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The area transitioning from the lower-level to the middle-level looked different from my previous visit to the God Realm. They were using what seemed like a Transporter, but now, it looks like a giant transparent elevator.

I guess this was also built in time for the White God Festival. However, it was currently quite crowded as it was the main path towards the middle-level.

We were told that there would be limited admission to the middle-level, but it seems like there was a good amount of people queuing in front of the Teleporter.



But even so, the number of people who can be teleported at the same time seems to be quite large, so thinking that its unlikely that well have to wait for hours, I went to the end of the queue with everyone…… but a God quickly approached and called out to us.



[This way, please. We have prepared a special Teleporter.]

[Ahh, yes. Thank you.]



Thus, we are guided by a God…… who I presume is probably a low-ranking God, and moved on.



[……Aoi-senpai, its a face pass. As we expected, Kaito-senpai really had a face pass.]

[Well, its Kaito-san after all. This much is so expected that Lilia-san calmly accepted this.]



Hearing the conversation of my kouhais, I glanced towards Lilia-san. She indeed looks calm…… As Aoi-chan said, I guess this development really is already expected. I could even feel her elegance in her firm gait.

Well, I had also expected this to happen, so now, thinking that all I had to do was go to the middle-level and meet up with the God of Sky who will be guiding us, I entered the building that was reserved for us.



[Oh Kai-chans group, welcome~~]


[Yahooo~~ Well~~, Im basically the supervisor here and had lots of free time, so expecting that Kai-chans group would be here to teleport to the middle-level, I came here to give you something.]



Lets just put aside the fact that Fate-san is in this building. Fate-san had told me that this festival was mainly headed by Chronois-san and Life-san, and that Fate-san had more of an adviser-like position, so it was no surprise that she was free enough to show up here.

However…… She came here to give me something Even if its memorabilia or something like that, I dont think this would be the right time to give it…… Does it have something to do with the middle-level



[You have something to give me Is it related to the middle-level]

[Unnn. Well, to put it very simply…… I guess you could call it a Special Privilege Card. As youve probably heard, there are some things that you cant buy unless you win a lottery or have limited access to the middle-level, but with this card, you can pass through those restrictions.]



Its a very Fate-san-like explanation, but in short, its something like a VIP card. Its just a guess, but with that card, I would probably get priority for limited-edition products like Glorious Tea or Shallow Grande.

Also, since she mentioned the lottery, does that mean I can also go to the worship service or something like that if I wanted to Well, Im not going to go though……



For everyone else, it didnt seem like this was a surprise, as they just looked at each other, looking like they had already expected it. Lilia-san also seemed to be totally relaxed and didnt seem to be flustered unlike when we ran into Tre-san and the others.

As expected, even Lilia-san has accumulated quite an amount of experience and her mind was pretty relaxed huh……



[……Wait a moment, okay Oiii, Lili-tan. Why do you look like this is something unrelated to you Lili-tan would also be getting one, you know]

[Eh M- Me! W- Why]



……It was all my imagination huh. It was totally my imagination. Unnn, Lilia-san was still the same as usual.

As if she totally didnt expect it, Lilia-san flusteredly asked back, to which Fate-san just looked at me with a puzzled look on her face.



[……No, why are you surprised That should be obvious, Lili-tan…… You received God of Space and Times True Blessing, remember]


[Well, I could guess what youre thinking. Kai-chan is so awesome that you probably forgot about it, but Lili-tan is also a pretty important guest for the God Realm.]



Thinking about it, I guess this development is only natural. Lilia-san, who has received the True Blessing of Chronois-san, one of the Supreme God, is definitely a super VIP.

With this being the case, even if Mom and Dad had come, they would have been treated as VIPs since they had received Fate-sans True Blessing.

……I think its really the right decision that they went to a different place to go sightseeing.



[Im getting kind of envious of those who got a Gods True Blessing now.]

[If you ask Kaito-san, I think youd be able to receive one though]

[……No, as expected, Im not aiming for someone that awesome. I was just wondering if I could get close with someone like a low-ranking God.



Hina-chan seemed to be interested in True Blessings, but shes feeling reserved about receiving the blessing of a Supreme God. Well, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan are probably still growing, so I feel that receiving a blessing that makes them immortal should be done after theyve fully grown.

……Arehh Wait a moment. I just realized something…… Ive become immortal thanks to Shiro-sans blessing…… but theres no way…… that I wont grow any taller than this, right I could still grow taller, right

No, Im sure if I asked Shiro-san, Id be able to grow by 1cm…… That kinda feels like doping though, so I have no intention of doing that.

Im hoping that I will naturally grow taller. Im sure that if I dont give up…… My dream will come true.



(I heard that when you write humans dreams, it would apparently be read as fleeting.)

T/N: (Human)人→ 亻 (Dream)夢 = 儚い (fleeting). 亻is a part of a kanji that shows its related to human beings.



Eh Could it be that when I received Shiro-sans blessing, I really wont grow taller anymore



(No, my blessing doesnt have such an effect.)



I knew it! Thank goodness, that means theres still a chance for me to……



(I heard that when you write humans dreams, it would apparently be read as fleeting.)



……Why do you have to tell me that twice Hey, why






















Serious-senpai : [……What she said was that her blessing doesnt have the effect of stopping Kaito from growing taller. However, she didnt talk about “anything else that had the effect of stopping him from growing taller”……]


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