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 1002 - The Encounter with the Rose Princess ⑤

As we proceeded through the exhibition booths, Rosemary-san occasionally gave us explanations through Camellia-san, which we took into account as we toured the booths in order.

Then, we arrived at the farthest area…… where the atmosphere was more solemn than the others. It seemed to be a large room, with two people who seemed to be Gods standing at the entrance.


[……I- Is this the area where the items related to the Sanctuary are displayed]

[Yes. This is the most important area of the booth. Its guarded by a number of Gods skilled in combat.]


When Sieg-san muttered, seemingly pressured from the atmosphere where one could easily tell that this is a very important place, Sky-san gave a brief explanation.

As expected of stuff related to the Sanctuary…… to Shiro-san, they would be heavily guarded. The Gods wouldnt want anything to happen to the goods displayed here.


[It looks like a pretty big room. Are there a lot of items on display]

[No, there are five items displayed in total: Three flowers found only in the Sanctuary, a teacup of the same type that Shallow Vernal-sama uses, and a table created by Shallow vernal-sama.]


I was curious, so I asked her this…… but its amazing how there were only five items on display in this room that was three times the size of a school gymnasium.

Sky-san even seemed to be nervous here.

All of us were a bit overwhelmed by the atmosphere, but we entered the room and looked around at the five items that were securely displayed. For each item, there would be a God guarding it, and the air around this room seemed to be somewhat tense.


[……This is a flower that blooms only in the Sanctuary. It has a very pure and sacred atmosphere to it.]


Next to Camellia-san, who was looking at the flower that could only be found in the Sanctuary with interest, Rosemary-san was also looking at the flower as if she wanted to devour it.

Rosemary-san, who had kept a stern expression on her face all this time, now had this happy gleam in her eyes and seemed to be so enthusiastic that she forgot her nervousness.


[This is also the first time Ive seen it with my own eyes, and Im somewhat moved. Im sure the sight of these flowers in full bloom is spreading throughout the Sanctuary.]

[……No, the three flowers displayed here werent the kind of flowers I see when I have tea with Shiro-san. I guess theyre blooming in a place different from where I usually meet her They do look familiar, so Im pretty sure theyre blooming somewhere in the Sanctuary……]

[Is that so Kaito-san had seen the flower garden in the Sanctuary, didnt you As a God, I envy you very much.]


I do remember seeing this flower on display though…… but I dont have the impression that I see them very often. I wonder where these flowers are blooming


(That flower blooms near the onsen. I created it with shades that match the ginkgo bilobas autumn leaves.)


Ahh, thats right! Thats why I feel that while it looked familiar, the color and atmosphere were somehow different from the flowers I usually see……

Speaking of which, there were various flowers blooming near the onsen inn, werent there I mean, in the end, you did leave the onsen be huh……


(Will you come take a bath in the onsen again Rather, how about we enter the onsen again this evening I think looking at fireworks from the onsen would be beautiful.)


……Hmmm, the scenery there was indeed beautiful and the water feels nice, so I definitely would like to take another bath there if I had the chance. The idea of watching fireworks while soaking in an onsen is also very appealing.

But one question: If that were the case, is there an option for me to go in alone




I see, no huh…… Hmmm…… If youre going to wear a bathing suit……


(I see you want to negotiate.)


I hadnt intended to start a negotiation with her, but before I knew it, we had come to an agreement. I suddenly felt an indescribable feeling though, so I moved my gaze…… and found Rosemary-san, looking like she wanted to devour me for some reason.

There was a strong sense of anticipation in the emotions conveyed by the Sympathy Magic, but as usual, she didnt speak, so I could only tilt my head in confusion.

Thereupon, Camellia-san, who had sensed what was happening, explained with a wry smile.


[……Eri probably would like to hear more about the flower garden in the Sanctuary. Thats a place the flower-loving Eri dreams to go after all.]

[Ahh, I see…… Errr, whenever I usually have tea with Shiro-san, how should I say this…… I often see flowers in pastel colors, or rather, flowers with light hues. However, its changed quite often, so Im sure Shiro-san changes the arrangement and such according to her mood.]


(T/N: Pastel colors are pale tones of colors made by mixing a significant amount of white into the original shade, evoking openness and relaxation. Theyre colors that are most often considered soothing by people.)


Seemingly concentrating on what I was saying, Rosemary-san was nodding repeatedly with her glittering eyes focused on me.

I mean, shes a little closer than before. Heck, this might be the closest Ive been since Ive met Rosemary-san.


[……Errr, as for the others……]


While I was at a loss at what to explain to her, Rosemary-san suddenly closed the distance between us and as she brought her mouth next to my ear…… I heard a small voice, as soft as the buzzing of a mosquito.


[……W- What flowers do you often see there]

[Eh H- Hmmm, lets see. There would always be a white flower in any part of the Sanctuary. Theyre flowers that arent lilies, it looks like a dandelion, but the petals are pure white. I could almost always find one of them in my line of sight, so perhaps that might be Shiro-sans favorite flower]

[I- Is that so…… I wish I could see it too.]


……That was surprising. I was surprised in all sorts of ways. I am indeed surprised by her sudden approach, but Im more surprised that Rosemary-san, who had said it would take 16 hours before she could talk to me, suddenly spoke directly to me.

I guess thats how interested she was about the flowers in the Sanctuary huh.









: [This is a progress report. It seems that Author-san had written down the named characters for the popularity contest for the time being…… and even when she converted characters like Alice-chan and Hapti-chan, who are practically the same person, into one character…… It still reached “99 characters”, so Author-san is currently shaking on the ground.]

Serious-senpai : [As I thought, with the increase of the characters compared to the first Popularity Contest…… Unless the author separates the characters into different blocks, I think it would be difficult to do it in one go.]


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