking for!]

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[No, Im not here to buy anything……]

[Tsk…… You came here just to banter with me huh…… Youre going to eat your meal while watching me suffer huh! Youre the type of person who savors other peoples misfortune as if it tastes like honey huh!!!]

[……I actually came to bring lots of fruits as souvenirs from the Sacred Tree Festival but……]

[Well~~ Kaito-san, Ive missed you so much! I was really lonely and sad while Kaito-san at the Sacred Tree Festival. We should have only parted for a few days, but just the wait feels like its been years! Now, come sit on this chair, Ill go brew some tea!]


This b*tch…… I- I want to hit her so much……

Watching Alices demeanor suddenly turn 180 and prepare a chair in front of the counter, Im tempted to punch her in the head as hard as I can, but I managed to restrain myself from doing so and took a seat.

Thereupon, Alice begins to take off her stuffed costume, coming out wearing the opera mask I saw before.

[Arehh Youre wearing that mask in your stuffed costume this time]

[Yes, I dont want to be humiliated by having Kaito-san suddenly strip me and stare at my nakedness in broad daylight like before.]

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[……Stop that misleading way of speaking.]

[Putting that aside, Kaito-san! Food, wheres the food! Quickly, could please quickly take it out!]

[Y- Yeah……]

Slightly pressured by Alice, who was drawing near looking really ghastly, I take out a large amount of fruit from my magic box.

Thereupon, Alices eyes shone…… Well, I cant actually see it well because of her mask, but I think her eyes were somehow shining based on her movements.

[Theres so much! Can I really get all of these!]

[Eh Ahh, of course.]

[Kaito-san, youre really an ikemen! How dreamy! Im so happy that Im fine even if Kaito-san embraced me now!]

[Please pardon me from that.]

[Youd even use keigo just to refuse!]

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How should I say this… Shes as boisterous as ever.

Alice seemed to be extremely happy, as after she quickly went over after brewing me a cup of tea, she instantly bit into a fruit.

[Uuuuhhh…… My first meal after “four days”. Its so delicious.]

[……Four days]

[Yes, Ive had zero customers since Kaito-sans visit before. I was seriously prepared to die.]

[Hey, wait a second there, didnt I spend nearly 5000R last time What happened with that]

When I heard Alice said she hadnt eaten anything for four days, I reflexively asked her back.

Ive bought about 5000R worth of goods from this store before, and thats nearly half-a-million yen…… Even though the prices here may be different, I would have been able to live on for two months in this world with that amount of money.

When I asked her where in the world her money went, Alice turned her face away before she squeezed out a mumble.

[……All of it is gone already.]

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[How the heck did all of…… Could it be, you have debts to pay]


[What! I- If theres anything I can do to help……]

I dont know much about Alice yet, but when I met her before, she said she didnt have any money at all…… So there might be some reason for that.

If thats the case, it makes sense why she was so desperate to sell me her stuff. Perhaps, it may be debt left by her parents, or perhaps, she was tricked into taking on a large amount of debt……

Sh*t, I should have listened carefully. Maybe Alice was having a hard time, and she was acting cheerful in an attempt to distract herself from it.

I dont know what her circumstances are, but if theres something I can do to help her……

[……I just cant stop…… “gambling”—— Ouch!]

When I heard shes messing around again, I reflexively slapped her head.

[Why did you hit me!]

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[Rather, why would you think I wouldnt hit you! Ehh I mean, wait a sec, you…… the reason why you dont have money and food to eat…… is just because you gambled it all up!]

[I- Its alright! I was just unlucky at that time…… but Ill get it all back next time!]

[Thats what all those folks who had become broke from gambling says! Im not saying you shouldnt gamble here, but cant you at least do it in moderation! Keep it in moderation, will you! Dont spend it all that you dont even have food to eat!]

[Kaito-san, it hurts…… It hurts.]

Grabbing Alices collar, I furiously rocked her body back and forth.

This big fool…… I thought she was a lost cause, but its more than I imagined…… No, if shes really worse than I imagined, I dont know what I was worried about before……

Dear Mom, Dad—— I met Alice again, and Ive learned a bit about her situation. No, really, how should I say this, Alice is a really outrageous—– lost cause.

T/N: Been busy IRL, so this is the only chapter for today.


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