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After a good amount of time, Lilia-san came back to life and after we moved to Rei-sans house, we listened to them talk about the main festival that would happen this evening.

[The main festival is, simply speaking, a big party. Theres all the food and beverages you can eat and drink, and everyone gives their thanks for a year of good harvests. Well, with the presence of the World King-sama this year, its probably going to be even bigger than that.]

[I see, so well just relax and enjoy our food.]

[……Well, Lilia-chan and others would probably relax…… but I doubt thats the case for you though]


The main festival is described as a big feast, but in the end, it seems to be about having a meal while chatting with everyone, which is exactly just how busy festivals occur but…… For some reason, Rei-san was looking at me with a strange look on his face.

[Miyama-kun is the winner of the harvest festival. In the main festival, after the greetings are over to a certain extent, “you will spend the night in the Spirits Forest”.]

[…..Thats the first time I heard that though……]

[Well, my bad. I didnt think any of you were going to win until what happened yesterday……]

[……Spending the night in the Spirits Forest, where will I sleep]

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[……Theres a shrine over there.]

[A shrine!]

It is said that the winner of the harvest festival is expected to spend the night with the spirits in the forest every year.

I heard that being allowed to stay in the Spirits Forest is a great honor for the spirits mages…… To me though, its like being thrown out in the forest for the night after a quick meal.

Moreover, I would have to sleep at a shrine…… No matter how I think about it, its not a facility for sleeping, and of course, there doesnt seem to be any futon or anything like that, so if Im not mistaken, it will probably be as if I was sleeping outdoors.

[Ummm, that doesnt sound so safe……]

[Its alright. The spirits will protect the winner of the harvest festival while he or she stays, and this year, the World King-sama is present, so there wont be any mishaps.]

[……Is that so……]

I wonder how this happened

Its supposed to be a joyful thing to say that I won but…… How did we end up in this penalty game-like situation

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[Luna, please have a blanket ready for him.]

[I respectfully obey.]

[Miyama-san, please do your best.]

[Senpai, fighting!]

Apparently, it was already decided that I will be going camping.

After thanking everyone who was throwing words of comfort and support with a stiff smile on my face, I let out a big sigh.

Its useless to think any further about camping…… or rather, whenever I think about it, I only think about how cold it looks or something bad may happen, so I decide not to think about it.

As we were chatting for a while, the sound of the doorbell alerts us of a visitor.

[Oya Who could it be]

Muttering this, Rei-san stood up and went to the front door and opened it.

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And seeing the visitor who appeared, Rei-san slumped to the spot as if he lost the strength on his legs.

“Excuse my intrusion.”

[Wha! W- W- W- World King-sama!]

To our surprise, its Lillywood-san, and of course, Rei-san and were surprised.

Lillywood-san looks at the surprised Rei-san and us, and after slightly smiling, she bowed her head.

“I apologize for my sudden visit.”

[N- N- No! You dont have to apologize! World King-sama is always welcome even within our drabby home.]

“Once the main festival begins, Ill be busy with other stuff, so I thought Id say hello to the noble that was taking care of Kaito-san.”

[ ! ]

Hearing Lillywood-sans calmly telling us that, Lilia-san jolted and her back straightened.

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Perhaps noticing her movement, Lillywood-san moves her gaze towards Lilia-san before calling out to her.

“Oya Arent you…… “Princess Lilianne””

[Yesh! Ah, no, Im now calling myself with the name Lilia Albert.]

“Is that so…… I have seen you several times at the royal palace, but this should be the first time we spoke like this, right As you may know, Im Lillywood Yggdrasil. Henceforth, Im pleased to make your acquaintance.”

[Y- Y- Y- Yes. S- Same here!]

Lilia-san is already understandably tense after being spoken to by Lillywood-san.

It was the same with Kuro, but the reason why Lilia-san, the Duchess, is so nervous is that the other party is one of the Six Kings, a person you can rarely even meet.

Yep, to be honest, Ive met with three of them in a little over a month, so I dont have the impression that I can rarely meet them, but thats just my state of mind, and her reaction is the normal one instead.

[……Lunamaria-san, when she mentioned LIlianne]

[It was the My Lady before she received her peerage. Lilianne Lia Symphonia…… Thats what she was called when she was a princess. When she became a duchess, she changed her name to Lilia Albert.]

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[I see.]

Lilia-san used to be called Lilianne, and it seems that she changed her name when she left the royal palace and received her peerage.

She said before that she had no intention of succeeding the throne, and changing her name that shows that shes a member of the royal family may be as a statement of her determination.

“Duchess Lilia, its a pleasure to meet you like this. I am truly sorry for barging in without prior notice.”

[I- Its alright! I- Im totally fine with it!]

“Thank you very much. I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with Kaito-san, and liked his personality. So, I would like to keep in touch with him. Of course, that also includes you, Duchess Lilia.”

[Y- Y- Y- Yes! T- Thank you, i- its my honor!]

Lillywood-san speaks politely and gently, but as if her acting in a low profile is a calamity, Lilia-san looked like shes already really confused as she thanked her.

[……Lunamaria-san, is Lilia-san always like that when shes flustered]

[She was originally a really hard-headed and stiff person. Shes not very good at dealing with sudden situations. Well, she has only been getting that flustered about once a year before.]

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[I see.]

It seems that Lilia-sans unstoppable temper was originally on her personality.

Also, it seems that she doesnt get that flustered originally……

But the fact that Ive seen Lilia-san in that state so many times in just one month means that its only been a series of unexpected situations for her…… Well, how should I put it…… Lilia-san, Im really sorry.

“I would like to visit Duchess Lilias mansion again at a later date, is that alright with you”

[Y- Yes! O- O- Of course, youre always welcome!]

“Thank you very much. I will be in your care, Duchess Lilia. Once again, I apologize for this unexpected visit.”

Bowing deeply, Lillywood-san said.

That action was a sign of Lillywood-sans gentle nature but…… for the Lilia-san who could only see it as “One of the Six Kings bowing down to her”, it seems that she had finally reached her limits.

[Hyaahhh! Ahhh, awawawa, World King-sama, p- please raise your head. P- P- Please dont l- lower your head to somewa- wawawa…… Kyuuu~]

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” ! “

[My Lady!]

As if steam was already coming out of her ears…… Reaching a critical point right when shes on the verge of confusion, Lilia-sans eyes rolled up and she collapsed on the spot, while Lunamaria-san flusteredly rushed over to her.

[My Lady! Get a hold of yourself!]

“Whats the matter! If shes not feeling well…… In that case, heres a “Fruit of the World Tree”……”

[World King-sama! Please excuse my rudeness! But are you trying to deal the “finishing blow”!]

“Eh Ehhh!”

Seeing Lilia-san who suddenly fainted, Lillywood-san also looked flustered as she tried taking out a Fruit of the World Tree, but Lunamaria-san desperately stopped her from doing so.

Certainly, in this situation, if she was made to eat something like the Fruit of the World Tree…… It would only deal the finishing blow to Lilia-sans mind.

Well, Im 100% sure that Lillywood-san is only doing that with good intentions but……

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Dear Mom, Dad—— Lillywood-san came to visit us and exchanged greetings with Lilia-san. Still, I guess I can say that Ive already expected this conclusion—— but as I thought, Lilia-san fainted.


Kaitos Pro-Attack

Lilia Faints

Lilias Imperial Wrath

Kaito Faints

I see, it really is balanced in all things……

T/N: 6/15

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