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At night, when it was completely dark outside the window, Nebula was called by Kaito and came to his room. No, to be more accurate, Nebula was called by Kuromueina, who had come to Kaito's room to hang out as usual.

Although they had seen each other a little on the day Nebula appeared, they hadn't had a chance to talk at length, and thus, Nebula and Kuromueina, both of whom were naturally sociable, soon got to each other and including Kaito, the three of them enjoyed chatting with each other.

Thereupon, halfway through their conversation, Kuromueina seemed to have suddenly remembered something and spoke.

[……Ahh, I almost forgot. I brought "my new baby castella" today. Let's eat it together, Nebula-chan!]

[ ! ]

[Baby castella, is it Since you call it new, I suppose it's different from the usual ones I'm looking forward to it!]

Hearing the words that Kuromueina said, Kaito's expression changed to one of nervousness. Kuromueina stating about her new creations was something like a danger flag for Kaito, who had been through many traumatic experiences because of such new creations.

Of course, not all of her new creations were abnormal, as there are also safe and tasty ones…… but there's a 30% chance that unpalatable baby castella will appear.

He wouldn't mind if he's the only one who suffers from these baby castellas…… No, he couldn't really say that he doesn't mind it, but it's still bearable for him. However, since Nebula was also there this time, Kaito looked quite anxious.

It's just that, the most troublesome of all…… is that he doesn't know how to stop this development because he still doesn't know if they're good baby castellas or not…… Therefore, Kaito inwardly prayed that it was a good one…… or perhaps, even if it's a modest one, as long as it's not unpalatable.

[Here it is!]

[……Wait, Kuro. How did you make these baby castellas with "exactly seven colors and evenly spaced coloring"]

[Fufufu, today's baby castella turned out looking really well!]

[It does look like a rainbow, isn't it]

The baby castella that Kuromueina took out was rainbow-colored, having each color with the same proportions…… If she just didn't design her baby castella after making it, how in the heck can the dough be kneaded to become such a color As Kaito had such thoughts in mind, his instincts as someone who has eaten a lot of baby castellas is vigorously warning him.

[The dough of today's baby castella is, surprise surprise, "had 28 different ingredients kneaded into it"! Fufufu, can you guess the ingredients I used]

[……No way, you……]

[It's an unusual-looking food. Well then, without delay……]

[Wait, Nebula! I'll eat first!!! That's why, wait a moment!]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

After restraining Nebula, who was about to reach out towards the baby castella, in an unusually strong tone of voice, Kaito brought the rainbow-colored baby castella into his mouth first, checking if it was poisonous…… and for a brief moment, Kaito's consciousness flew into the void.

(……This is bad. This is one of those rare great failures…… This is amazing, why the heck does eating a baby castella make me feel like there's a tornado raging in my throat. I- I'm losing consciousness…… H- However, bear with it. I can't let Nebula eat this! I have to——— Wha! "My throat hurts so bad that I can't speak!")

Kuromueina's new baby castella tasted so horrible that even Kaito, who had eaten many of her great failures in the past, might faint if he didn't keep his heart strong.

Seeing Nebula picking up the baby castella after him, Kaito hurriedly tried to raise his voice to stop her, but the damage caused by the baby castella's outrageous taste prevented him from speaking as he wanted.

[……What a mysterious taste. I've never had anything like this before.]

[……What…… did you say……]

Thereupon, seeing Nebula express her impressions with an interested expression on her face, Kaito looked astonished. Yes, even though Kaito, someone who had a tremendous range of taste tolerance, had eaten a baby castella that almost made him faint, Nebula calmly ate it.

[N- Nebula! A- Are you alright]

[Yes "Are you alright", what do you mean]

[N- No, that baby castella…… It didn't taste good, right]

[I suppose it would be a flavor that generally wouldn't be accepted by most. However, there may be someone out there who likes this kind of taste.]

[Nebula likes it]

[Me I am Absolute! Being that I'm the Absolute who "permits all flavors", all flavors aren't a problem for me!]

[……Being the Absolute is amazing……]

Looking at Nebula who confidently told him such, Kaito muttered with a shudder.

While watching the scene, Kuromueina also brought a baby castella in her mouth……

[This tastes baaaaaad!]

Her hands over her mouth, she fainted in agony. Yes, Kuromueina makes ridiculous-tasting baby castellas, but her own taste buds are quite normal, so ultimately…… She doesn't find her failed creations tasty either.

Kuromueina, who had been holding her mouth and looking pale for a while, got up a little later and bowed to Kaito and Nebula with an apologetic expression on her face.

[Sorry, you two…… This is a great failure.]

[……I wish you could have come to that conclusion when you saw its colors.]

[For me though, it was refreshing to experience a flavor I've never had before!]

[……N- Nebula-chan, are you alright is your stomach not feeling sick]

[No problem! I am Absolute after all!]

[……That sounds amazing, being the Absolute……]

Through a strange way, Nebula was recognized as someone outrageous by Kaito and Kuromueina.

: [……What an amazing person, that Absolute…… To be able to eat that dark matter and remain calm about it, the being standing above the pinnacle of several worlds really must be on a different level.]

Serious-senpai : [……The palate of the Absolute huh…… Well, it seems that she actually reigned many worlds and had a lot of subordinates, so she probably received gifts from subordinates with such peculiar tastes With her personality, she'd absolutely eat those……]-

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