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After talking to Iris and Makina and acquiring information, Alice came to the conclusion that Nebula was 99% a good person at heart. However, she still doesn't know what she's thinking about in the present.

She understood her past well enough to conjecture what's on her mind…… but she wanted to find out firsthand whether or not Nebula would be a detriment to Kaito in the future.

The current Nebula is Quasi-Omnipotent, and as long as she doesn't let down her guard, she won't be taken by surprise. In response to Alice's question, which she asked while keeping her mind alert so that she could move at any time, Nebula kept her silence for a moment before speaking.

[……That's a question I could answer with both a yes and no, so I'm troubled with what to reply.]

[Fumu, what do you mean]

[The term "Ultimate God" refers to "the former me". Since I had been brought to my end, and is now a Spirit rather than a God…… I suppose it would be more appropriate to say that "I used to be the Ultimate God".]

[I see……]

[Well, no matter what the situation will be, the fact that this me is Absolute will never change!]

Seeing Nebula's small body as she proudly puffed out her chest, Alice slightly smiled. It was exactly just as she had expected, but it seemed like Nebula readily admitted that she had once been called the Ultimate God.

Rather, judging from the way she spoke, it didn't seem like she never had the intention to hide it.

[However, where did Alice-san hear about it From Shallow Vernal]

[No, it all started when I guessed your identity. At first……]

When she explained the factors and speculations that led to the idea that Nebula was the former Ultimate God, Nebula nodded with an impressed look on her face.

[……You're already almost right when you're still guessing things. It seems like Alice-san has an excellent intellect and thinking ability huh.]

[I'm flattered by the compliment. However, there are still some things I'm curious about, so I thought I'd ask you directly…… That's why, if you don't mind, do you mind if I ask some things]

[Of course, I don't mind. I am Absolute! I never cast away anyone who seeks my knowledge.]

Even after talking about this subject, Nebula still remained friendly and even if she carefully observed her, Alice couldn't detect any kind of malicious thought.

[……Are you dissatisfied with your current situation]

[I have lots of them! The Absolute me has been downgraded, it's inconvenient how my ability has been restricted, it felt humiliating how I had to bow down to lowly creatures inferior to me…… Well, I have lots of complaints. However, I myself assented and accepted being treated like a watchdog. That being the case, even if I am dissatisfied, it's not befitting of this Absolute me to blame others or complain about it afterwards…… and thus, I assented to these dissatisfactions of mine.]

[Fumu, do you intend to harm Kaito-san]

[Why would I harm Milord Milord is, if I had to describe him, the first one under this reincarnated me's patronage, isn't he I had many reasons to protect and help him, but I hold no reason to harm him.]

There was no lie in Nebula's words. She was unhappy about being downgraded and having been turned into a Spirit, but she didn't want to blame the people around her for it, nor did she want to complain about it once she had accepted it.

Hearing how Nebula clearly stated that she was dissatisfied, but assented to this matter, Alice felt pleased.

Nebula's actions of not trying to keep up appearances and saying that she had no complaints at all made Alice feel Nebula's sincere personality……

[By the way, is that way of speaking because of your social standing]

[Hmmm, this is also a difficult question to answer. If I were to be asked how my tone compares to the tone of the former me, I would say that it's different. The former me stood above many others, so such a tone was appropriate…… But if you were to ask me if this tone was because of my social standing, I would say that I'm not sure either.]

[I see…… No, it was just that you feel rather humble for someone known as the Absolute.]

Hearing Alice's words, sounding rather bewildered, Nebula nodded, as if he understood why Alice asked this, and calmly replied.

[……Even if I were to be reincarnated, the fact that I am Absolute will not change. ……However, having great power isn't a reason for one to be arrogant to others. That is something only third-rates would do. It was because I know civility that I am Absolute! I certainly am Absolute, but I'm currently the newest member of this group. That being the case, I believe I should use a tone and attitude suitable for my position.]

[……H- How should I say this…… Yes, once again…… You're extremely respectable……]

[It is because I'm extreme in every way that I am Absolute!]

[F- Fufufu…… I see, that's admirable.]

Looking at Nebula puffing her chest again, brimming with confidence, Alice concluded that "she really wouldn't be a problem", relaxed and patted Nebula's head with a smile on her face.

After Nebula let herself be patter with a look of satisfaction on her face, she clenched her fists and spoke.

[……If Alice-san has any problems, you can always consult me. This Absolute me will not spare the effort to help you!]

[Hahaha, that's very dependable]

Completely letting down her guard against Nebula, Alice smiled, and as they looked up at the beautiful moon, Alice and Nebula exchanged idle chit-chat.

Serious-senpai : [……She's extremely, extremely…… respectable. No, I suppose it might be too much to compare her to those two…… And seriously, she doesn't feel like she's hiding anything at all, so it feels like she'd tell them who she really is if Kaito or someone else asked her.]-

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