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 1005 - White God Festival, Noon ②

As Sky-san led us to see the restaurant, we could see the situation in the White God Festival. The middle-level had a more unique feel to it compared to the lower-level, and rather than an amusement park, the stalls lined up here makes this place feel more like a theme park.

Just looking at them was quite fun, and walking around with everyone, wondering what the events we saw, was also extremely enjoyable.

“Ahh, I was enjoying the festival to the fullest”, as I had such a thought in mind, I walked along, my gaze scurried about.


However, probably because I kept looking around, I was a little distracted by my excitement and I bumped into a person walking from the side.

The other person did try to avoid me, but when I noticed her when she came close to me, I flusteredly tried to avoid her, which led to us colliding with each other…… This was completely my fault.

Moreover, the impact was quite strong, so it seems that weve collided quite hard.


[I- Im sorry! Are you alright]


[This was completely my carelessness.]


I hurriedly apologized to the person I had bumped into. It was a rather petite woman of about 130cm with wavy dark brown hair, wearing a slightly unusual poncho-like outfit.

The thing that drew my eyes the most would be two horns growing from the side of the womans head backwards…… The shape of her horns reminded me of Japanese dragons horns rather than those of the western dragon…… but upon closer inspection, the horns were made of wood.

The woman turned her big verdant green eyes towards me in a daze for a moment, but when she saw me lower my head, she smiled.


[Thats great, real great, I like your energy! I like energetic children! However, you should be a little more careful about your surroundings next time, okay]

[Im really sorry.]

[Tis fine, tis fine, you dont have to worry about it that much! That aside, Im alright, but are you not hurt]

[Ah, yes. Im alright……]


Speaking to me with a big smile on her face, the emotions I could feel from this woman through my Sympathy Magic were extremely positive. She seemed to be a very nice person.


[I see, I see. In that case, this incident isnt a negative one, but a positive one instead!]


[Because, you know what If we hadnt bumped into each other just now, we wouldnt be talking to each other right now! Im glad, Im glad, its always so wonderful to meet new people!]


Raising a thumbs-up with a bright smile, the woman with the lovely voice…… is a really cheerful and good-natured person.


[However, sorry, sorry, if its possible, Id like to talk more, but Ive got some things to do. Ill excuse myself here.]

[Ahh, yes. Im sorry for bothering you.]

[See ya, see ya. If we meet again somewhere, lets have some leisurely talk then!]


Smiling from beginning to end, the woman gave me a thumbs-up before she lightly waved her hand goodbye and left.

I should reflect on bumping into her, but I was really glad that she was a pleasant person. She does have an unusual way of speaking, but she definitely is a nice person.


As I was thinking about this, I looked back at the others…… and for some reason, Lilia-san was kneeling with her hands on the ground, her head lowered.


[Milady! Please get a hold of yourself!]

[……What the heck is this Why in the world is this person like this…… In this large venue, how the heck is he meeting them one after another…… No more, Kaito-sans scary.]


……Arehh Whats with this strange atmosphere I was surprised by Lilia-sans reaction, but she wasnt the only one with a shocked expression on her face, as there was one other person with her shoulders slumped down.


[Ahhhhh…… I- I was so surprised that I wasnt able to react…… E- Even though that would have been a great chance to talk to her……]


……It was Sieg-san. Eh Seriously, what the heck is with this situation If it was just Lilia-san who reacted, I would have been able to understand. The woman I bumped just now was probably someone pretty famous. However, what was with Sieg-sans reaction

Having such thoughts in mind, for the time being, I called out to Luna-san, who was comforting Lilia-san.


[……Ummm, Luna-san. Who is that person just now…… Also, whats with Sieg-sans reaction]

[The woman you met just now is one of World King-samas executive subordinates, the Seven Princesses, “Great Tree Princess Jutia-sama”.]

[Eeeeehhhhhh! I- Is that so!]


No, I knew she was famous because of Lilia-sans reaction…… but for her to be one of the Seven Princesses…… I should have talked to her some more and thanked her.

Ahh, but it looked like she had plans earlier, so there was no way I could just keep her……


[Yes, I was surprised too. Rather, I realized once again how frightening Miyama-sama is…… Well, be that as it may, as for Siegs reaction, Jutia-sama is the “Great Spirit of the Spirit Tree”, the trees that are called the Sacred Tree by the Elves, so for the Elves, she is like a God they believe in. There are even stories that if you can talk to Jutia-sama, you will be happy. Well, to put it simply…… For Sieg, she would be like Nidzveld-sama to Milady.]

[I see…… I understand now.]


In other words, she would be the person Sieg-san has always been looking up for, and thats why Sieg-sans frustrated that she didnt get to say a word to that person when she happened to meet her.

I see…… A- As expected, since it wasnt my intention, I dont think Lilia-san would be upset with me…… but I have a feeling that it will take a little longer for the two of them to recover from this incident.









Serious-senpai : [……It seems like the third bokukko makes her entrance.]

(T/N: Bokukko are girls who use “boku” to refer to themselves, instead of the more common “watashi/atashi”)

: [Third The second would be]

Serious-senpai : [Kurosu Erina.]

: [What about Hapti-chan]

Serious-senpai : [Her and Alice are basically the same person, so she doesnt count.]

: [I see……]

(T/N: First would be Kuro.)


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