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It was an unexpected reunion, that I couldn't help but throw a tsukkomi at her strange behavior, but depending on how you think about it, meeting her here is just great.

Lightly apologizing to the waitress guiding us, I turned towards the purple-haired woman.

[……Ummm, I apologize for the impolite question, but is your name Tre]


When I asked, the woman looked puzzled and became confused.

[A- Arehh I'm sorry, I just felt like I'd met you somewhere before…… but I really did meet you somewhere! I- I'm really sorry…… but I don't remember you at all……]

[Ah, no, we've definitely never met before.]

[As I thought! Thank goodness…… Arehh But then, how did you know my name I'm not really famous or anything……]

Curiously tilting her head, Tre-san seemed somewhat more childish than she looked. She is over 180cm tall, with a deep purple ponytail, golden eyes, and a slender body that looks like a model, and her well-groomed face gives her a mature look…… but her personality seems to be quite cheerful.

[It was just a coincidence, but I saw twin girls named Cento and Cien looking for someone, and since you fit the features they described, I thought that perhaps……]

[Cento and Cien were looking for me Arehh I'm pretty sure I left them a note…… Those two certainly are careless. I understand, thank you for telling me.]

[No, you're welcome.]

After saying her thanks with a friendly smile, Tre nodded her head in satisfaction and gave me a big thumbs up.

[Even so, for us to meet again in such a short time, this really might be fate! Any chance of loving me now]

[I'll pass.]

[I've been rejected twice in such a short time, I feel like crying.]

Even though she said that, I couldn't feel any sadness from her at all, and with her joking tone, I couldn't really tell how serious she was.

[……Fuuu, don't think that this is the end though. Rising up in new situations like being the hottie transfer student, I will be resurrected as the v2 or v3 me.]

There's a lot of stuff mixed up again, but more than that…… Which school is this woman planning to transfer to……

As I wryly smiled, slightly dumbfounded at her, Tre-san got up from her seat, telling me "Thanks for telling me~~" and headed for the checkout.

She probably went to look for Cento-san and Cien-san, and I hope they can meet up with her safely……

With that in mind, Sieg-san and I were once again shown to our seats and we enjoyed our meal.

But to my surprise, when I paid the bill…… or rather, when I tried to pay the bill……

[We've already been paid by the woman who calls herself Tre.]

We were told that our meal had already been paid for. Probably as a thank you for telling her about Cento-san and Cien-san, but it was a very chic thank you…… and I thought she was kinda cool.

In the directly managed store adjacent to the headquarters of the Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company, a Lich in gorgeous clothes…… Sechs arrived.

[……If it isn't the Special Consultant. What can we do for you]

[Ahh, I came here to participate in a meeting at the headquarters, but I still have some time before the meeting. I just thought I'd take a look at the store for the first time in a while…… Oya Is that an order slip]

[Yes, we've received an order for a large-scale Teleportation Magic Tool…… As you can see, they may not have ordered the latest model, but it's been a really long time since we've received a private purchase, so I was just double-checking for any flaws.]

[Oh my, a private purchase huh…… To come all the way to this store to place an order, that's really rare.]

Because of the amount of money needed to purchase Teleportation Magic Tools, they were rarely ordered by individuals, and are usually ordered by business associations. There is an area for Teleportation Magic Tools in this directly-managed store, but as expected, they don't see that much. Only the smaller-sized Teleportation Magic Tools are sold every now and then.

It is even rarer for Teleportation Magic Tools that enable teleportation from the Human Realm to the Demon Realm…… those so-called large-scale Teleportation Magic Tools. After all, most of the people who are able to buy a personal Teleportation Magic Tool are those who can use Teleportation Magic themselves. Therefore, this order was a rare case.

[Let's have a look…… Oya The buyer was Sieglinde-dono huh.]

[Is she perhaps an acquaintance She didn't seem to be a noble though……]


When Sechs learned that the buyer was Sieglinde, he put her hand on her chin, as if she was thinking about something. After a few moments of silence, he spoke.

[……Can you take this order up to the headquarters]

[To the headquarters]

[Yes, she's someone I'm personally acquainted with, and more importantly, she is a very important customer for our Trading Company…… I suppose I'd better report this to Kuromu-sama too.]

Sieglinde is Kaito's lover, and she is also a close friend of Kuromueina, having recently been teaching her.

Sechs chuckled lightly, thinking that if he did this…… it was just a guess, but he felt that Kuromueina would insist on making it herself.

Serious-senpai : [What, I thought the situation would be a little more complicated, but it was resolved quickly huh.]

: [I'll give you a hint. "She never said anything about looking for those two."]

Serious-senpai : [……Ahh. (Guessed what's going on already.)]-

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