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1008 - White God Festival, Noon ⑤

【The Popularity Vote Block A & Block B until 12/17. We will announce the results as soon as possible.】

【Block C, Block D & Block E will be updated on the 18th.】








The conversation between Sieg-san and Jutia-san was proceeding peacefully, but halfway through, I began to feel a little concerned. The reason for this is that Sieg-san looked a little downcast…… Rather, it seemed like she was hesitating about something.

My Sympathy Magic tells me that she was hesitating about something, Sieg-san seemingly wanting to tell Jutia-san something, but she finds it difficult to say it.


[Tis great, tis great, Ive had fun talking about various stuff! However, I dont think we should talk too long in a store. Im going to buy this tea I picked out, okay]

[Ahh, yes. Im sorry for keeping you too long.]

[Tis alright, tis alright, dont worry about it! It was a pleasure talking to you, so lets talk again when we get the chance!]


As I had this thought in mind, the conversation between them was about to end, and Jutia-san was about to head for the checkout with what seemed to be Glorious Tea in hand.

I had a feeling that it wouldnt do if the situation continued like this, so I interjected at that moment.


[Ummm, excuse me…… Sieg-san, whether you have something youd like to tell or ask Jutia-san…… Do you have something in mind]



Hearing my words, Jutia-san tilted her head, and Sieg-san looked at me with a surprised look for a moment before she looked convinced, seemingly remembering my Sympathy Magic.

Just like that, Sieg-sans gaze moved about, seemingly still hesitating, but then she looked towards Jutia-san and spoke.


[……Ummm, Jutia-sama, if its not too much of a problem…… Theres a question Id like to ask of you.]

[Me Unnn, tis fine, tis fine, Ill buy out this tea first though, and then we can talk some more after we get out of the store!]

[Yes, thank you.]


When Sieg-san said she had a question to ask her, Jutia-san acknowledged it with a bright smile. Just like that, Jutia-san proceeded to buy out the Glorious Tea, and we all went outside for a moment to a place a few distance away from the street.

As this area is for the wealthy, there arent that many people here, so it was easy to find a place that doesnt have many people.


[……Ummm, I…… dont have any aptitude for Nature Magic or Spirit Magic…… A dimwitted Elf.]

[Dimwitted Eh S- Sieg, what in the world……]

[I havent mentioned this to Lili and Luna, have I Elves are a race that live alongside nature…… Im not sure if its a special characteristic of our race, but basically all Elves, regardless of their talent, have an aptitude for Nature Magic or Spirit Magic.]


Lilia-san and Luna-san, Sieg-sans best friends, seemed to be surprised upon hearing this, but I had actually heard about this from Sieg-san herself.

When we went to Rigforeshia together, we were drinking alcohol in the evening and I heard her mumble a little bit about her lack of aptitude for Nature and Spirit Magic.

However, it didnt seem like she wanted me to step into this topic, so I didnt ask any more questions about this and just moved on to another topic……


Hearing Sieg-sans words, Luna-san thought for a moment and as if she had come up with something, she spoke.


[……Speaking of which, theres that fairy tale about the Winged race that cant fly. It was apparently about how some beings are born without their racial characteristics……]

[Yes, I was an Elf with absolutely no aptitude for either Nature Magic or Spirit Magic, which is extremely rare in Elven history. In addition, my father was such an excellent mage that the previous King bowed his head to invite him to the royal court, and my mother was at a level where the first Spirit Mage declared that she was her rival, so it seems that the people around me were greatly disappointed because they had high expectations of me, being their child.]


Everyone had an indescribable expression on their face at those words. To be honest, it must be much harder than I imagined to be born without the aptitudes that the people around her take for granted.


[Ahh, but that doesnt mean I was persecuted or anything like that. My father and mother had quite an authority among the Elven Tribe, and I myself was strong enough to defeat most of my opponents…… Well, thats why there were many people who say things like “If only I had an aptitude to these magics”.]

[……Perhaps, the reason why Sieg is reluctant to return to Rigforeshia where Rei-san and Fia-san are……]

[The biggest reason really was that I dont want to part ways with Lili…… but I cant deny that Im not too eager to return to Rigforeshia.]


Sieg-san is one of the most powerful people in the Human Realm, and during the Sacred Tree Festival, Rei-san mentioned how he might not be able to match against her anymore…… That must mean shes among the top within the Elves.

Thats why, because shes a very talented being, I think Sieg-san herself was quite concerned about the fact that she didnt have an aptitude for these magics at all.

I also understood why she wanted to ask about this here. Jutia-san is a Great Spirit who stands above the Spirits, worshiped like a God to the Elves…… I guess she just wanted to be heard The pain the Sieg-san had suffered as an Elf……

When Jutia-san heard her story…… For some reason, she had a look of puzzlement on her face.


