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996 - White God Festival, Middle-level ⑨

Sky-san led us to the quiz venue, where a good number of people had already gathered due to the fact that it was about to start.

As Sky-san explained earlier, the questions were multiple-choice questions with 4 possible answers and the quiz would continue until the number of participants dropped below ten.

When the number of participants reached 10 or less, the remaining number of participants would draw lots to decide the order in which they would choose their prizes.


In other words, as long as the number of participants becomes lower than 10, prizes will be awarded, but since the number of prizes is limited, those prizes can be chosen from those who draw the best draws in the lottery.

There were a good variety of prizes, but the main ones would probably be the Shallow Grande and Glorious Tea.

Both were too expensive for the average person to afford, so the opportunities to acquire them were quite rare. Other than those…… There were also those special cakes made for this festival using fruits found only in the God Realm.


[T- Those are great prizes. All of them were things that even influential nobles find difficult to acquire……]


Lilia-san, who had been looking at the list, was astonished by the extravagant prizes, which made her excited.

At that moment, Sky-san called out to us.


[Everyone, please look at the bottom of the list.]

[The bottom ……”Eternal Flower ・ 1 Garland” Whats that]

[That is the most valuable among the prizes…… The flower exists only in the Sanctuary, Shallow Vernal-samas domain, and only a few of them were given to us by Shallow Vernal-sama for this event. Even though Im a High-ranking God, it was something I had never personally seen before, and its so rare that it cant be valued monetarily.]


…….Hmmm, come to think of it, that flower looks familiar. Whenever I had tea with Shiro-san, it would basically be in the corner of the Sanctuary near a flower garden, and although there were all kinds of beautiful flowers blooming there…… When I thought about it again, I dont think Ive ever seen those flowers anywhere else.

Listening to Sky-sans explanation, I found out that you cant get seeds from these flowers and cant grow more of them, but it was a flower that doesnt die and doesnt need any care, so it would make for a perfect decoration.


[……It certainly is familiar. I think there were also dozens of other kinds there……]

[Only an extremely limited number of beings were allowed to enter the Sanctuary. Of course, Ive also never been in the Sanctuary, so Im envious of Miyama-sama. Anyway, this is an opportunity that you wont even have at the Festival of Heroes, bringing home flowers from the Sanctuary, so I think you should aim for it.]


It was indeed as Sky-san said. If were going to aim for something, we should aim for that. But speaking of which…… How many kinds of flowers were there in the Sanctuary


(Right now, there are 86 kinds of flowers.)


Eh Theres that many I mean, you mentioned “right now”, so does that mean theyre still increasing


(I sometimes add more when I feel like it.)


Heehhh…… The next time I visit, I think Ill take a closer look at them.


Afterwards, we all went into the relatively large quiz venue. It looked like there were lots of people participating…… but since it was a four-choice quiz instead of just picking whether something is right or wrong, I think the number of people will decrease quickly.

After we waited for a bit, the quiz seemed to be starting, as the emcee explained the same quiz rules that Sky-san had explained to us, before the quiz finally started.


As I looked towards the stage to see what the first question would be, a woman appeared on stage and an enlarged image of what seemed to be the God on stage appeared in the air.


『Well then, the first question. This High-ranking God who appeared on the stage…… What kind of God is she 1. God of Earth 2. God of Flash 3. God of Sky 4. God of Disasters…… You have two minutes! Please note that you cant change your answer after the 2-minute mark passes, okay』


The first question was a rather lucky one. I was acquainted with Sky-san and Shea-san, and the woman on the stage was neither of them, so I had two options to choose from.

The woman on the stage…… has long brown hair and black eyes, is around 160 cm tall, wears long sleeves and a long skirt that didnt expose much, and has breasts as voluptuous as Lillywood-san…… Well, putting aside the last piece of description, if I were to base it on her other characteristics…… I think she would be the God of Earth.

Her dark brown hair kinda gives this earthy image, and she doesnt feel like shed be the God of Flash. Her clothes and other items were generally dark in color, so if I hadnt known about Shea-san, I might have misunderstood her as the God of Disasters, but Im pretty sure shes the God of Earth.


I moved to the place with the large “1” written on the ground. Deciding that we wouldnt discuss the questions amongst ourselves, we would all pick our choices ourselves, so I dont know what the others picked…… but moving my gaze, I saw Lilia-san a few meters away in the distance.


『Times up!』


When the emcee announced this, some sort of translucent wall appeared on the churchs floor with each number written on it, making it impossible to change from one option to another.


『The correct answer is…… God of Earth! The people whove chosen 1 got it right.』


Alright, the answer to the first question was just as I expected, and I got it right. Id like to keep going at this rate……


『Well then, the second question…… What is the total number of High-ranking Gods that exist in the God Realm 1. 《about 100》 2. 《about 200》 3. 《about 300》 4. 《less than 100》…… You have two minutes!』


And a sudden difficult question arrived…… What should I do I was completely clueless about the 2nd question……










Serious-senpai : [……This was mentioned somewhere before, wasnt it Where was that mentioned again]

: [It was mentioned during the Six Kings Festival when I…… Alice-chan was having a meeting with the Ten Demons.]


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