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Greetings and thank you to the Six Kings…… With the Ten Demons done for the time being, all that's left would be the Four Great Demon Dragons, the Seven Princesses, and Kuro's family. But to be honest, I'm pretty tired after meeting the Ten Demons, so I'd like to take some time off.

In particular, for the Seven Princesses, although I know Camellia-san and Ariel-san, I still need to greet five more of them, so it will take me some time to greet all of them.

In any case, today I went out to the city to have some change of pace, and I happened to see a person I recognized…… Shea-san. She had come to buy extremely spicy snacks in the past, so she might be visiting Symphonia's royal capital from time to time.

[Hello, Shea-san. What a coincidence.]

Anyhow, since I had seen her, I called out to Shea-san, to which she looked back at me with a big smile on her face…… Unnn

[Ahh, if it isn't Kaito I'm glad to see you're doing well.]

[……Sorry, I got "the wrong person".]

That's strange. I thought it was Shea-san, but it seems like it was just another person that looks like her…… No, I mean, there was no way that Shea-san would respond to me with such a refreshing smile.

For her to not even click her tongue at me, it's obvious that I got the wrong person…… is what I thought……

[What's with that reaction, are you mocking me]

[No, "what's with that reaction", you ask…… That's what I'd like to ask you…… Did something good happen]

[That isn't the case. It's just that I've realized how necessary you are to this world, so I thought I should try to be more friendly to you to some extent.]

[……Shea-san, I think you've been working too hard and got sick. Should I lead you to the hospital]

[……I'll smack you.]

Even though just a while ago, she was wondering if I'm among the intelligent beings in the world, but now, I'm tilting my head when her Affection Meters have become this high.

[I mean, how necessary I am to this world…… What do you mean]

[……It's because you're here…… Because you're here…… "God of Fate is working"!]

[……Ahh, so that's why I'm necessary for the world huh.]

[I'm really grateful for this…… Really grateful!]

[I- It was that bad that you had to say it that way huh……]

I could already see what was going on, but the expression on Shea-san's face was so sad that I couldn't help but wonder what kind of hardship she had gone through.

[Let me tell you, assisting God of Fate-sama is much harder than you think. First of all, as you well know, God of Fate wouldn't work. No matter how hard we, her direct subordinates, work, our progress would always stop at the part where they need God of Fate-sama's direction and approval. And even though I desperately asked her to do her job…… of course, she wouldn't just listen to me.]

[Of course, she wouldn't.]

[She doesn't listen to our words, so we would ask God of Time and Space-sama to scold her, but she would only do a little bit of work. Really just a little bit of work…… Then, after making a bit of progress, she begins to grumble and escapes from the temple. After that, God of Time and Space-sama would catch her and scold her again, and she gets a little more work done…… and so, such a repetitive cycle would continue.]

[Isn't that hell already……]

I thought I was well aware of the fact that Fate-san doesn't do her job, but when I heard it from her direct subordinates, who are actually affected by her laziness, the situation looked pretty bad.

[The work progressed little by little at a tortoise-like pace, and just before it became unmanageable, we finally completed it…… but then, when we were finally able to move after working ourselves to death, that was only for finishing one job. After we finished that one job, we would find that the next job is already nearing its due, and such a cycle goes on and on.]


It's a death march that almost brings tears to my eyes. It seems that Shea-san, who reports directly to Fate-san and has the highest position among the High-ranking Gods, was being worked very hard. It's no wonder she would want to take it out on me when we first met.

[……However, since you and God of Fate-sama became lovers, God of Fate-sama has been voluntarily working with us, and albeit irregularly, she still does so once a month. It was apparently because she doesn't want God of Time and Space-sama to interrupt her time with you……]

[Ahh~~ Speaking of which, she did say something like that.]

[This was a revolution for us. God of Fate-sama holds a tremendous ability, which allows us to get all the work we have accumulated done in a day. This really helps us…… Even though it happens irregularly, she would definitely do it once a month, so we can save the work that needs God of Fate-sama's direction and approval, and we can just go on with our other work.]

It's true that the mental burden is different when you know that the work will be completed even if it's only once a month, rather than not knowing when the work will be finished.

[……I was surprised. For me to have so much free time on my hands…… In fact, I have so much time on my hands that I'm not even sure what to do. I, as well as all the other Gods who are directly under God of Fate-sama, are truly grateful to you. Even God of Time and Space-sama was praising you.]

[T- That much……]

[Yeah, after all, her mental composure is completely different. She doesn't have to ask God of Fate-sama to do her work while desperately trying to keep her in a good mood, lest she wouldn't work at all. As long as she sets a deadline of around a month, we can be sure that all of the work will be completed on time…… It was a wonderful thing.]

I see, I could see now why Shea-san's Affection Meters had dramatically increased. I mean, all she has to do is work diligently once a month, and they're praising me this much…… Seriously, how much work did you run away from, Fate-san……

Serious-senpai : [……I see, in fact, her specs are so high that she could easily get a month's worth of work done if she wanted to huh.]

: [Well, in Fate-san's case, she was the type of person who really could do things, but didn't want to. Since she and Kaito-san became lovers, she dramatically improved, and Kaito-san's Affection Meters in Chronois-san's eyes also dramatically increased.]-

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