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1000 - The Encounter with the Rose Princess ③


【A Celebration, for the 1000th Chapter!】

※ Theres a notice in the afterword.







After exchanging light greetings…… we did exchange greetings, right Anyhow, after being acquainted with Rosemary-san, Camellia-san explained to Rosemary-san about the situation.


[Eri, regarding that exhibition…… Prior reservations really are required, and there are already no slots left.]



Rosemarys expression doesnt seem to have changed. However, Id like it if you dont underestimate me. To be honest, Im proud to say that Im someone who can distinguish Shiro-sans facial expressions more than any person in this world, and I noticed the slight change in Rosemary-sans expression, even though it seemed like it didnt change at all.

(Proclaiming youre the one who knows me best…… Id be embarrassed if youd suddenly say such a passionate confession.)


No, I didnt say that much though…… F- For the time being, the topic is about Rosemary-san.

Her eyebrows slightly lowered and her shoulders slumping down a bit, she must be quite downhearted…… Well, unlike in Shiro-sans case, my Sympathy Magic is effective against Rosemary-san, so I can easily tell her emotions through Sympathy Magic……


[However, Kaito-san suggested that we go with him. If we are with Kaito-san, who has received Shallow Vernal-samas blessing, even if we arent registered, theres a good chance that we will be able to enter.]



Rosemary-sans glare turned towards me. Well, I could tell that she was happy from her emotions but…..


[However, Eri, listen carefully. Going together with Kaito-san means that we will also be going together with those people accompanying him. I heard he has about 10 people in his group…… Are you alright with that]



Shes troubled about this. Shes insanely worried about this. Apparently, for Rosemary-san, going along with ten people shes never met before is more than just very hard difficulty.

Well, shes so anxious around strangers that it takes her days to talk to someone she met for the first time, so I guess this isnt surprising……


Just like that, Rosemary-san seemed to be pondering about this matter for a while, but as if she had made up her mind, she brought her face close to Camellias ear.


[……It seems like shell try to do her best.]

[Roger that. Please dont push yourself.]

[Eri really loves flowers, so Im sure shed love to see the exhibition of Sanctuarys flowers at any cost.]


I see, even if she had to endure the fear caused by her extreme social anxiety, she still wants to see Sanctuarys flowers huh……. Rather than her just having an unusual emotional attachment to them, it feels like she really loves flowers.

For the time being, since this topic is already settled, we moved towards the place where Lilia-san and the others should be waiting. Rosemary-san seemed to be walking proudly with a stern expression on her face, her presence seemingly intimidating everyone around her, but feeling how shes scared out of her mind with my Sympathy Magic feels rather strange.




When I returned to everyone and explained the situation, Lilia-san turned to look towards the skies, a hand covering her eyes.


[……I took my eyes off you for a minute and you came back with two of the Six Kings Executives……]

[Milady, please keep yourself composed…… Its just the usual Miyama-sama.]

[My stomach hurts exactly because this is the usual……]


Seeing Lilia-san say that with a melancholic expression on her face, I just wryly smiled, unable to refute her. No, I really am surprised to meet so many different people I knew in this large venue.

Well, I think I also met quite a few people at the Six Kings Festival……


[I see, I understand the situation. Theres no problem with granting them entrance. Ill go talk about this to them.]

[……Thank you. Also, for seriously punching you back then……]

[Im not so shameless as to blame you for fighting with all your might in battle. We fought each other fair and square. Now that its over, I have no grudge against you.]

[Im grateful to hear you say that.]

Sky-san and Camellia-san were having a conversation that Im a little curious about. I later learned that the two apparently faced each other in that incident in the God Realm.

Well, both Sky-san and Camellia-san are good people, so there was no awkwardness at all, and a peaceful atmosphere drifted around them.


Thereupon, the conversation turned to Camellia-sans companion, Rosemary-san. My two kouhais seemed to be a little frightened by the grim expression in Rosemary-sans face, while the others seemed to be somewhat shrinking away from her.


[L- Lilia-san……]

[……Ive heard about Rosemary-sama, known as the “Aloof Rose”, and about how shes a moody person. Please be mindful of what you say.]


Hearing what the intimidated Hina-chan said, Lilia-san explained to her…… but perhaps, or rather, theyre definitely making a misunderstanding.

Indeed, her expression looked grim and her figure brimming with majesty feels intimidating…… but from the emotions conveyed by my Sympathy Magic, I could tell that she was already at her limits.


Thereupon, grabbing Camellia-sans shoulder as she returned back to her side after she finished talking with Sky-san, Rosemary-san brought her mouth to Camellia-sans ear.

This time, due to the proximity of our positions, I could hear what Rosemary-san whispered.


[……S- S- S- Strangers, one, two…… t- theres lots of them…… S- Scary…… Theyre looking at me, theyre looking at me…… H- H- Help me, Lia……]


Thats just amazing. Hearing her voice tremble, sounding like she was about to cry, I was strangely impressed by the fact that she still had that stern expression on her face.









【In commemoration of reaching 1000th Chapter, the second Popularity Contest will be held!】


Serious-senpai : [……So it has finally come…… The second war…… When was the last Popularity Contest held again]

: [It was held on the series first anniversary, so about 4 and a half years ago. Incidentally, Isis-san came in first last time.]

Serious-senpai : [……And now, the number of characters has increased quite a lot, hasnt it]

: [Last time, there were “53 characters” that the readers had to choose who to vote for.]

Serious-senpai : [Character-wise, until what chapter does the First Popularity Contest encompass again]

: [It was held in the Six Kings Festival, around the introduction of Agni-san. Chapter-wise, that should be around Chapter 380.]

Serious-senpai : [……Feels like it would increase like crazy.]

: [Thats why, it seems like Author-sans going to borrow some voting site to do it. Theyll die if they had to count the votes by hand like they did last time. Theyre currently looking for one right now, so wait a little longer for the details to be announced.]

Serious-senpai : [……The conditions are different from last time. MY TIME HAS FINALLY COME!!!]

: [No, youre the title-holder for the Afterword category, so youre going to participate in the Afterword category again.]

Serious-senpai : [……Even though its just restricted to April Fools Day chapters, even those chapters werent counted huh (shudder).]


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