[……Hmmm. How mysterious, how mysterious…… As for Spirit Magic, affinities do exist so Ill just leave it at that. But Im surprised that even though “nature loves you so much that you evolved into a High Elf”, for you to be unable to use Nature Magic. Im surprised, Im surprised, as expected, this is the first time Ive ever heard of a High Elf who cant use Nature Magic.]

[Yes, thats right. For someone who was supposed to be loved by nature so much that I evolved to a High Elf to be unable to use Nature Magic, now thats just so funn———– Eh]


[……Ummm, Jutia-sama Im just a normal Elf though]

[……No, “no matter how I see it, youre a High Elf”though]


……Arehh The flow of the story is kinda turning strange…… I kinda have the feeling that theres a wide discrepancy between how the two of them recognize this situation.









~ ~ Difference between the Light Novel and Web Novel ~ ~


Light Novel

Kaito asks about Siegs aptitude in Rigforeshia, and its revealed by Lillie that Sieg is evolving to a High Elf.

Web Novel

Kaito only heard about Siegs aptitude in Rigforeshia, and Sieg herself is unaware that she had been evolving to a High Elf.


【Result Announcement】Second Popularity Contest ~~ Block A & Block B ~~

Thank you very much for the many votes for the Popularity Contests Block A & Block B.

Well then, the results that everyone has been waiting for…… I will now announce the top five finalists who will advance to the finals!

~ ~ ~ ~ Block A ~ ~ ~ ~

Total Number of Votes : 2593

1st place : Isis Remnant – 1642 votes

Having an overwhelming amount of votes over the others…… As expected of the champion of the first popularity contest, she got more than the majority of votes, beating the second place by over 1000 votes to advance to the finals.

2nd place : Fate – 322 votes

Fighting against the top contender of the finals, heres Fate, holding onto the 2nd place. Since shes become lovers with Kaito and has had more events around her, shes made a lot of progress since the first popularity contest.

3rd place : Kusunoki Aoi – 138 votes

Aoi-chans popularity kinda feels like it has been stable since the first popularity contest. In fact, if one only looks at her setting, she could have been a main heroine, but its a shame that she doesnt get much screen time. Well, guess I cant really say that, being the author and all that……

4th place : Pandora – 84 votes

To be honest, this was a character I didnt expect would be voted much in Block A. I guess because she has quite the personality, she has gained a strange popularity.

5th place : Anima – 83 votes

Anima lost to Pandora by just one vote, but she was able to advance to the finals. Anima is also one of the characters that has improved a lot since the first popularity contest. I look forward to seeing her progress in the future.

【General Comments for Block A】

Anyhow, Isis, who came first in the previous popularity contest, was overwhelmingly strong and took most of the votes, so in a sense, this was a cursed block where even those who got triple digit results were limited to third place. Regarding those below 5th place, Noir, Eulpecula, Sky and Bellfreed all got around 50 votes.

Well, Isis really was quite strong in this block.

~ ~ ~ ~ Block B ~ ~ ~ ~

Total Number of Votes : 2559

1st place : Alice – 807 votes

Alice won 1st place in the fiercely contested Block B! Within this block full of strong opponents, she showed her strength in the field by overcoming a very close battle.

2nd place : Shallow Vernal – 701 votes

Unfortunately, she lost to Alice, but it was still a very close match between them, and there was almost no difference in the percentage of votes they received. I think its safe to say that shes a good candidate to win the finals.

3rd place : Lilia – 284 votes

Also exhibiting a stable popularity, Lilia took the third place. As expected, she would be a poor match up against Alice and Shallow Vernal, but she fought hard against them and came in 3rd place. As expected of the noble lady.

4th place : Miyama Kaito – 142 votes

Here comes the main protagonist! Even the author was surprised at his unexpectedly strong performance. For him to actually beat people like Razelia and Chronois……

5th place : Razelia – 120 votes

The last finalist in the fiercely contested Block B is Razelia! She did very well in this block full of veterans, which is quite impressive considering that she doesnt have that many appearances.

【General Comments for Block B】

Unlike Block A, this block was a crowded battle of popular characters. Most of the characters received more than double-digit votes, and even the 6th-ranked character, Chronois, received 100 votes, which would have put her in 4th place if she were in Block A.

As for the others, Lindwurm, Hina, and Camellia got around 70 votes. Considering her time of appearance, Id say that Camellia did quite well.

Nevertheless, Alice has managed to win 1st place in this block…… but will she be able to make up for her defeat in the first popularity contest and win 1st place in the finals Lets see!


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