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989 - White God Festival, Middle-level ③

Sky-san had dropped a map with a lot of doodles on it, but upon closer inspection, I found that they were all cutely written, and there were even some with pictures attached to them.

How should I say this…… It makes those documents have this cutesy feel to it. Well, thinking that this was intolerable for the person whose stuff got seen, I looked up and saw Sky-san with her face blushing red, a forced smile on her lips.


Its just a guess, but if it wasnt me who picked up the documents, she would probably want to immediately snatch away these maps, but perhaps, hesitating because Im the one who received Shiro-sans blessing, she couldnt take any action.

Now then, I wonder what the right thing to do here is This was clearly an accident, and I think I shouldnt touch upon Sky-sans reaction. With that being the case, I guess it would be best to act as if nothing had happened.


[Here you go.]

[T- Thank you very much. I- Im sorry to have troubled you.]

[Please dont worry about it and return to guiding us.]


I suppose this should be enough. Trying my best to act as if nothing had happened, and asked Sky-san to resume guiding us.


[……By the way, where are we going first]

[Since everyone had probably already gone through some of the stalls on the lower-level, I thought it would be better if we leave the food and drinks section for later, so Im going to start leading you to places that are visually pleasing and stalls where you can actually move your body.]

[I see, that would be great. Ive already eaten a lot of food, so my stomach is rather full……]


Hmmm, I got the impression that she really thinks through, or rather, she was pretty excellent at making plans based on her hypothesis regarding our movements at the lower-level.


As I was thinking about this, Hina-chan timidly called out to Sky-san.


[……Ummm, God of Sky-sama Can I ask you a question]

[Of course. But before that…… You can call me by my name, you know]

[Errr, is that alright]

[Yes. Everyone else too, you can call me by my name. Since I often work as an assistant to God of Life-sama, I dont often appear in public very often, so my face is almost unknown even in the Human Realm. You dont need to think that there would be people around that might think youre being disrespectful.]


I was about to tilt my head at the way she phrased her words, but when I saw the slightly relieved expressions on Luna-sans and Sieg-sans faces, I understood. Its just a guess, but some devout believers who work at temples in the Human Realm will probably be participating in this festival, and it might not make a good impression to them if one talks to the Gods so familiarly.

It would be a different story if they had their blessing like Lilia-san had Chronois-sans blessing, so no one would complain if Lilia-san actually talks familiarly with her, but Im sure she would still be worried about the stares around her.


However, Sky-san said it wasnt a problem because she apparently never leaves the God Realm, and even when the Festival of Heroes is being held, she often works behind the scenes and is almost unknown by others.

Sky-san seemed to have a friendly personality, and when Hina-chan talked to her, she responded with a kind expression on her face, exuding a sense of intimacy and relief.


[……Ah, were digressing, arent we So, what is it that you want to ask]

[Errr, I guess the middle-level really would have lots of those high-class shops, wouldnt they]

[No, that isnt the case. Its true that the shops that sell Shallow Grande and stuff like that were here, so it may seem like this would be a place filled with high-class shops from the preliminary information given, but in reality, the middle-level just has more characteristics of the God Realm than the lower-level, and the prices of what was sold here vary.]

[I see, then it looks like I can buy a lot of things with what I have. Thank you very much.]

[No, if theres anything you dont understand, please dont hesitate to ask.]


When she said this, it occurred to me that there arent many rich people in this group. I think the one with the most money would probably be me and Lilia-san, while the others dont have that much.

Meanwhile, theres the diligent Anima, who apparently left her salary almost untouched, so I think she would have lots of money.


By the way, regarding Animas salary, since she holds custody of two-thirds of my possessions, at first, I told her that she could decide what amount she wanted and just take it…… but she instead tried to set her own salary at a minimal expense level, so I sternly told her that she would take at least a gold coin a month as her salary.

In addition, I asked Anima to decide on the salaries of Eta, Theta and Caraway, and I also reminded her that as the Chief Retainer, Anima should receive more than the three of them.

As a result, Animas salary now fluctuates to some extent depending on the profit of the month, averaging around 5 gold coins a month.

Not only does Anima manage my money, she has also provided capital for a number of shops and companies…… As expected of someone whos even called “the Hope in the Business World”, it looks like shes making a lot of money and her assets are still growing.

To be honest, I think she should receive more salary, but its troubling how she herself doesnt really want the money.

Being in this position makes me really understand why Lilia-san wanted to somehow raise Illness-sans salary.











God of Sky, Sky



She is the direct assistant to the God of Life, and is in a very high position among the Aerial Gods, but her face isnt well known because she basically works behind the scenes.

(T/N: Im not sure if its a typo or not, but the Aerial Gods (上空/Jokuu-shin) here could actually be High-ranking Gods (上級/Jokyuu-shin). Ill edit it again if this gets corrected…… Well, when I remember it.)

She is a good-natured, hard-working, and talented person, but her personality doesnt allow her to stand out that much. She also has a feminine side that likes cute and sweet things.


Also, her breasts…… are flat.


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