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Here's Volume 11. Spoiler Alert! This illustration page may contain spoilers that the readers haven't read about yet.

Perfect Maid VS Transcendental Beauty: Shokugeki Start!

Maid-turned-edgy VS Cotton Candy Girl-turned-edgy!

Nidzveld, the wyvern burning the heavens. Now that's just coolness overload.

The First Hero, Hikari. Now known as Neun. I don't know which side she takes now, but if you want to know…… go buy the Light Novel~~

Vier forcibly teleported before Kuro, in front of the Treaty of Friendship. Btw, I just realized there were still some chapters Vier was referred to as Fear…… but I'm too lazy for that.


Having the catgirl be the guide for the Six Kings Festival……

[Isis-san, you're fine with sparklers][……Unnn…… I like…… this.]

Meanwhile, Kuro and Alice is about to start throwing rocket fireworks at each other……

Alice's stuffed costumes…… Why the heck are these two here again

A Special Individual Wyvern. One of the Four Great Demon Dragons under the Dragon King's command, and the Dragon King's strongest subordinate. She is the only small-sized dragon among the Four Great Demon Dragon. She's a mass of aspiration to improve oneself, and likes to challenge and training.

Illness 【Aesir】

The transformed Illness after using her Hidden Technique  【Aesir】. Her hair and horns protruded longer, and her eyes emit a red light that trails through the air. Meanwhile, her body is clad in magic power looking like white lightning.

Funf 【Pluto's Hand】

The transformed Funf, after making her magic into one that "protects Vier alone". Her magic power bursts into what seems to be jet-black flames and her right eye is dyed black.-

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