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 1009 - White God Festival, Noon ⑥



※ I dont have much time today, so this chapter is rather short. My apologies.







The words Jutia-san said in response to the anguishes Sieg-san conveyed to her…… That Sieg-san was a High Elf.

The one who was most surprised by this was none other than Sieg-san.


[I- Im a High Elf How in the world……]

[Hmmm. Since the person herself isnt aware of this…… Could it be, could it be, you ate a “Fruit of the World Tree”]

[Fruit of the World Tree…… Y- Yes, I had eaten one before.]


Seemingly certain that Sieg-san is a High Elf, what came to Jutia-sans mind was the Fruit of the World Tree.

Sieg-san certainly had eaten a Fruit of the World Tree, but wondering why that would lead to her evolution from an Elf to a High Elf, I waited for Jutia-sans next words.

[The Fruit of the World Tree, you see, contains Lillywood-samas powerful magic power…… In other words, its like you ate a lump of magic power of nature. Of course, of course, just eating that doesnt make you evolve to a High Elf. However, only the talented children would have the opportunity to evolve.]

[……That means, I really am……]

[Unnn, unnn, I cant be mistaken here. From all the time Ive lived, Ive met a lot of various High Elves. I cant be mistaken when I see the magic power of a High Elf. Youve definitely evolved to a High Elf.]


In other words, since Sieg-san, an Elf with great talent, ate a Fruit of the World Tree and took in a large amount of magic power of nature into her body, she evolved into a Special Individual, a High Elf

Speaking of High Elves I met, theres Fors-san…… but I honestly couldnt tell how shes any different from a normal Elf.

However, to Jutia-san, who is a Spirit, the magic power of a High Elf seems to be unique and something she cant be mistaken when she sees one.


[……T- Then……]

[Unnn, thats right, thats right, I can sense the magic power of nature from you. Thats why, thats why, I think that you should be able to use Nature Magic without any problems.]

[ ! ]

Hearing Jutia-sans words, Sieg-san looked shocked and overcome with emotion.

Being unable to use Nature Magic must have been quite the complex for Sieg-san, so I think it would probably be difficult for her to explain what she currently feels.

However, unnn. At least, it isnt a bad result for Sieg-san, so Im glad.


As I had such thoughts in mind, seeing the deeply moved Sieg-san who had tears in her eyes, a smile appeared on my lips.









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