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997 - White God Festival, Middle-level 

The second question was incredibly difficult, but thinking about this matter reminded me of my date with Shiro-san and the opening ceremony of the Six Kings Festival.

In the beginning, when Shiro-san and I went on our date, I assumed that all the gods had assembled in front of Lilia-sans mansion, but three were many more Gods that I saw at the opening ceremony of the Six Kings Festival.

At the time of the Six Kings Festival, I was told that Shiro-san brought all the Gods as her companions, which would mean that it was probably the total number that I saw at the opening ceremony.


On top of that, if I think that the people I saw in Lilia-sans garden on my date with Shiro-san was a gathering of the limited number of people who went past Chronois-sans selections, then as to how she selected them…… if perhaps, she had decided it based on if they were a High-ranking God or a Low-ranking God…… then the people who gathered in Lilia-sans mansion should be High-ranking Gods.

Im just making guesses here, but if that were the case…… Id say that there were roughly 200 of them at that time. Alright, since I dont have any other means to guess the answer, Ill go with number 2.


『The correct answer is…… number 2! There are 800 Low-ranking Gods, 200 High-ranking Gods, and 3 Supreme Gods.』


Ohh, nice! I got it right! I may have an advantage over the others regarding this question because I have something I can guess the answer with. Rather, information about the God Realm isnt that well known, so I really may have a rather good advantage over the others.

I also had the opportunity to talk about lots of things with Shiro-san and Fate-san……


『Well then, the third question…… When Shallow Vernal-sama created the Supreme Gods, she had bestowed upon them one more thing in addition to their authority and name. What is it 1. their temple 2. the holy scriptures 3. their divine garments or 4. nothing else…… You have two minutes!』


Ahh, I know the answer here. I remember hearing about this when I was on my date with Fate-san before. It would be number 3, their divine garments. Walking to the place with number 3  on it, I looked at my surroundings…… and I feel like a lot of people had chosen number 1. Perhaps, many people think this would be the case because the Supreme Gods had their own temples on the upper-level.

This question would probably cut down the number of participants quite a bit……


『Times up! The correct answer is…… Number 3, their divine garments! When the Supreme Gods were created, Shallow Vernal-sama specially bestowed upon them a divine garment with the appearance of her own clothing. Oya, it seems like the number of people has decreased considerably this time.』


As she said this, the emcee put her hand into a box on the side of the room. I didnt notice it at first, but it seems like shes pulling a piece of paper with a question on it from there.




Questions continued to be asked, and by the end of the 9th question, there were about 20 of us left. Lilia-san and the others…… Unfortunately, it seems like they got a question wrong, and I was the only one in our group left in this quiz.

Of the remaining people, about half seemed to be very serious-looking priests, while the others felt like theyre High-ranking Demons. From the looks of things here, I really feel out of place.


『It seems like the results of this event would be settled soon. Well then, the tenth question…… Whoa, this seems like a very difficult question. I wonder if even the Supreme Gods know the right answer……』

It seems like an extremely difficult question would be settling this event. Hmmm, since Ive made it this far, Id like to somehow make it to the end…… if she says its such a difficult question, I guess it might also be difficult for me.


『Well then, the tenth question! How many kinds of flowers are currently blooming in the Sanctuary! 1. 《18 kinds》 2. 《32 kinds》 3. 《61 kinds》 4. 《86 kinds》…… You have two minutes! This is such a difficult question that even Gods would have to guess the answer here, so you shouldnt feel any shame even if you guessed wrong.』


……Isnt the correct answer 4 here…… Heck, I just heard Shiro-san mention this a little while ago.

Although I was enthusiastic when I heard that it would be an extremely difficult question, I feel rather strange now. No, but its true that questions related to the Sanctuary, which even the Supreme Gods cant enter without permission, would be extremely difficult for even Gods.

With an indescribable feeling in my heart, I moved my gaze to the surroundings, and at the same time as the others started to move, I walked towards number 4.


『Times up! It seems like our participants have different answers to this question. Based on the number of people in each choice, it seems like this question would settle the event. Well then, the correct answer is…… number 4! There are 86 kinds of flowers in the Sanctuary!!! The people who got it right…… are 6 people! Congratulations!』


The people who also chose number 4 like me exploded with joy when they heard the emcee declare the correct answer. Now that we are sure that we will get a prize, all the remains would be deciding the order.




Picking my prize, I walked back to the others.


[Welcome back. As expected of Kaito-san.]

[Thank you very much. I just happened to know the answer to many of the questions.]


I exchanged a few words with Lilia-san, who welcomed me with a smile.


[Well, being that Miyama-sama remained until the end, it was obvious that you would be able to draw a prize first, but in the end, what prize did you choose]

[I picked the Eternal Flower Sky-san told me about. Im thinking of putting it in a flower pot and decorating my room with it.]


Yes, as a result of the raffle, I was the first to choose a prize, so I chose the Eternal Flower. I already have a bottle of Glorious Tea that Shiro-san gave me, which refills itself when it runs low, and I also have a lot of Shallow Grandes because Shiro-san gave me a lot of them when I told her how tasty it was.

Since I dont have to choose those two, I chose the Eternal Flower. Putting it in my magic box for the time being, Ill think about where to display it later.










Serious-senpai : [Clearly thinking about it, I guess this was inevitable huh……]

: [Well, there arent many people who know more about the God Realm than Kaito-san, whose lovers include a Supreme God and the God of Creation herself, and who visits the God Realm quite often. Especially since this event asked a lot of questions that werent well known to the general public, which gives him an advantage.]


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