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※ Volume 2s bonus SS

※ This is a story before he became lovers with Kaito


This ends the previous bonus SS, and I thought Id return back to the main story in the next chapter…… but somehow, I forgot which volumes bonus SS this was, but I unearthed another one, so the main story will be posted the day after tomorrow.















It was late afternoon, with the warm sunlight streaming in through the window, and I was leisurely looking at a magazine.

There are magazines in this world too. As expected, there arent too many weekly magazines, but there were several of the monthly ones.

There are no photos in this world, so all the pictures in them were apparently hand-drawn……but the pictures are so good that they look like photos, so I dont feel uncomfortable reading them.



The contents are also quite interesting. There are introductions to trendy restaurants, magic tools and tourist spots…… but all of them are fresh knowledge to me, so I never get tired of looking at them.

Incidentally, the page Im currently reading has the title “Skinship – One Step Further : Ear Cleaning”. Unexpectedly, it seems like this is a series in this magazine.



[……Kaito-kun, you like that kind of thing]

[Hmmm. I guess it would be a dream-like situa…… tion]



I was about to reflexively reply to the voice that called out from behind me, but stopped myself mid-sentence.

Im sure I was the only one in this room just a few minutes ago, and yet I can hear a voice coming from behind me. There is only one person who would do such a thing, or rather, there is only one person who would appear in this room without a sound.




[I came to visit~~]

[F- For you to come at noon, thats unusual……]

[Unnn, Ive got some time to kill today~~]



Kuro is one of the Six Kings who rule the Demon Realm, standing in a position who should be relatively busy. Thats why she generally comes here at night, but sometimes, she does come during the day when she has more time to spare.

That in itself isnt a problem. The big problem here is the timing of her appearance. Its quite embarrassing to be seen reading an article that seems to be about romantic relationships.

I wonder…… if I can somehow swerve the topic away



[……So, this is a dream-like situation]




It didnt work! I couldnt even try swerving the topic, she went ahead and returned the conversation to where it started.




" "

[Fumu fumu.]



Feeling Kuro staring at me with genuine interest, I had no choice but to admit the truth.

After I answered with considerable embarrassment, Kuro looked satisfied for some reason before she moved to the bed.



[……Kaito-kun, come here!]

[……Ummm, Kuro……-san Why are you sitting on the bed and tapping your thighs Also, before I knew it, you had that object in your hand that looks like an earpick……]

[Of course, its an earpick after all. Ill make Kaito-kuns dream-like situation come true!]



With a compassionate smile on her face, Kuro told me with a gentle voice.

Kuro will give me a lap pillow and clean my ears. As soon as I clearly understood the meaning of her words, I felt my heart leap greatly.

This was needless to say, but Kuro is an incredibly beautiful girl, and Im in love with her. The idea of having someone like that cleaning my ears is incredibly appealing.

However, Im helplessly embarrassed to do such a thing. Its not the first time Ive laid on Kuros lap. Heck, Ive even been hugged by her.



But in those situations Ive experienced, Ive been in a passive position. Just the fact that Im going to lie down on Kuros lap, even though it might sound pathetic, makes me nervous as heck.

That said, it was just too tempting of an offer to refuse…… If I were to be honest, Id like to do this.



[……I- Is it alright]

[Unnn, come on, quickly!]

[A- Alright…… T- Then, if youll excuse me……]



Pushed forward by Kuros dazzling smile and urging words, I approached the bed.

Thereupon, I sat down on the bed before I slowly laid my body towards Kuro. I could feel the heat gathering in my face at the same time as my head rested on Kuros soft thighs. My heart was racing noisily, and my thoughts were extremely restless.

However, fortunately or unfortunately, I was lying with the back of my head facing Kuros body, so she didnt know that Im feeling overwhelmed by the current situation.



[Ill start then.]



Gently touching my face with the hand that wasnt holding the earpick, Kuro announced in a voice that sounded like she was having fun, before she started to clean my ears.

No one had cleaned my ears since Mom did it for me when I was little…… It has been more than a decade.

This feels surprisingly pleasant. Her gentle and careful touch, the feel of her soft thighs on my cheek and the pleasant scent tickling my nostrils, all of it gave me a sense of security that words couldnt describe.



It may have been because I have my guard down around Kuro, but more than anything, I think its because I can feel her warmth and kindness.



[……Kaito-kun, does it hurt]

[No, its alright…… It feels really good.]

[I see, thank goodness.]



When Kuros voice rang in my ears as gently as a lullaby, I softly responded.



[……Hey, Kuro]


[……Do you often do this, Kuro]



I didnt know why I had asked that question. Im well aware of it…… Kuros gentleness, and her indulgence that didnt match her appearance. I know that shes just giving me the same compassion that she gives to so many others.

But even so, I couldnt help but ask that question. Perhaps, somewhere within my heart, I felt a twinge of possessiveness. I wanted to have this warm happiness all to myself……



[……Nope, not at all. I mean, “Ive only ever given a lap pillow to Kaito-kun”.]

[……Eh I- Is that so]



After a short silence, Kuro said something that I didnt expect. Kuro is very kind and extremely communicative, allowing her to get along with anyone, but she also has a somewhat loose guard.

Thats why, I had thought that Kuro had at least given someone among the family she had raised a lap pillow.

However, Kuro said that she had never given a lap pillow to anyone but me. It was as if those words were telling me that I was special to Kuro…… and hearing it makes me astonishingly happy.



[Unnn. Ive only given a lap pillow to Kaito-kun.]

[W- Why…… though I guess its weird to ask that huh]

[Ahaha, I guess so. However, hmmm…… I dont exactly know why, but I wanted to do a lot of things for Kaito-kun. Perhaps, its because I felt “a spark” when I first saw Kaito-kun]

[A spark, you say…… what does that even mean]

[……I dunno I wonder what it is I dont know either.]



I cant see Kuros face. However, I immediately noticed that she was now tilting her head with a bashful smile on her lips.

……Is she trying to evade this question Well, it seems like shes not going to answer no matter how much I ask.



[Alright! Ive finished on this side. Now then, turn around and face my way~~]

[U- Unnn.]



Following Kuros words, I turned my body around. However, Kuro didnt start cleaning my ears right away.

Without saying a word, she put her hand on my head and began patting me gently, and feeling the comfort of her exquisite touch, I gently closed my eyes.

The warmth I felt from both her thighs and hands seemed to envelop my entire face, and I felt the desire to fall asleep like this.

I tried to endure not doing that though, and opening my eyes a bit…… With me facing towards her, I could see Kuros face a little more.



Kuro was patting her head with her usual gentle smile…… It was just a bit, just a really tiny bit…… but her cheeks seemed to be blushing red.

After confirming this, I closed my eyes again and sank into slumber.

I dont know if I can be special to Kuro or not at this point. However, unnn, so that one day, that comes true…… so that Kuro will say Im special, Ill try harder than ever.



As I was wrapped in this warm happiness, I made this strong vow in my heart.



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