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I woke up feeling good. How should I say this…… I woke up feeling refreshed, or rather, I may have slept well…… Whichever it may be, I got up in the morning feeling somewhat refreshed.

Opening up the curtain to take in the morning sunshine, feeling that today was going to be a good day……


I was speechless at the sight. As soon as I opened the window, what I saw was a "10-meter tree" growing in the garden.

Considering its location, that tree is definitely the World Tree that I had planted in my garden, but is it even possible for a tree that should be at most 2 or 3 meters tall yesterday to grow to about 10 meters tall when I wake up in the morning

……Is it just its growth period No, like hell that's even possible!

[……What the heck is that]

[……Yeah, what's that]

[Alice Even you don't know about that]

[You're asking me if I know that, "that tree just suddenly grew up" though……]

Alice, who had suddenly appeared behind my back, also looked confused, which tells me that what was happening now was an abnormal situation.

Putting on a jacket over my pajamas for the time being, I headed towards the garden to check it out. Alice was also following behind me with a serious expression on her face, and she seemed to be on alert, ready to respond if something happened.

When I reached the garden and neared the big tree…… I saw another strange sight. When I looked up at the tree from below…… The underside of its leaves seemed to be blackish blue, shimmering in various spots…… It was supposed to be morning, but gazing at its leaves from below makes it look like a starry sky.

While I was mesmerized by the strange sight of the World Tree, which was completely different from the one I saw in Yggfresis…… The tree suddenly glowed, and the light gathered in one place, turning into the shape of a human.

The girl who appeared was about a meter taller than a fairy, but with a body that could be described as small. The girl was floating in the air, and when she noticed my presence, she slowly turned her gaze towards me.

Her glossy black hair, long enough to reach her feet, had a bluish tinge as it approached the tips, giving it a strange, sparkling, star-like glow.

Her golden eyes have a pattern that looks like black dots, giving her a mysterious atmosphere. Even the black dress she wears twinkles like the starry sky…… How should I say this…… The girl gave me the impression of a starry sky, or perhaps, it's as if she's the personification of the universe.

……This girl…… What in the world is she Could it be that she's the Spirit of this World Tree

No, but if I remember correctly, Lillywood-san said that she has made it so that a Spirit won't dwell within the World Tree, and even if Lillywood-san was mistaken and a Spirit did dwell within it, I don't think Alice would have been this wary.

In that case, this situation really is some kind of irregularity…… At any rate, I don't feel any hostile emotions from the girl in front of me, so I'll try to talk to her.

The girl that appeared before Kaito…… the Ultimate God Nebula, who had become a Spirit, was inwardly exploding with anger towards the absent Shallow Vernal.

(Y- You b*stard…… Shallow Vernal! To this me, to this absolute me, not only did you downgrade me, you even transformed me into a creature as lowly as a Spirit…… Mark my words, I'll never forget this grudge!!!)

Her overwhelming power has been downgraded to Quasi-Omnipotence, and the ultimate power that she possessed, the ability to encompass everything, has been limited to being "effective only against hostile beings".

She is as unrivaled in battle as before, but she has been weakened to the point where she can only exert quasi-omnipotent power against those who don't see her as an enemy, which is unbearably humiliating for a woman who recognizes herself as an absolute.

(……Well, alright. No matter what, the fact remains that I am absolute. Even if I had to serve such lowly creatures as humans…… Such lowly creatures as humans……)

While her anger at Shallow Vernal was burning within her heart, she regained her composure and looked at the person she would need to make use of from now on…… Her mind went black.

(……Eh He looked really cool———- Hahh! What's with the thumping in chest S- Shallow Vernal! She even tampered with my existence in some other way…… She probably tweaked it so that I would hold favorable emotions towards this human…… G- Gununu…… Y- You b*stard, stop fooling around. Just with this, don't you dare think that this me will be won over by inferior creatures!)

As Nebula's anger flared up within her heart, Kaito timidly called out to her.

[……Errr, you are]

In response to Kaito's question, the ruler of many multiverses, the Absolute known as the Ultimate God…… Nebula———-

[Nice to meet you, Milord! My name is Nebula!]

———–cheerfully greeted him with a radiant smile.

Serious-senpai : [OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! That's the fastest speed I've ever seen someone fall for him, you know!]

: [W- Well, please calm down. We still don't know what's inside her mind yet.]

Serious-senpai : [……That is, well, you're right…… but I'm really anxious here.]-

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