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That day, there was a lot of talk about a certain topic in the house. No, it wasn't just in the mansion, as this topic was probably also being discussed all over the world.

The details of the first festival to be hosted by the God Realm had finally been announced.

I've heard about it from Shiro-san and Fate-san, and Lilia-san seems to have been consulted about this matter by Chronois-san, so I knew that such a festival was being planned.

However, I didn't know the particular details yet, but with this announcement, Chronois brought us a guidebook with the details written inside.

The name of the festival is "White God Festival". This is probably, or rather, the name itself definitely denotes Shiro-san. However, since this wasn't a festival planned and managed by Shiro-san, but rather a festival organized by the three Supreme Gods, I guess they didn't use the term "God of Creation" to directly refer to Shiro-san.

However, since there is no other God that should be the symbol of the Gods other than Shiro-san, I believe that the name was chosen to reflect her image instead.

The date of the event is held on the 1st day of Heaven Month, and they plan to continue to hold this event on the same day of the year when the Festival of Heroes isn't being held. Compared to the Demon Realm's Six Kings Festival, which comes to mind when one thinks of a comparison, the Six Kings Festival was held over seven days, while this one was held for only one day.

The middle layer of the God Realm, which is usually very difficult to visit, will be opened up as the venue, and thus, it held quite the ruckus in the public.

[……There is no admission limit…… I guess this would attract a lot of people huh.]

As the members of the mansions such as Lilia-san, Luna-san, Sieg-san, Hina-chan, Aoi-chan, Anima, Eta and Theta were looking at the guidebook, Luna-san saw a sentence in the guidebook and muttered.

Yes, the first time that the Six Kings Festival was held, it was by-invitation-only, and only invited guests and their companions could participate, but this time, the White God Festival had no such restrictions and people could freely participate.

[The main event is held in the middle level, but the lower level will also be opened up, so the congestion will be eased to some extent.]

[……The lower level seems to be open for the general public to set up a shop if they request. It seems even the lower level is going to be quite lively!]

Aoi-chan and Hina-chan were also looking at the information and had a look of anticipation on their faces.

Yes, the main venue for the White God Festival is the middle level of the God Realm, but the entire lower level is also open to the public, and you can set up a stall there by applying in advance.

The attention to this White God Festival will be tremendous, and as people could expect sales, I think that the applications would also be great.

[……The middle level would also be amazing. Not only would they sell limited quantities of Glorious Tea and Shallow Grande…… They would also have many specialties that I haven't heard of.]

The others nodded in agreement to Sieg-san's words of astonishment.

Within the festival, the middle level would be completely run by the Gods, with a variety of events planned, as well as the sale of food and drinks that can only be found in the God Realm.

Not only do they have Glorious Tea and Shallow Grande, which I've heard of, they also have sensibly priced foods, which I'm sure a lot of people would love to acquire.

However, as it is a festival sponsored by the Gods, there are also events that are typical of the Gods. For example, it seems that you can learn how to properly pray in a temporary temple set up in the middle level.

However, there is a limit to the number of people who can attend this event, and you must make a reservation in advance.

[You would need reservations for this prayer event…… Does that mean that it would be a problem if they allowed it to be unlimited]

[If it were unlimited, the temple would probably be overflowing with people…… After all, it's every day that you get the chance to offer prayers before Shallow Vernal-sama's residence……]

Lilia-san answered my question. I see, it's true that if you're in the middle layer of the God Realm, you would be closer to the Sanctuary where Shiro-san lives than if you're praying in the Human Realm, and thus, many people would like to pray there.

Especially priests and religious people will want to get a reservation at any costs, and I think that the acceptance rate they will set would be very high.

[……Speaking of which, would it be alright if Master goes around with us Isn't there a possibility that Shallow Vernal-sama will invite you to the Sanctuary]

[Ahh, I've just been contacted by Shiro-san about that, and she said that she wants to invite me at 6:00 pm, so she's asking me to keep my schedule open after that. Until then, I can go around as I want.]

Anima's question was justified, or rather, it was the part that I myself was wondering what would happen. This year's White God Festival was to be led by the Supreme Gods, and Shiro-san wouldn't be making an appearance, remaining in the Sanctuary until the festival ends.

I was wondering what I should do if that were the case, but Shiro-san, who was aware of my doubts, contacted me and said that I would be able to go around the festival with everyone else.

However, as for the fireworks that will be held after 6:00 pm, when the skies of the God Realm would change to nighttime, she invited me to watch it with her, so I'll probably be with her, watching fireworks in the Sanctuary.

There are still a few days left before the festival, but as it's the first of its kind for this world, I'm really looking forward to it.

Serious-senpai : [……Fumu, since there isn't stuff like ① attached to the title, that means that the White God Festival is starting already, and there's going to be some sort of preparation period]

: [Something like that. In the meantime, Kaito-san might as well finish greeting the other executives of the Six Kings.]

Serious-senpai : [……Come to think of it, he was going around doing that. The Ten Demons have quite the dense character that I felt like everything's done after greeting them all……] 

T/N: Busy IRL. Only one chapter today and no chapter tomorrow.-

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