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At the moment, Phenix-san was on her knees in front of me, dexterously using her wings like hands.

"This is bad, this is really bad, please accept my apologies!"

[Ahh, n- no, I don't mind, so please raise your head.]

"No, that won't do! Even though it can be said that I was just unaware of your majesty, doing such an act is still extremely rude to "my God"!!!"

……Who is this God that you speak of You're not talking about me, right I'd really like to ask her to stop with that outrageous way of calling me, but I'm feeling too much pressure to say anything.

This is strange, I should have turned off my Sympathy Magic…… but it feels like my surroundings were filled with tremendous dampness.

"I think I need to be punished for my disrespect! How about hitting me more for a few more…… no, a few dozens more of that hammer!"


Phenix-san, that was just what you wanted, right

"Ahh, should I change my appearance I can be whatever you want! I will be whatever my God wants me to be, so punish me to your heart's content……"

[L- Let's just leave that for another time……]

"I see…… Unfortunately, it's also extremely blasphemous of me to implore for my God's majesty. Understood, I will be looking forward to such an opportunity."

How should I say this…… I don't know if I should say that she's straightforward to her desires or not, but she had quite the character. Just talking to her gives me a tremendous sense of mental fatigue. I could understand now why Risty-san said that it would be better for me to meet her and Tiamat-san on separate days.

Also, I haven't looked at Pandora-san at all since a while ago. Her face probably looks really outrageous right now, so I'm afraid it's going to drain my already drained spirit even more.

However, it seems like she's still trying to control herself, so I'm really grateful that she was in her work mode…… but I'm afraid that if something occurs in the future, she'll be begging me to be hit by the piko piko hammer.

While I was thinking about this, since I hadn't finished my original business of visiting her yet, I decided to thank Phenix-san.

[……I'm changing the subject, Phenix-san. Thank you for helping us in the fight against the God Realm.]

"Your words are wasted on me. If it's for the sake of my God, this Phenix is will to immediately come to your aid. If you need my help again in the future, please let me know."

[……Y- Yes.]

Just a few minutes ago, she was acting like "she wasn't interested in me at all", but before I knew it, she turned into a bundle of loyalty. This isn't just on the level of quickly changing one's attitude……

[Errr, I've brought you a thank-you gift…… but does Phenix-san eat or drink]

"Accepting a gift from my God is too awe-inspiring for me, but it would be impious not to accept it. I don't need to eat or drink, but it is possible for me to do so."

[Ahh~~ I see, I did prepare some gifts that aren't food……]

"That is, my apologies that you had to take me into consideration."

I was worried because it seemed like she didn't need to eat or drink, but it looks like eating itself is possible for her. Even so, it looks like she doesn't usually eat or drink, so if there's anything else she'd like to have on hand……

"I love both "sharp pains" and "dull pains", so any "torture device" will be appreciated."


This is troubling…… As expected, I never took into account the possibility that the other party was a top-class pervert who would want a torture device. What the heck am I supposed to do here

If it's a normal person, I can just give them some kind of safe gift, but Phenix-san is definitely a big masochist…… There's a possibility that she'd be more pleased with something that normal people would hate.

But as expected, there's no way I would have…… wait, what about those failed baby castellas No, no, there's no way I can give her that. As expected, there's no way she'd be happy to receive such a hazardous substance……

[……Phenix-san, it tastes really bad, but do you want to eat these]

"Is that perhaps some kind of poison Ordinary poisons don't really work on me, but if my God has prepared it……"

Taking out one of the baby castella that Alice had previously said as having dealt her fixed damage, I handed it to Phenix-san, to which she received it with both of her wings.

Thinking that if that baby castella won't do, I'll do my best to apologize to her, Phenix-san took a bite out of the baby castella…… and collapsed.

[P- Phenix-san! Are you alright……]

"……Hyaaaaan…… What ish this, amashhiiiing…… A new pfain brouuuught by the sensh of thaste, I'm shocked…… for a pfain like this to exisht! My Godhh, this is amashhiiiing…… Ahh, I'll nhevah be the shame without my Godhh!"

……This guy's dangerous. This guy's seriously dangerous. For her to be alright even after receiving damage from the baby castella's violent nastiness…..

For a moment, I felt glad that I'd found a place to dump those demonic baby castellas….. but I immediately stopped thinking about it. No, that won't do. I feel like the more I give this to her, the worse her already abnormal Affection Meters would become.

"My God! F- For you to bestow upon me such reward! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

[……Ah, yes.]

"I will continue to work with all my might for my God to receive this reward again!"

……I thought she would ask me for more of those baby castellas, but it seemed that it was a really great reward for Phenix-san and just getting one was already enough.

No, she said that she's looking forward to receiving it the next time she achieved something…… but was it just my imagination She's supposed to be a being made of flames, but why the heck does her eyes look bloodshot……

"However, just receiving this doesn't really fare well with me…… That's right! Enshrouding myself with welcoming thoughts, please allow me to serve my God!"

[Huh No, eh]

"It's alright! There's no problem! I can take the form of a human being! Please eat me———!"

As if some kind of switch had been turned on, Phenix-san, who looked like she was about to say something terrifying, was immediately "crushed" afterwards. It goes without saying who it is that crushed her underfoot.

[……Cut it out already, b*stard. You've already received a reward that makes me want to shed tears of blood, and for you to be greedier……]

Pandora-san, who looked pissed off for a different reason from earlier, stomped Phenix-san in place, before chains suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and thrusted towards Phenix-san, coiling around her body.

Thereupon, with a form that could be called beautiful, Pandora-san kicked the bound Phenix-san into the sky.

[……Well then, shall we return, Miyama-sama]

[Eh No, just now……]

[There's no problem. She should be able to free herself in a few days. ]

[……I see.]

……I had a suspicion that the Ten Demons were just a group of perverts, but I think I need to change my mind. Compared to Pandora-san and Phenix-san, the rest of the members seemed to be better.

I mean, for the name of the last remaining Tiamat-san to be spoken next to Phenix-san…… I couldn't help but feel anxious.


A magical creature born from a special technique and materials, created by Alice based on "the concept of immortality". She found Zwei created by Kuromueina as excellent, so she wanted to have a subordinate like her.

She's an immortal being that will resurrect no matter how she is killed. Since her resurrection doesn't consume any magic power, it can be said that she's the most tenacious among the Count-ranks…… but on the other hand, she's extremely vulnerable to sealing.

She's an extreme masochist, a pervert who believes that pain leading to death is the greatest pleasure. Whenever she goes on a mission, she always makes sure to die at least once, so her position in the pecking order was rather low.

She is extremely cold towards those who couldn't even kill her while she's not resisting nor defending, dismissing them as worthless, so the minimum requirement for a conversation with Phenix is the ability to kill the defenseless Phenix.

When she met Kaito, her sense of values was revolutionized, and she started to hold faith in Kaito, calling him her God…… If anything, she listens more to Kaito than to her creator and King, Alice.

Incidentally, as a side note, after Alice-chan created Phenix…… She discarded the idea of having "a magic creature she created as her subordinate".-

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