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1013 - Around that Time ③

In the lower-level of the God Realm, near the Teleportation Gate where most people gather for the White God Festival…… Some distance away from that place, where there are fewer people, there stands Rosemary with a stiff expression on her face.

Talking with her, looking concerned, was Camellia, who went to the White God Festival together with Rosemary.


[……Eri, are you alright]

[……I- Impossipossipossible……  T- There are lots of strangers around…… They really increased a lot.]

[Of course, the numbers would increase compared to when we just came here. That aside, how are you Do you think we can get closer to the Teleportation Gate]

[……T- T- T- Thats totally impossible…… Going through t- that many people…… Ill die.]


After parting with Kaito and his group, the two returned to the lower-level to go home. This is because the God Realm doesnt allow the use of Teleportation Magic.

As the entire God Realm is enclosed in Anti-Teleportation Ward, only a few exceptionally talented people, such as the Six Kings, can forcefully use Teleportation Magic to get in and out of the God Realm.

However, when it comes to the Sanctuary where Shallow Vernal resides, unless they have abilities on the level of Quasi-Omnipotence, such as Kuromueina or Eden, who have abilities that could oppose Shallow Vernals abilities, Teleportation is impossible.


[We cant break through God Realms Anti-Teleportation Ward, so well need to use the Teleportation Gate, you know……]

[……R- Rather…… The only ones who can Teleport in the God Realm…… besides the Six Kings…… would be Phantasmal King-samas Gluttony…… and Jutia]

[It certainly would be difficult unless were on their level. Well, in any case, for us to return, we would need to use the Teleportation Gate…… So in the end, we need to go to that place with a large number of people……]



Peak Count-ranks were usually able to do most things, but of course, there are still things that they arent good at.

The Anti-Teleportation Ward placed in the God Realm is extremely high-level, and thats why even they would find it difficult to break through it unless theyre among the worlds top-class Teleport Mages.

Gluttony, the Subspace Predator, famed as one of the best users of Teleportation Magic in the Demon Realm, or Jutia, the Great Tree Princess, who is the worlds best Spirit Mage and the origin of the Spirit Magic exercised using the principles of Teleportation Magic…… One would need to be at least on their level.


The only option left for Rosemary and Camellia is to use the Teleportation Gate, which looked crowded even from a distance…… Its very difficult for Rosemary, who had a really bad case of strange anxiety, to step into the Gate.

Moreover, its likely that they would have to wait for a very long time to get their turn to use the Gate, so it was hell itself for Rosemary.

When she saw Rosemary trembling with a stiff expression on her face, Camellia smiled, trying to reassure her.


[For the time being, since there arent many people around here, lets take a break. If we give it some time, the people might eventually lessen.]

[……U- Unnn…… Thanks, Lia……]

[If I knew this would be the case, it would have been great if we had invited Jutia to come along.]

[……Y- Youre right…… H- However…… I never thought this would be this many people……]


Taking a break for the time being, they decided to approach the Teleportation Gate when the number of people had decreased.

As they chatted for a while, they suddenly heard a familiar voice.


[Oya oya, oya oya, meeting you here, what a coincidence! Tis great, tis great, Im very lucky to meet you here by chance!]

[Jutia-san! What are you doing here]

[Im here to buy some tea. After that, after tha, I was thinking of visiting Rigforeshia. The Teleportation Gate would be crowded, so I thought Id teleport somewhere out of the way. And then, and then, thats when I found you two.]


Camellia looked surprised when she saw Jutia, whom they had encountered by chance, and swiftly approaching Jutia, Rosemary brought her hands on both of Jutias shoulders and brought her face close to hers.


[……M- My savior has arrived…… J- Jutiaaaa…… S- Save me.]


[T- T- T- There are lots of people…… I cant get close to the Teleportation Gate…… P- Please bring me along with your Teleportation Magic.]

[I see, I see, Rosemary doesnt like crowds after all. Alright, alright, Ill bring you with me then. Is it alright if we teleport to Rigforeshia first]

[U- Unnn…… When we get to the Human Realm…… I can teleport on my own…… So I would be really grateful for that.]


Jutia, who could ignore the Anti-Teleportation Ward of the God Realm and teleport out of here, was like the true God of Salvation for Rosemary.

Rosemary was relieved to hear that Jutia had willingly agreed to leave with Teleportation Magic.


[Its just a guess, Jutia-san. Youre cheerful as ever…… but you seem to be in a better mood than usual.]

[Oyo You can tell Unnn, unnn, Im in a really good mood right now! Im glad, Im glad, having a superb encounter made me so glad!]

[An encounter]

[Listen, listen, just now, in the middle-level……]


With a happy expression on her face, Jutia began to talk about the events that occurred in the middle-level, and the three of them ended up talking about Kaito for a while.








Serious-senpai : [Now then, since were done talking about the people Kaito had parted ways with…… What will happen next]

: [I wonder if hell meet someone again]

Serious-senpai : [Even so, is there even anyone else hes going to meet this time I guess there might be huh.]


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