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When it became 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the sky became gloomy and Bellfreed and the others returned to their private hut, while Nebula floated in the corridor of Kaito's mansion, looking out the window.

She didn't have any problem with getting wet with the rain, but Kaito felt worried about her, so she moved inside the house.

After that, it started to rain, and when the clock struck 3, it wasn't heavy rain, but it was raining quite a bit.

(……This is a little boring. I don't want to worry Milord, so I'd better stay inside until "the rain stops" around 8 pm but…… Now then, I wonder what I should do Milord is expecting a visitor in the evening, so I can't go over there…… Thinking about the future, I guess I should think of a hobby that can be done indoors.)

Thinking about this as she looked out the window, Nebula saw two people walking towards the gate with umbrellas.

After confirming their arrival, Nebula moved on and grabbed two towels from the used as a sort of linen room before heading for the door.

Just as Nebula reached the front door, the door opened and Kaito's parents, Akari and Kazuya, returned, to which Nebula greeted them with a bright smile.

[Akari-san and Kazuya-san, welcome back! If you'd like, please use this.]

[Ahh, Nebula-chan! Thank you~~]

[That really helps. Even with the umbrella, my shoulders got a little wet.]

When Nebula offered them the towels she had brought, Akari and Kazuya took them with a smile and wiped the area in their body that got wet.

[Even so, I'm glad Nebula-chan told us it was going to rain before we left this morning. It was raining a fair amount, so it would have been troubling if we had forgotten to bring umbrellas.]

[Really…… There is no such thing as a weather forecast in this world after all.]

[Weather forecast…… From the sounds of its name, I guess it's something that informs you about the weather for the day]

When Nebula heard the word "weather forecast" mentioned by Kazuya, she tilted her head and asked, and the two of them gave Nebula a brief explanation about what a weather forecast is.

Even then, it was almost exactly as Nebula had predicted, so there wasn't much more for them to tell……

[……I see! In that case, if you want to ask for the weather forecast in the future, please ask me! I would be able to tell you the weather for that day.]

[Hahaha, that's very reliable.]

[Unnn, unnn, not only are you cute, Nebula-chan is also a reliable and amazing child.]

[But of course. I am Absolute after all!]

Looking at Nebula who was puffing out her chest as she floated in the air, Kazuya and Akari looked very pleased and they continued chatting happily as they moved along with Nebula.

……Little did they know that Nebula wasn't joking, and that with her power, she would be able to tell them the weather for that day with 100% accuracy.

Nebula, who came to Kaito's room just as the evening approaches, tilted her head as she faced someone she had never met before.

She had been called to be introduced to someone she had never met before, but for some reason, the person she was talking to was far away from Nebula and had a very uneasy expression on her face.

[……I guess we really should move to the reception room huh]

[Unnn Why do we need to move to the reception room I think we can just greet each other here……]

She didn't know what Kaito meant with his words, so she asked back with a curious expression on her face.

Thereupon, for some reason, the other person at the back of the room looked shocked and timidly spoke.

[……Errr…… Spirits are supposed to be sensitive to magic power…… However…… Nebula…… isn't afraid of me]

[U- Unnn Afraid I don't really understand what you mean though…… This is the first time we've met, right]

[……U- Unnn…… That's really the case…… but I have…… my magic power of death……]

The person at the back of the room…… Isis was just as confused, or more confused than Nebula. This is because, although she had mentioned that she wanted to meet Nebula after hearing about her from Lillywood and Kaito, she expected that they would either exchange words from a distance or have a conversation in that specially designed reception room.

Rather, they were going to meet in the reception room at first, but when Kaito left the room to go call for Nebula, Nebula happened to pass by them and they ended up greeting each other in the nearby room.

This had to be the worst possible situation for Isis. Although she quickly moved to the edge of the room and kept as much distance as possible, she still thought that her magic power of death would scare her away.

……But contrary to her expectations, Nebula wasn't afraid of Isis at all. It wasn't like she was acting or anything though, as she really seemed to be wondering about what Isis had said.

(……Magic power of death Ahh, I can certainly feel some magic power that puts pressure on my mind, but was she talking about that Even though that magic power is unusual, I've already observed such a peculiar magic power before…… No, since it holds power on the level of an authority, I guess it would be quite the rare ability. I see, so she was worried that her magic power would affect me huh…… It seems like I'm being underestimated. It's not possible for a peculiar magic power of this level to affect this Absolute me.)

After nodding once, Nebula approached Isis with a smile and called out to her, having guessed the situation to some extent from the words Isis had said.

[I could understand what's going on, but please rest assured that I am not particularly affected. Once again, my name is Nebula. Nice to meet you.]

[……I- Is that so…… Ahh…… I'm Isis…… Isis Remnant…… Nice to meet you too.]

[Yes! I'm in your care, Isis-san!]

[ ! ]

Even though she was bewildered, Isis introduced herself and reflexively held out her hand, which Nebula clasped with both of her tiny hands and shook.

Isis looked surprised at Nebula's ability to approach and how she was even able to touch her, but after a moment, she happily smiled.

[……You really…… are alright…… It feels like you're hiding great power…… was that perhaps the case ……Nebula…… is amazing.]

[I am Absolute after all!]

[……Fufufu…… I see…… Hey…… If Nebula is alright with it……. would you like to have tea with me]

[Yes! I was just getting bored, so if Isis-san and Milord don't mind, by all means!]

Hearing the words Nebula seemed to have become a habit of saying, Isis happily smiled and sat down on a chair with Nebula on her lap, sitting within her embrace.

The other side of the table was occupied by the smiling Kaito, and thus, the three of them enjoyed chatting over tea.

Serious-senpai : [……The meter-tall Absolute has too high of a communipower…… Isn't she already on the level of the communipower monsters like Kuro and Razelia……]

: [Rather, she's like a considerate oni…… The fact that she does it all naturally, I guess that's why she's so in tune with Pandemonium.]-

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