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Alice and I went through one stall after another. It seems like shes determined to conquer them all.



[……Thats strange]

[Whats the matter]

[No, it doesnt seem like youre moving at super high speed that the water doesnt get it wet, moving it slow enough that I can even see it…… but how come your poi doesnt tear]

(T/N: Poi is that paper scoop used in festivals.)



Super ball scooping is one of the most popular stalls in festivals. You use the paper poi to scoop the super balls, but these pois are basically easy-to-tear, so it isnt realistic to aim for the big balls.

The trick here is to quickly scoop the smaller balls…… is what should have been, but Alice isi scooping the big super bealls without a care in the world. It doesnt look like shes using some kind of special technique, but for her poi to not even show any signs of breaking at all……



[Ahh, thats because I used “State Preservation Magic” on the poi.]

[Oi, you…… stop cheating.]



She isnt using some kind of technique, shes just using a cheat to prevent the poi from breaking!








Next was another classic, the ring toss…… Well, what were talking about here isnt that Super-exciting Battle Sport one, but just a regular ring toss……



[Oi, Alice…… Stop with that preliminary Shooting Star.]

[Fufufu, actually, Alice-chan is the worlds rank-1 Quoits Elite!!!]

[I know…… I mean, Im more wondering why the heck does the rest of the world not realize that you and Kuro were among those elites……]



In fact, I had several chances to see RINGTOSS matches after the Six Kings Festival, and I even saw Baby Castella Masks match once. However, she was seriously just wearing a mask that resembled a baby castella, but I could clearly tell from her clothes and everything else in her attire that she was Kuro.

As for Alice, shes still dressed in a way that people couldnt see her face…… Even so, Im sure there should be some out there who realized who she is, especially when shes calling herself the “Transcendental Beauty Quoits Elite”.



[……Ahh~~ Kaito-san, let me tell you why. Kaito-san only became aware of this because you had received Shallow Vernal-samas blessing, thus “invalidating the effect of the Recognition Inhibition Magic” on you. In fact, the people around you who didnt realize our identity are more normal……]

[Ahh…… Is that how it is! Then, the reason why people dont realize that the Legendary Blacksmith and the Legendary Model Maker……]

[Thats right. Im one of the best in the world when it comes to that magic, so even those among the Count-ranks shouldnt be able to notice it. Its just that Kaito-san is too much of an exception that it invalidated my disguise without question.]

[……I- I see…… I feel like Ive gotten answers to a question Ive had for a long time.]








Of course, we also visited food stalls along the way. Alice is eating a lot as usual, but she looked so cute eating so well that I never got tired of watching her.



[Speaking of which, what do you call this, Kaito-san]

[Ahh~~ I call it “obanyaki”. Thats what Mom called it after all. However, I think my friends back in elementary called it “imagawayaki”.]

[It seems like this also had its own regional variations. Its unusual, but there are some who call them “taikoyaki” and “nijuuyaki”.]

[Is that how its called from the Earth Alice was from]

[Hmmm, I wonder I wasnt that adamant in collecting as much information as I do now, so I dont remember trivial details like that.]

(T/N: btw, its just called Japanese cake here in PH.)



Well, I guess that isnt that surprising. It must have been a long time ago for Alice, and since shes been traveling around the world, it isnt like shes been in Japan all the time.



[Hmmm, talking about it makes me want to eat some.]

[You want some I still have some here.]

[No, from all the food we ate earlier, I dont really feel like eating a whole one…… Just give me a bite.]

[Here you go.]



I took a bite of the obanyaki that Alice held out to me. Thereupon, a strange expression appeared on Alices face as she looked at the okanyaki I bit on.

……Is she thinking about indirect kissing again




[ ! Ahh, n- no, I was just thinking about something. Y- You see, I was just wondering if I could taste the red bean paste if I kissed you right after eating it……Ah, n- no, excuse me. I used the wrong phrase to sne——– Nnhhh!!]



Alice tried to cover up the fact that she was thinking about indirect kissing, and as a result, she successfully blew herself up. Knowing what Id do after hearing that, she tried to cover it up quickly…… but its too late.

Before Alice could try canceling out what she said earlier, I quickly squatted down and kissed her…… seeing her clearly blushing red looks really cute.



[……How is it Did it taste like red bean paste]

[……I dont know. I had also been eating the same thing before it after all…… Ahh~~ but, you see…… I-If we do it a bit more…… I guess I would know or something like that.]


[Dont you laugh at me like that! Im trying to muster up what little courage I have here!!!]



As if she had made good on her earlier declaration that she would be bold today, Alice expressed her desire for more kisses, though her eyes were still swimming about.

Of course, there is no reason for me to refuse the wish of my beloved lover. In fact, being completely alone with each other made us both feel at ease…… and in fact, we had been kissing like this from time to time.

Perhaps, because the especially shy Alice is really consciously trying to be proactive today, I feel that were much closer to each other than usual…… and thats something Im really happy about.




















【There stands a mountain of what looks like white sand.】


【However, it appears that it isnt sand, but sugar.】


【Its quite a lot. Its such a large amount that it could bury a person.】


【What seems to be a flag is erected next 】


【Written on the flag are the words “lovey-dovey”, and signs of an attempt to break it could be seen.】



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