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Feeling the warm sunshine and pleasant breeze, I continued on my way. It was more like a small hill than a mountain, but the scenery here was quite spectacular.

There was a small lake a short distance away, with a large tree growing near it, making for a rather picturesque scene.

It would have been a great place to visit, but this hill isn't a tourist spot, as it was apparently inhabited by many monsters.

As for the reason why I said "apparently", it was because I couldn't see any monsters, or even a single bird nearby at the moment.

[……Beautiful scenery.]

[Right. The large tree by the lake…… it was just like I had imagined from reading about it from the book.]


I agree with Isis-san, who is walking with me holding my hand. Yes, the reason I'm here today was to have a date with Isis-san…… In one of Isis-san's favorite romance novels, there is a scene where the hero and the heroine had a picnic, and it seems that the place of their picnic was based on this place.

Although it isn't a tourist attraction due to the large number of monsters, the large tree by the lake is called the Wind Chime Tree, a rare tree that isn't very common in the Demon Realm.

As I approached it, I could hear a faint bell-like sound coming from the leaves swaying in the wind.

[Could this sound be the origin of its name]

[……Unnn…… This tree has hard leaves…… When the wind blows, the leaves collide with each other…… and make a bell-like sound.]

[Heehhh…… It sounds great. It has a soothing sound.]

I think the sound is somewhat similar to that of wind chimes. It's not too loud, but if you listen to it carefully, you can hear it…… a sound that holds a certain charm.

While listening to that pleasant sound, I laid out a leisure sheet under the tree and sat down side by side with Isis-san.

I'm really looking forward to the bento Isis-san has prepared for us today.

[Arehh Could these be onigiris]

[……Unnn…… I studied a lot…… about the bentos in Kaito's world.]

[Isis-san…… Thank you, I'm very happy.]

The bento prepared by Isis-san contained onigiris, which isn't very common in this world where bread is the staple food, as well as other items such as egg rolls and wieners cut into octopus shapes, which made the bento look beautiful and tasty.

Since Isis-san is a kind person, she must have known that I prefer rice-based food and prepared it for me. They were really well-made that I could tell just by looking at it that they tasted good, and it warmed my heart to think that she must have practiced a lot to prepare this.

[……They all look really delicious, so I can't decide where to start. Do you have any of them that you recommend]

[……Errr…… I think…… the egg rolls…… were deliciously made…… Ein taught me how to cook them…… and she said that I passed.]

[I'm looking forward to it. Then, let's start with the egg rolls……]

[……Ahh…… Wait a moment.]


I was about to reach out to eat an egg roll, but Isis-san stopped me and took out a pair of chopsticks. These chopsticks too, although they aren't as rare as onigiris, they are also not common in this world.

Well, I also have my own chopsticks, as they are commonly used at Kuro's home and sold at Alice's miscellaneous store.

[……I also…… practiced this.]


Giving me a cute smile, Isis-san used her chopsticks to pick up the omelet. When she said she practiced, I guess she was talking about learning how to use chopsticks huh I had such thoughts in mind, but looking at Isis-san…… she's probably already better at using chopsticks than I am.

As I was feeling surprised by her proficiency with chopsticks, which made me feel her movements were sophisticated, Isis-san brought her hand under the egg roll she picked up with her chopsticks and held it out to me.

[……Here…… Kaito…… Ahhn.]

[A- Ahhn.]

Something about the way she feeds me the egg roll with such an angelic smile makes me feel emotionally touched.

Of course, I also feel a little embarrassed, but since it's just Isis-san and I here, it isn't a problem.

Obediently allowing myself to be fed by her, the delicious, slightly sweet egg roll was brought in my mouth.

[……What do you think]

[It tastes really good. It's also a little sweet, which I like.]

[……I'm glad…… If Kaito is happy…… I'm also happy.]

The weather and temperature were just right, making it a perfect day for a picnic. The scenery was wonderful, and we enjoyed a delicious lunch within a nice atmosphere. And in front of me was my angelic girlfriend…… Am I actually in heaven

[……Would you like some too, Isis-san]


Feeling my heart filled with happiness, I made a slightly roundabout suggestion, and Isis-san, perhaps sensing my intentions, happily smiled, and handing me the chopsticks, she opened her mouth a little.

I felt that one slice was a little too big for her small mouth, so I cut it in half, and just like what Isis-san had done for me earlier, I brought it into her mouth.

[How is it]

[……It tastes great…… much better than when I'm taste-testing it…… I'm with Kaito after all.]

[I also think food tastes even better than usual when I'm with you, Isis-san.]

[……Fufu…… We think the same.]


Exchanging looks with each other, the both of us laughed together. As we feel very happy about the smallest things…… I enjoyed the luxury of spending time alone with my beloved lover to the fullest.

Serious-senpai : [……Stop. Please stop with the abrupt sugar punches that have no particular context and are completely unpredictable from the previous chapter…… Seriously, stop it. Well, you're going to keep doing this, aren't you You're still going to add chapters with the lovers in between, aren't you]

: [Well, it's good to have sweet stories once in a while.]

Serious-senpai : [Don't talk like this novel's usually serious! This novel ain't serious!!! This novel is slowly driving me over the edge with its heartwarming jabs, but then it suddenly struck with a sugary straight punch, you know!]

: [It sure is an incredibly effective tactic, isn't it]-

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