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While the earth was shaking wildly as powerful magic power clashed in various places, another fierce battle was taking place in front of the Divine Gate.

[Ahh, d*mn it! I also want to fight a Supreme God!!!]

“Its all about compatibility. The place were assigned to now is the best for us…… also, dont be negligent, Megiddo. Even the high-ranking Gods are individually powerful.”

Megiddo, waving his stiff arms while shaking his black fur that looks as if its blazing fire, looks dissatisfied that she couldnt fight a Supreme God.

Chiding Megiddo as he mutters that, Magnawell releases his breath to the approaching Gods.

Magnawells breath may have mowed down a wide area with a high amount of power, but the Gods hes fighting arent just random soldiers, but elite Gods, as the Gods who are good at defensive magic immediately step forward and deploy barriers.

“Lillywood, theyre coming…… With their numbers, if Im the only one fighting them, my magic power wont be enough. Well be overwhelmed if you dont make a followup.”

“I understand. Leave the recovery and magic power provision to me……”

With Lillywood standing behind Megiddo and Magnawell, she created several huge trees around her.

The trees were rapidly absorbing the magical power in the air, and Lillywood was supplying that magic power to Megiddo and Magnawell, who were fighting on the front lines.

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It could be said that this battle is six Demons versus all the Gods, and with the obvious disadvantage in numbers…… Lillywood is the key to the victory of this battle.

[……! What….. is……]

The three of them are steadily defeating the approaching Gods but…… suddenly, Megiddo, who was swinging his fist, stops moving. Its not just Megiddo, both Magnawell and Lillywoods body also stiffened regardless of the persons will.

“……Shes finally here……”

“……I thought I was quite clear of her power…… but feeling it in person……. What a tremendous power she had……”

Almost at the same time as the three of them stopped moving, the Gods also stopped attacking and simultaneously dropped down on one knee.

Now, in front of the invaders…… In the middle of the battlefield, the pinnacle of the God Realm, the worlds strongest being…… The God of Creation, Shallow Vernal, has descended.

She didnt confront them, but just being reflected in their eyes made them feel an absolute pressure, as if their own bodies would unconditionally surrender.

The magic power she released is definitely on a different magnitude…… as it covered the entire God Realm in an instant, stopping the invaders from moving.

[This is already the end for all of you…… Now that Shallow Vernal-sama has descended, this will be the end of your life.]

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One of the Gods uttered such words. What shes saying isnt an exaggeration nor a bluff, its just pure fact. You can say that Shallow Vernal doesnt have an ounce of emotion.

And to the beings who go against her, she will be as indifferent as usual, cool-headedly dealing with them…… Shes a being who doesnt a sliver of mercy at all.

However, even though they were told words that were tantamount to a death sentence, the three Demons didnt seem to be fazed at all.

On the contrary, there was even a smile on their lips.

“……The end Thats where youre mistaken.”

“……Yes, for this is actually where it starts.”

[What are you……]

Hearing the words Magnawell and Lillywood said, the Gods looked at them dubiously before Megiddo let out a roar.

[Oraahh! We dragged her out! This is your job now! Kuromueina!!!]

[ ! ]

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At that moment—— The skies of the God Realm were dyed jet black.

A black mist covered the sky like clouds, and the pressure that was assaulting Megiddo and the others disappeared at the same time as those golden eyes appeared.

Even after Kuromueina appeared, there wasnt any emotion that appeared on Shallow Vernals face at all.

Seeing Shallow Vernals face still not having any emotion in it, the Gods didnt doubt Shallow Vernals victory for a moment.

There is no one in this world who can fight Shallow Vernal…… That idea that has already been established as common sense crumbled to pieces the moment the black fog formed a fist and punched Shallow Vernal away.

[……Im…… possi…… ble…… To do that to Shallow Vernal-sama…… What is…… that monster……]

Seeing the scene in the distance, Chronois mutters in disbelief as if she cant believe what she had just seen.

After punching her away, seeing the black fog, Kuromueina, immediately following Shallow Vernals body, Chronois immediately begins to move.

[Get out of my path!!!]

[…… I will not. I will not allow you…… to hinder Kuromu-sama.]

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Facing Ein, Chronois released all the power she had been suppressing earlier due to the damage it would bring to the God Realm.

Chronois wants to defeat Ein as soon as possible and head to Shallow Vernal, while Ein wants to stop Chronois here at all costs for Kuromueinas sake.

Both of them, harboring intense emotions for their master, began to engage in a terrific battle, exchanging thousands of fists in less than a second.

Life also tried hurriedly settling her opponent when she saw Shallow Vernal being punched away.

[I no longer care if the lands of the God Realm is destroyed…… I will eliminate you!]

As Lifes body emits a strong light, several huge rocks appear in the sky, and they began raining down on Isis.

Its not just organic things that Life can bring into existence…… She can even bring into existence inorganic things.

However…… That was also true for Isis.

[……In that case…… I would also…… be serious!]

[ ! ]

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As the pale light around Isiss body becomes denser, the magic power of death shes releasing visibly becomes darker in color, and the rocks that had been falling down on her vanished.

