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The White God Festival would finally be coming the next day, and while I was feeling a bit nervous, I was preparing for tomorrow.

Although I say that, unlike the Six Kings Festival, I wasnt going to be staying overnight, so there was no need to make that much preparations.



Incidentally, the five people who were going with me were Lilia-san, Luna-san, Sieg-san, Aoi-san and Hina-san from Lilia-sans house.

From my house, there was Anima, Eta, Theta and Caraway, and along with me, that made it a group of ten.



Incidentally, Mom and Dad wouldnt participate because Mom didnt like crowds. Lilia-san suggested that while they have some alone time together, they could go sightseeing in Symphonias royal capitals tourist spot…… Im talking about that floating castle where my birthday party was held.

The floating castle was a very popular tourist spot, where they even had to limit the number of visitors per day, so it wasnt easy to get there…… but the owner of that floating castle was Lilia-san, and it seemed that she could easily secure slots for them if they asked her, so she made arrangements for the two of them who will not be attending the White God Festival.



As for the others who also wouldnt be participating in the festival…… Nebula couldnt participate because she couldnt move a certain distance away from my World Tree, while Illness-san couldnt participate because, just like the times when Lilia-san wasnt there, she was the one filling in for her.

However, it seemed like Nebula and Illness-san were taking the opportunity to renovate my garden together. It seemed that the two of them were kindred spirits, as it seemed like theyd been discussing the idea of renovating the garden for some time now.

The renovation plan they brought to me was to make more space for Bell and Lynn to play in the garden, having a more grassy area compared to the garden at Lilia-sans mansion.

I immediately liked the idea when I heard it, so I gave them the budget needed for renovation and asked them to carry it out…… It seemed like they could do it in just one day.

It would already be dark after we returned from the White God Festival, so I wouldnt be able to see it in detail until the next day, but I was looking forward to seeing it.



The White God Festival was expected to be quite crowded since there was no participation restriction like there was for the Six Kings Festival. If it is difficult for us ten to go around together, we would have to go around in groups.

Incidentally, I was supposed to spend the rest of the evening with Shiro-san in the Sanctuary…… but I wonder what were going to do



(At a specific time of the day, the weather in the God Realm is switched to night, so there will be fireworks displays. Well watch them from a special seat.)



Ahh~~ I see, fireworks huh…… The Sanctuary certainly is quite high up, so we could watch it clearly…… On the contrary, wouldnt it be a bit too close Well, Im sure Chronois-san and the others would take that into consideration.



(By the way, I learned a little bit about the festivals in your world the other day.)



Eh Is that so Festivals can bring out the colors of a region. For example, theres apparently a festival where people throw tomatoes at each other.



(……I had never heard of that festival. Should I have prepared for such a festival)



Prepared for that Here, in the Sanctuary No, if Shiro-san and I were to throw tomatoes at each other, I can only see a future where Im the only one covered in tomatoes……

I mean, this is related to the current topic…… Are you planning to prepare a festival from my world here in the Sanctuary



(Yes, but although I say that, I will only prepare a few food stalls. Wouldnt it be better if we ate while watching fireworks)



Ahh~~ That certainly would be nice. In that case, I suppose I should try not to eat too much at the White God Festival.



Still, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of festivals in my world is a bazaar like the one where Alice and I had a date a while ago. I guess, being Japanese, the atmosphere of a festival bazaar somehow felt comforting.

Shiro-san would probably look good in a yukata. I mean, well, Shiro-sans appearance was already cheat level, so she looks good in almost any outfit……






Anyway, Im looking forward to tomorrow more and more. Its a festival in the God Realm, so Im sure the atmosphere would be different from a bazaar, but that in itself makes me excited.

Ive been briefed on some of the establishments beforehand…… Rather, for events that require advance reservations or lotteries, Chronois-san explained everything to me and then came to ask me if I wanted to make a reservation.

If it had been just me, I might have refrained from making reservations, but so that we could all enjoy it together, I took advantage of her generosity and made some reservations.



(By the way, Kaito-san.)



Yes What is it



(Im thinking of preparing someone to guide you in the middle level, so move your attention here.)



As I heard those words, what seemed to be a garapon lottery machine appeared in front of me. Eh Whats this You want me to spin it

I thought it was a strange thing for her to ask me, but when I spun the garapon, one small ball came out and written on it was…… errr, “Sky”



(I see, I understand. Well then, when Kaito-san and the others reach the middle level, Ill send God of Sky to guide you all.)



……Ahh, so thats the name of that God!

To be honest though, a guide would be helpful. The God Realm was small compared to the Human Realm and the Demon Realm, but it was still incomparably larger than a city, so it would be great to have a guide.

In that case, please give my regards to Sky-san.



(I understand.)



The God of Sky, Sky…… I wonder what kind of person she is




















~ ~ A review of the Sky God, Sky ~ ~




・ She reports directly to the God of Life, Life, and has a very high position among the High-ranking Gods.

・ A colleague in the same position as her is God of Earth.

・ She has modest breasts between her superior (who has big breasts) and her colleague (who has big breasts)



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