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Teleportation Magic Tools are among the most expensive of all magic tools, and thus, there are specialized shopkeepers on the sales floor.

The shop itself has a very high-class atmosphere, and there are several security guards standing by as they display items that use large magic crystals.

While being slightly pressured by the atmosphere, I was guided by the shopkeeper along with Sieg-san.

[When it comes to magic tools that can be used to teleport from the Human Realm to Demon Realm, they will have to be custom-made no matter what. Also, in order to teleport from the Human Realm to the Demon Realm using magic tools, you will need a Teleportation Permit, you know]

[Errr, I haven't made any application yet. This time, we just came to see what the price would be like……]

[Let me see…… You would require permission to use such magic tools, but you don't really need permission to possess one. As it is made-to-order, please allow 15 days for the completion of this project.]

[I see……]

When she heard the shopkeeper's words, Sieg-san responded, slightly nervous.

When it comes to teleporting from the Human Realm to the Demon Realm, if you aren't using gates, you will need a special permit. Well, as long as you really apply for this, there is no particular screening process, and you can get a permit in a few days.

I mean, in the first place, the permit was issued by Alice…… or rather, the Phantasmal King's subordinate that facilitates information management, so it can be issued on the same day if I ask Alice.

After that, I listened to the exchange between Sieg-san and the shopkeeper, but just as I expected, magic tools of this level were expensive, and even if they were made cheaply with limited functions, it seems like it will cost several hundreds of white gold coins…… several billions of Japanese yen.

For a moment, Sieg-san seemed to be hesitant about the cost, but if she's going to be regularly visiting Funf-san, I think she would need this item.

When I'm around, I can bring her here just like today…… but if Sieg-san herself owns a Teleportation Magic Tool, it would be so much better.

In addition, with a magic tool of that level, there should be no need to register only one teleportation point, which would make it easier to return to Rigforeshia, so there is no harm in having it.

In fact, it seemed that Sieg-san was going to proceed with the purchase, as she was asking a lot of detailed questions and making requests for the design.

Sieg-san decided to order it because it was affordable for the current her, and since she wanted to buy something made by the trusted Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company, this was an opportunity to buy something from a store directly managed by the headquarters.

Just like that, they continued to discuss for a while, and after we paid the down payment and received the handover certificate and other documents, Sieg-san returned to my side.

[……I'm sorry to keep you waiting.]

[Don't worry about it. In the end, you decided to buy it today, right]

[Yes, I had already decided to buy it, and since it seems to take a while to complete, I thought the sooner I order, the better.]

[I see.]

[……Spending more money than I've ever spent in my whole life was a rather exhausting experience though.]

Thereupon, Sieg-san leaned her body against me, acting slightly spoiled. I know exactly how she feels though. I've become quite paralyzed about this matter lately, but expensive purchases can be quite tiring.

In fact, a billion yen purchase is of a scale that I would normally have never experienced in my life.

[It's lunchtime, so why don't we go eat something…… What do you want to eat, Sieg-san]

[Hmmm…… Fish dishes would be great. I ate fish at the beach before and liked it.]

After nodding to Sieg-san's request, I took Kuro's Eating Tour in its Entirety Guide out of my magic box.

When I first received it, I was stunned by the number of volumes I received…… but it has been incredibly useful for me. Incidentally, this city is listed in the "Near Home" section.

I looked for a restaurant that served fish dishes, had a high rating from Kuro and was somewhat nearby. Thereupon, it seemed that there was a seafood restaurant about 100 meters away from this shop, and Kuro rated it 8 out of 10, so we decided to go there.

When we arrived at the restaurant, it looked quite stylish, but it seemed that there was no dress code or reservation required, so we were able to enter right away.

As we were being guided by the waitress, I was looking at the spacious and stylish atmosphere of the restaurant……  when my eyes suddenly met with a woman who was eating at one of the tables…… and we were both astonished.

It was that tall woman with a purple ponytail…… Yes, the person I suspected to be Tree, whom I had first met at the shop earlier. I never thought I'd see her here…… but perhaps, the reason we didn't see her earlier might have been because she was taking a lunch break.

As I was thinking about this, the woman looked at me in astonishment and her gaze started to flusteredly move about.

[What in the world! For our second encounter to be this soon…… I- I still haven't prepared the bread yet……]

After looking around saying that, the woman looked down at the plate she was eating from.

[……Would "carpaccio" be alright They did say that it's the thought that's important, so as long as I have the right thoughts, it shouldn't matter whether it's carpaccio or bread!!!]

[No, I don't think that works.]

[It won't work huh~~ I guess it certainly looks difficult to hold in my mouth.]

The woman's shoulders slumped when she heard the tsukkomi I reflexively threw at her…… How should I say this…… She's an interesting person.

Serious-senpai : [D*mn it all! They're d*mn flirting with every corner they turn! I thought their date would just take up one complete chapter!!!]

: [No, I don't think that was talked about in any previous chapters though……]-

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