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After the luxurious experience of us two monopolizing a fireworks display, Alice took me by the hand and we were back at the bazaar.



[Come on, Kaito-san! Lets enjoy ourselves to the fullest!!! Alice-chan will now be taking the helm here!!!]

[Dont you look rather excited there]

[Its that. Alice-chan has made up, or rather, its time for Alice-chan to be serious. Lets leave whatever happened here behind, and since we had such an opportunity, lets flirt to the fullest!]

[……Your face is red, you know]

[Turning on serious mode doesnt make me any less embarrassed!!!]



I thought she would break through whatever chains she had within her mind, but it seems like shes still as shy as usual. The fact that shes standing in front of me and pulling me along…… is probably because shes trying to keep me from seeing her blushing face.

Well, shes already at a level where I could tell that shes blushing from behind her, so its almost meaningless……



[For the time being, I guess well start with the candy apples!]

[No, youre still in the middle of eating something……]

[Kaito-san, you get the apricot candy. Then, we can exchange bites with each other.]

[……I see.]

" "



I was about to say that what shes suggesting is another over-the-top situation, but I just swallowed those words and nodded my head. Well, Alice seems to like those over-the-top clichés, so I guess this would be typical of her



[So, it would be like an indirect kiss or something like that]

[……Indirect kisses are just a little too perverted, so why dont we take a bite in two different areas]

[Eeeehhhh…… I cant understand where youre basing all that.]



Feeling embarrassed by an indirect kiss in that situation, I really dont understand what the heck is her basis.

I mean, to be honest…… Still faltering before an indirect kiss even now, its like she hasnt broken free at all…… Hmmm, alright!



[Alice, look here for a sec.]

[Yes What is———- Nhnn!]



I got an idea. If I kiss her first, she probably wouldnt be embarrassed by an indirect kiss…… Fortunately, we were still holding hands, so as soon as Alice turned to look at me, I pulled her in for a kiss. Of course, taking our height difference into account, I lowered my hips slightly before calling out to Alice.

As I felt the soft touch of her lips, I saw Alices blue eyes widen. We continued kissing like that for a few seconds before I pulled my face away…… Alice, of course, looked at me in disbelief, her face as red as a boiled octopus.



[…….W- W- W- Whoeaahh…… K- Kai- Kaito-san! W- W- W- Whay., I awe you suddenwy…….]

[No, I just thought that…… if we kissed first, you wouldnt be embarrassed by an indirect kiss.]

[What the heck is with that mysterious reasoning!]

[Did you dislike it]

[N- No, its not that I dislike it…… Im actually happy instead…… B- But you see. Its just too sudden and its bad for my heart. Id like it if we take a few more steps to build up the mood.]



She looked very cute while shes so shy, but I would like to throw a tsukkomi at what she said just now.



[Weve been on our festival date for about an hour, and then we watched the fireworks with our bodies glued to each other, you sitting on my lap…… Id rather not raise the mood any higher than it already is, you know]

[……Its hard to refute that, so Ill just say its my defeat in regards to that mood-raising stuff. However, I still wanna complain about that surprise attack!!! If you dont inform me before doing things like that, Alice-chans face will explode with embarrassment!]



Whoa there, I thought that that would be where this topic ends, but it seems like shes going to drag this topic out a bit longer. I wonder why though Im well aware about how clever and amazing Alice is, but when it comes to this topic, “I dont feel like losing at all”.



[……Should I have declared it in advance]

[……Well, yes. As long as its declared in advance, its not like Im against it either……]

[Well then, I want a more leisurely kiss, so Ill kiss you again.]

[Whoeeeee! Aeeehhh Y- Y- You wanted more! L- L- Like, now! Ah, hey, w- wait, your face is getting clo……. You arent listening to me at all, are you! Auuauuu……]



Putting aside how she normally was, when it comes to love-related matters, Alice is a pushover. Grabbing her by the shoulders, I slowly brought her face close to mine, and although she was flustered, she eventually closed her eyes and received my actions.

Feeling her love, I once again put my lips on Alices. After fully enjoying this bundle of happiness, I pulled my face away and seeing Alices cheeks flushed and looking embarrassed, and yet looking so happy, I smiled.



[……Now then, shall we go Youre going to take the helm here, right]

[……The heck is this…… This feeling of not being able to win at all……]

[What a coincidence. I dont feel like Im going to lose today.]

[Gununu…… Is it the difference in experience that makes you all composed Does the fact that Kaito-san had trained well with his multiple lovers that he had an advantage here]

[No, rather than me being composed…… Its more like youre so flustered that I ended up calming down.]

[Isnt that as if Im blowing myself up.]

[Can I be honest with you Yes, I feel like youre always blowing yourself up.]

[……I see.]



With a resigned look on her face, Alice tightly held my hand and started walking again. However, it doesnt seem like shes feeling down at all, as it somehow feels like her steps were happier than before.




















【There she lies, collapsed on the floor. It seemed like she has fainted.】


【As if she had went through something horrible, even unconscious, she continuously twitched.】


【Scattered around her collapsed appears to be sugar that she had thrown up. This is quite an unusual amount…… Has she received torture through sugar】


【She isnt dead yet, but on the end of her right hand was a dying message written with what appears to be blood.】


【……”Lovey-dovey”…… are the only words written there.】



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