[Kuh…… (This Demon could even bring death to inorganic things huh…… However, I cant keep lingering here any longer. I have to get to Shallow Vernal-samas side as soon as possible.)]

In response to Life who created an extraordinary amount of mass and attacked Isis one after another, Isis responded by unleashing her magic power of death.

The sight of hundreds of billions of lives being born and dying in the next moment is a beautiful, yet shudder-inducing sight.

[……Am I missing something]

[Unnn Is something the matter]

Fate muttered as she stopped her hand when she saw Shallow Vernal being punched away, and Shalltear tilted her head.

Fate slowly gets off of the cushion she was on and quietly closed her eyes.

[I thought Shallow Vernal-sama would finally take care of everything but…… The situation has changed. I cant leave any stone unturned.]

[……Ahh~ That looks dangerou—— Gaahhh!]

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Seeing fate muttering in a low voice, Shalltear, who sensed the unusual atmosphere around her, immediately tried to distance herself from her, but in the next moment, she was blown away with a strong impact.

Towards Shalltear, who regained her posture in mid-air and landed, Fate turned her “eyes that had turned golden” towards Shalltear.

[……Let me tell you one thing. If youre looking for a frontal, no-tricks fistfight, the God of Time and Space is the strongest…… But in terms of combat power, including all of my abilities, Im the “strongest of the Supreme Gods”.]

[……That might be so. Even your attack just now, I thought I had dodged it but……]

[Its no use. Now that Im serious, your fate is sealed. Your attacks will not hit me, and you will not be able to evade my attacks.]

[……Thats a scary power. I guess those eyes of yours were “the eyes who see fate” huh……]

Fate, who eyes changed into golden…… showing her seriousness, can tamper with not only the fate of the present, but also the fate of the future.

In other words, Fate can sense Shalltears future. Where they will attack, and where to aim so that her attack will never be evaded…… She can sense all of it, and making use of it to see the path to defeating Shalltear in the shortest amount of time.

[……Weve already expected that youre the strongest Supreme God…… Thats the reason why Im here.]

[Does that mean you can beat me Youre really a clown…… Such a future is—– Eh]

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[Can you keep this a secret…… After all, this is a “magic that doesnt exist in this world”……]

Seeing the twisted smile on Shalltears face, Fate was shaken for the first time.

She should have been looking at Shalltears fate in the future, but now, that had changed.

[…… (What is this Her fate changed No, even so, for fate to strangely change this way…… Its as if she has become a “different being”…… No, thats not it. Theres something else inside that robe!)]

[…… .]

(T/N: Hekatonkheires. I thought It would be more appropriate to use that word instead of the english word.)

[Wha! What…… is that……]

[Its something from the world where I came from. A place where theyre using the heart itself as a weapon…… Now then, my trump card, the bonds Ive built up…… Savor it to the fullest!]

[ ! ]

Against the God of Fate, who had released her full strength, Shalltear also summoned her trump card.

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The girl, who was once called a hero in a world that isnt here, has released her true blade……

Unlike the Supreme Gods, who were having a tense battle, the battle between Kuromueina and Shallow Vernal was one-sided.

Within the jet-black space created by Kuromueina, Shallow Vernal received fist after fit swung down one after another, and was blown away like the leaf of a tree, dancing in a storm, but there was still no change in her expression.

The damage certainly seems like it was being dealt, but Shallow Vernal didnt resist, and was simply being beaten by Kuromueina.

[……I dont understand. Why dont you just use that magic You would have already finished this if you use that, right]

Hearing the words Shallow Vernal told her without any inflection in her tone, Kuromueina changed into her true form…… which had the same appearance as Shallow Vernals, which is her most powerful form.

[……Its because Im not here to kill you. Im just irritated by you, so I came to punch you in the face.]


[Why dont you think about it yourself]

[I dont see the point in thinking about it. If you dont want me, get rid of me, if you dont want the world, destroy it. Ive given you that much power.]

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[…… !]

Hearing Shallow Vernals words which told her that so matter-of-factly, Kuromueina clearly became more irritated.

[I should just destroy the world That kind of thing isnt for you to decide!!! Sure, you built this world, but this world belongs to the children who live in it! You who just made it and never got involved with it, you who have done nothing isnt qualified to make those kinds of decisions!!!]

[I see.]

[In the first place, you know what Im most annoyed with! Its that you threw all the decisions to me alone and didnt think about it yourself! You, you who built this world, I ask you, what do you even want for this world! What do you wish for this world to become! What even is this world for you…… Cant you just think at least that much!!!]

[Its better since its you who will be deciding that. You are me. Your decision is also mine.]

[Stop! Messing! Around!!!]

[ ! ]

Kuromueinas fist catches Shallow Vernal in the face, and Shallow Vernals body was great sent flying.

Looking at Shallow Vernal, Kuromueina angrily glares at her and bellows.

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[Thats just running away from responsibility…… Its true that you and I were originally one…… But weve seen different things, we think differently, and we have different ways of connecting with the world! I love this world, I love this beautiful world youve created and I want to live with it!]


