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As I walked with the others through the lower-level, my thoughts couldnt help but wander. It shouldnt have been long since I arrived at the White God Festival, but I had already stumbled upon three people I knew.



[How should I say this…… With so many people here, it shouldnt be that often that I meet someone I know.]

[……No, to be honest, I just have the impression that Miyama-sama is the same as always. Look, even Milady and the others feel that this is natural.]

[They consider that as something that happens often huh…… By the way, Im changing the subject, but I just noticed something. Luna-san, you always wear a maid uniform huh.]

[Im a maid after all.]



Well, I could understand her reason…… but for example, Illness-san, who was also a maid, wears casual clothes on her days off, and I remember when I met Luna-san by chance on the street and visited her home, she was wearing casual clothes.

While wearing casual clothes, I thought she had pretty good taste in fashion….. but during the Sacred Tree Festival and the Six Kings Festival, Luna-san wore a maid uniform when participating.



[Did you have something youre particular about Like, youre going to wear a maid uniform if youre participating together with Lilia-san……]

[No, Im not really being particular about it. Its really just a matter of feeling. In the end, this is the clothing I wear most of the time throughout the year, so I feel comfortable in this outfit.]

[Ahh~~ I see.]



So its like how some students like wearing their school uniforms at home huh I think I can understand it somehow.



[Well, if Milady is dressed the same as she usually is, it would be natural for me to wear a maid uniform too. Im sure Miyama-sama has seen it once, but my casual clothes are often rather rough.]

[Ahh~~ I see, youre certainly stylish, but your style is a little different from Lilia-sans.]

[Thats how it is. Well, its not like the casual clothes I bought are always like that….. In that case, how about Miyama-sama go buy them for me]

[Should I buy them for you]

[……Speaking of which, you did have lots of money, didnt you, Miyama-sama]



Luna-san giggled when she heard my reply…… rather than me not really minding buying clothes for Luna-san, it was just that Ive been under Luna-sans care for quite a while, so I think this is a pretty cheap way to express my gratitude.

If she just werent that mischievous, I could have been a little more honest and expressed my gratitude to her already……



[Good gracious, as one would expect from the popular guy who got my two best friends entwined in his fingers in the blink of an eye, you really are on a different level. Why dont you go ahead and seduce me, completing the entire set]

[Its just a guess, but if I really did do that…… I think Id be able to take control in an instant.]

[……Please stop with the realistic hypothesis. In fact, Miyama-sama and I have different experience levels. As long as we have that difference, I will be at a huge disadvantage.]

[Is the difference in experience really the only factor]

[……Why the heck do you look so pleased over there……]



I feel like Luna-san would be similar to Alice in nature. She has no problem messing around and attacking, but she is weak to attacks.

In fact, she might just be a woman with a lot of superficial knowledge, or rather, from her speech and actions, and her reactions to when Noir-san teases her, I think shes quite inexperienced.



[……Kuh, what the heck is this This bad feeling as if Im never going to win…… For now, lets call a truce.]



Luna-san was looking around, seemingly wanting to ask for help from others, but everyone else was chatting with each other and didnt seem like theyd be joining our conversation.

Understanding this, Luna-san raised her hands in resignation a little while later and declared her surrender.



[Roger that…… Ahh, Luna-san, theres a stall over there selling roasted marshmallows, would you like to have some If I remember correctly, Luna-san likes marshmallows, right]



Its not like I want to bully Luna-san any further anyway, so I accepted her truce and changed the subject, pointing to a store that I happened to see.

Thereupon, Luna-san had this indescribable expression on her face…… looking troubled and astonished, yet somehow seemingly having fun, she softly muttered.



[……Haahhh…… How should I say this…… Youre increasingly becoming a difficult opponent to tease. Well, theres also the part where I feel like this doesnt feel so bad but……]


[No, its nothing.]



I wasnt able to hear what she said, so I tried asking her to repeat what she said, but only telling me that its nothing, Luna-san gave me a smile that looked more youthful than usual.



[……Well then, since were at it, how about we buy some Theres no way that the playboy Miyama-sama would ever invite someone and have them pay for it, right]

[I dont know if I should call you shrewd or not but…… Yes, alright, Im the one who invited you, so Ill naturally treat you.]

[As expected of Miyama-sama, the heart of this unworthy Lunamaria couldnt help but ring loud before your kindness.]

[T- Thats too much of an exaggeration.]




Even as she smiled mischievously, seeing how Luna-sans expression seemed softer than usual, my heart couldnt help but skip a beat.




















Serious-senpai : [……Can you please stop with the sudden bitter-sweet turn of events For me, thats like a sudden slap in the face without any rhyme nor reason……]

: [Then, what about a sudden flirting scene]

Serious-senpai : [Thats like a meteorite suddenly falling on me…… One thing Id like to add, this novel often has sudden meteor showers……]



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