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990 - White God Festival, Middle-level ④

The place we arrived at with Sky-sans guidance had an atmosphere of a street market, but different from festival stalls…… How should I say this…… It felt like its focused mainly on handicrafts.

The stores in the middle-level are run by Gods, so its likely that everyone who runs a store here would be a God, but perhaps, are they made up of Gods who are good at making things


[This is where you can find handicrafts and artworks made by Gods. Many of them are rare, and there are even some of them that have special effects, so I think you can look forward to checking them. Everyone should have a magic box, so I dont think it would be a problem, but if you dont have enough space, I can take care of it for you and deliver it to your house at a later date, so please dont hesitate to enjoy your shopping.]

[T- They certainly look rare…… b- but they seem expensive……]

[No, you shouldnt have any problem with that. Of course, there are some of them that are expensive, but most of the items prepared here are for the general public and arent that expensive. Those luxury items are concentrated in other areas.]


Sky-san smiled at the words Hina-chan anxiously muttered, and added additional information. I see, it seems like each area is divided into two sections, one for the general public and the other for the wealthy, which certainly seems to make shopping easier.

And more importantly, I feel that Sky-san had really studied as well when she guided us to the area for the general public after seeing our group.


If it were me or Lilia-san, we would have no problem going to the area with lots of luxury goods, but many of the members of our group, including my two kouhais, would have a hard time getting their hands on many of the luxury items, so I think it was a great decision that we could all enjoy it here.

Its also better for Lilia-san and I too, since we can have fun together with the others, so Im really looking forward to where shes guiding us next.


[……By the way, do you have any shops you recommend, Sky-san]

[Lets see……]


Hearing Aoi-chans question, Sky-san glanced in another direction for a moment. There, I saw a store that had some adorable stuffed animals and mugs with cute designs, but Sky-an immediately turned her head away and pointed to another store with her hand.



[The stores in that area have many small interior decorations that are reasonably priced, so I think theyre easy to buy. There are some imitations modeled after plants that can only be found in the God Realm, so I think they have enough of a God Realm-like feel to them.]

[Heehhh…… There sure are a lot of them.]


Sky-sans gaze moved really only a little bit and I happened to be looking at her face, so I noticed it, but everyone else didnt seem to have noticed.

Perhaps, Sky-san likes fancy things like that. Her map also had those cute pictures drawn on it……


However, it seems like she wanted to keep this hidden, so it would be better not to mention this too much.


With this in mind, I joined everyone else in looking through the stall selling small interior decorations. Indeed, many of them resemble oddly-shaped flowers or trees, and they have this mysterious atmosphere that would look great on a shelf in a room.

It was a complete coincidence that I found them, but at that moment…… I saw a certain someone quickly break away from the group who seemed to be enjoying themselves browsing through the items.

That person moved to the front of the store that Sky-san glanced for a moment earlier, and happily smiled as she picked up a plushie with a cute design that resembled a teddy bear.


[……Are you buying that, Luna-san]

[ ! ! ]


When I approached and called out to her, Luna-san, who was holding onto the plushie, flusteredly looked back at me.


[M- Miyama-sama! W- Why are you……]

[No, I saw you were sneaking around…… I dont really think you need to sneak around like that though.]

[N- No, its embarrassing so……]


Come to think of it, when I visited Luna-sans room before, she had lots of plushies. Luna-sans hobbies and interests are surprisingly cute……

While I was thinking about this, I looked at the plushie that Luna-san was holding in her hand.

[It has a cute design, doesnt it]

[Yes, I didnt expect to find it here……]

[Is it a famous plushie]

[This is a plushie that was previously sold only at Festivals of Heroes. I dont know who it was that sold them, but it was made by someone among the Gods, and was sold in small numbers…… I wanted to buy one, but I found it before I became an adventurer, so I didnt have much money to buy one.]

[And you coincidentally found out that it was sold here huh. I guess thats fortunate.]

[Yes, the person who made these really knew what they were doing. I mean, their color and texture are really wonderful.]


It seemed like she really liked plushies, and seeing Luna-san happily talking about them, I smiled. As I was watching Luna-san purchase the plushie, I inadvertently moved my gaze…… and saw Sky-san with her face turned to the sky, covered with her hands.


……Her ears also seem to be red though, could this be that Perhaps, the God that made those plushies…… is Sky-san











: [Well, if its a character that can make plushies, theres already Alice, so as a characters individuality, thats probably a little weak!!!]

Serious-senpai : [No, that one has no sense of style and only makes creepy ones. Isnt that enough of a distinction between them]

: [Ah]

Serious-senpai : [……N- No, I didnt say anything.]


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