[But what about you! You build this world, didnt you! Then take responsibility and get connected with the world, stop running away and decide it for yourself!!! Dont just selfishly think that its over!!! At least, on feelings…… Can you not rely on me and think about it yourself!!!]


A cry from someone who was once the same being as you, a scolding from her own self who lived with the world and grew to love it.

Hearing that, Shallow Vernal said nothing, remained silent and stared at Kuromueina…… and without a change in her expression, she punched Kuromueina away.



[……Thats the first time you fought back Why]

[……I wonder why I guess…… I just didnt want to lose]

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[What the…… so you really got a heart……]

[……How inexplicable. For some reason, my thoughts are being swayed…… Its not rational at all.]

Staring curiously at the fist she swung, Shallow Vernal slowly looks at Kuromueina.

Seeing Shallow Vernal like that, Kuromueina smiles somewhat happily and holds up her fist.

[Then, lets have a fight, shall we If we do that, we may learn something.]

[……Lets do that then…… Lets ascertain if what you said is right, whether I got my own heart and my own emotions.]

(T/N: I dont know why Kuro have her young girl form here when she should have been using her black-haired Shiro form when Shiro fought back.)

With those words, Kuromueina and Shallow Vernals fists clashed.

The girls, who were originally one entity, nullify each others abilities, so the fight becomes a pure fistfight.

Shallow Vernal, swinging her fists with such power that each strike could even bring the end of the world, and yet, her first time fighting…… Shes somehow enjoying it.

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After some unknown time beating each other up, Kuromueina and Shallow Vernal fell on their backs in the jet black space simultaneously.

[……Uhhyyiii…… Im frazzled……]

[……Im tired.]

Kuromueina, who was heavily breathing and mutters that shes tired, and Shallow Vernal replies with an agreement in a voice without any intonation.

[……So, hows that Do you know now if you have a heart or not]

[……Yes, so this is a heart and what I feel are emotions huh…… Its terribly unclear and not rational.]

[Of course it is…… However, do you think its unnecessary]

[No, lets see…… It certainly isnt rational, but I see…… It isnt exactly that bad.]

Although she replied with an indifferent tone, Shallow Vernals words were softer than before and showed a tinge of emotion.

The heart…… that she had always thought of something she didnt have, something she didnt need, finding that heart changed Shallow Vernals thinking.

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[……I will think about it. What do I think about my world, what I wish for the world…… Those things are my responsibility as the one who made the world…… right]

[Thats what Im talking about. Well, Shiros inflexible, so if you ever need help, Im here to help you.]

Kuromueina nodded with satisfaction at Shallow Vernals words, telling her that she would see the world from now on.


[Yes, youre Shallow Vernal after all, so Shiro! Ah, you can also call me Kuro.]

[Kuro, Shiro…… Arent those shortened names quite simple]



They exchange words so calmly that its hard to believe that they were beating each other up just a moment ago, and then, both of them get up without a second thought.

Kuros appearance changes to the appearance of a young girl, and in response, the jet-black space disappears and the lands of the God Realm reappear.

They should have been fighting for quite a long time, but the jet-black space flows in a different stream of time, so they almost went back to the God Realm right after Shallow Vernal was punched away.

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And also, both the Divine Gate broken by Shallow Vernals power, and the wounded Gods…… Along with the Demon invaders, everything went back to how it was before.

Shallow Vernals words announcing the end of the battle echoed in the God Realm, and the Demons who originally intended to see Kuromueina off quickly put down their weapons.

The war that was known to the world as the war between the God Realm and the Demon Realm…… The battle between the Demons that would be known as the Six Kings and the Gods…… ended in a draw…… and came to an end in the form of reconciliation.

Ending with the God of Creation, Shallow Vernal, certainly possessing something called a heart……

[……Its the first time Ive ever been tired.]

After Kuromueina and the other Demons returned, and after telling Chronois and the others that it was a draw, Shallow Vernal stood in the floating gardens, and as she declared, stared at the world.

As she quietly stared at the world she had created, which she hadnt seen before, Shallow Vernal suddenly saw the past, present, and future, all reflected in her eyes.

[……I wonder who that is I would be standing before a human Will that future ever come ……The future is quite uncertain, although this isnt always the case……]

As she mutters this, a small smile appears on Shallow Vernals mouth.

That scene she was looking at was replaced by reality, and in the end, the answer she kept thinking about but couldnt figure out…… What does she think about the world, and what does she wish for the world…… It was until after 20,000 years passed…… that the human youth could tell her the answer to that question.

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Serious-senpai: [……Eh No, no, theres more to it than that, right We could have had about 3 more serious battles like this, right!]


Serious-senpai: [Bfuwaahh……]

And thus, those who fought against the Supreme God in this battle felt rivalry.

[Hey, whats your name]

[My name is Shalltear.]

[I see, then, youre Shall-tan. The troublesome battle is over, so how about we drink some tea before you leave I also have delicious snacks to munch on.]

[Im always free if Im being treated to a meal!]

↑ Except for these ones……

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Next Chapter: “What Kuromueina wants.”

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