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1016 - White God Festival, Noon ⑩

After notifying Magnawell-san, I turned around and called out.


[……So, what are you doing]

[No, its not like Im doing anything crazy. Im just trying to get some new equipment……]


Appearing in response to my call, Alice entered the conversation between me and Magnawell-san. From what I could see, it really didnt seem like she was really doing anything weird or was planning some kind of prank again.

If she was planning to play some kind of prank, she would probably act like she got found out and try to play dumb, and since she responded in a very normal way, I guess I can assume that she almost definitely isnt planning anything strange.

In addition, just as Iris-san said, because Alice, who has a habit of hiding serious matters, obediently answering my questions, it means that this matter really isnt anything serious.


[New equipment Are you making a new knife]

[Ahh, no, I recently got myself a new knife. I like this new one a lot.]

[……That is quite an amazing one, isnt it I cant tell what material its made of, even though its right in front of me, and the knife itself gives me a feeling of greatness. Just like a precious gem in the form of a knife.]

[As expected of Magnawell-san, you have very discerning eyes. Yes, Id say its one of the finest weapons in existence, at least in this world.]


…….Hmmm, its just my hunch, but she sounds kinda happy while talking about that dagger. I feel like shes in a slightly better mood after Magnawell-san praised her dagger.


[Ahh, getting back on topic, Im making new clothes for myself. The one Im wearing now is also made by me, so it has quite the performance…… but Ive been using it for a long time now, and since Ive got myself a new weapon, I thought Id make myself new clothing as well.]

[In other words, youre using Magnawell-sans Dragon Core and Megiddo-sans horn as materials for that]

[Yes, if Im going to make new clothing, Im going to make it awesome, so I got materials from all the Six Kings. I thought Id combine all of them to make my new clothing……]


This fellow just said something outrageous. Shes making it sound like collecting materials from the other members of the Six Kings is the same as buying ingredients from the market……


[Fumu, I see. If its you, you can make something good…… but take heed that this situation wont end up the same as “that sword”.]

[No, that time regarding “that toy” isnt so much my fault, its more because Megiddo-san and Isis-san found it so amusing that it turned into something nonsensical……]

[That sword]


After nodding his head in understanding, a complicated expression appeared on Magnawell-sans face. He looked as if remembered something, to which Alice made an indescribably astounded expression as well…… When I tilted my head, not knowing what the sword the two of them were talking about, Alice explained with a wry smile on her face.

[A long time ago, us, the Six Kings, went to the dungeon….. Its a facility I built to test our skills. There were six floors in total, and on each floor, we placed a Magic Doll that Kuro-san had made and we had modified. Well, its like we made a “downgraded copy of us” at that time and placed it there.]

[Youre saying it as if its normal, but that sounds pretty outrageous……]

[Well, theyre Magic Dolls thats a bit stronger than peak Count-ranks. Well, its difficult to maintain that kind of performance without a special warded space in place, so they cant be taken out of the dungeon. Also, as expected, that Magic Doll was unable to recreate Kuro-sans strength, so I put Kuro-sans Magic Doll and Ein-sans Magic Doll in a set on the last level to adjust the difficulty level.]


Even though it was quite a long time ago, they made downgraded copies of the Six Kings…… Some kind of golems Even though they dont have a sense of reasoning, they should still be quite powerful.


[……Arehh What does that have to do with a sword]

[Yes, about that, since we built it anyway, we made that Dungeon available for training. Once the person who wants to train dies, they will be revived and automatically returned to the entrance. No one had yet to break through even one floor, but it became a popular training ground, especially for War Kings subordinates.]

[And since we made it like that, we decided to put a treasure on the final floor…… and for that, I made the “Six Kings Sword”. As a result of all the Six Kings carving magic techniques using their magic power into the sword until its very limits, a sword…… toy that shot out a random Maximum Magic had been completed.]

[No, calling that a toy is just……]


Just from what I heard, it was an extremely unreasonable sword, exactly like the most powerful weapon that lay hidden deep within the dungeon……


[Its a toy. Everytime you swing it, it produces a random Maximum Magic, which means that if it were to just be swung around you, it would produce a random magic that could wipe out several kilometers around you. Moreover, its not just about getting the people around you accidently caught up in that strike……]


[Even if theyre downgraded, the fact that they can defeat a copy of us and reach the lowest floor and get the sword means that theyre definitely on the level of a Duke-rank, right At their level, they should be able to use Maximum Magic if they want. The firepower of Maximum Magic that had been suppressed so that it could be endowed on a sword couldnt be compared to the Maximum Magic they themselves could cast. That toy would just be a nuisance to the people around them.]

[……Ohh, I see, I guess thats true.]


Indeed, a person who can get through a dungeon with such extreme difficulty, even having a system where you return you to the entrance once you die, may not need such a sword.










~ ~ Materials Collected by Alice-chan ~ ~


・ Magnawells Dragon Core

・ Megiddos Horn

・ World Trees Flower

・ Great Evil Gods Core, filled with magic power of death

・ Kuromueinas fog-like magic power

・ Eins magic thread (※Perhaps, frustrated that she was beaten by Alice 20,000 years ago, she practiced hard after that and is the best in handling magic threads within the Demon Realm)


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