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After seeing Anima off, I returned to the inn and found Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san in the room we were in earlier.

The two of them were looking around, but their faces brightened after they noticed us.



They run over to me and ask me a few questions to make sure Im okay.

When I told the two of them, who were asking me with concern, that theres nothing wrong with my body, they both looked relieved.

And then, although I thought we would then begin chatting with Lilia-san and the others, Yuzuki-san stood in front of me with her face down.

[Ummm…… Senpai…… I, errr……]


[Im sorry…… I was so scared…… that I couldnt move……]

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I knew immediately what Yuzuki-san was talking about.

She seems to be feeling guilty that she caused me to be injured because she wasnt able to escape, bowing down while her shoulders quiver, she apologized.

Smiling as gently as I could to Yuzuki-san, I replied to her with words that reassure her.

[Im glad youre not hurt.]

[……Sen…… pai……! Senpai!!!]


Hearing my words, Yuzuki-sans body trembled for a bit before tears appeared in her eyes, and then, she jumped towards me.

Because of the height difference, it looks like she buried her face in my chest, but Yuzuki-san continues to cry.

[I…… uwaahh…… Senpai……]

[Its alright. See, Im as safe as I can be……]

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[Yes…… Senpai…… Thank you…… for saving me……]

[Unnn…… though even if I say that, I was also saved by Lilia-san and the others, so it isnt that I can proudly say I saved you.]

Yes, in the end, I didnt win against the Black Bear, and I think I would have died if it werent for Sieg-san.

So, when I tell her with a wry smile that I cant proudly say that I saved her, Yuzuki-sans arms which were behind my back squeezed my body tighter.

[Thats not true…… Senpai looked really cool. You looked really, really cool.]

[I see…… Thanks.]

Placing my hand on Yuzuki-sans head, I gently petted her.

No further words are needed, as Yuzuki-san buries her face in my chest for a while.

Continuing to stroke her head until she calms down, after a while, Yuzuki-san releases her embrace and moves away from me.

[……Ummm, errr.]

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[Once again, thank you very much! “Kaito-senpai!”]

Saying that, she brightly smiled like a blooming flower.

Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san were back to how they usually act, and as I explained about Anima and other stuff to them with Lilia-san and the others, Rei-san came back with a very tired look on his face.

[Rei-san, welcome back. What happened with Anima]

[Ah, unnn. Shes now guarding the area where the wall was broken now.]

[You somehow look exhausted though]

[……Well, that child really has quite a strong personality huh. She immediately tried to strike the guard captain who tried to give her instructions…… Unnn. Fortunately, thanks to Miyama-kuns order, she followed my instructions. Because of that, I ended up joining the guard force for a while too.]

It seems that Anima is acting like usual even when they went to the guard forces barracks, as she refused to take orders from anyone but me, and she tried to bite the guard captain. It seems Rei-san ended up having to make a follow up, deciding to join the guard force himself.

[That is, ummm…… somehow, Im sorry.]

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[No, she certainly has a strong personality, but she has the ability to back it up. She was even able to carry a large amount of materials used to repair the wall with just one hand.]

Although he had some difficulties because of her personality, it seems that Anima, who has a power comparable to that of a peerage-holder high-ranking demon, is a very useful manpower for the guard force.

Even if you factor in her personality, its said that her strength is enough to tilt the scales towards the positive side…… Unnn. I guess the next time I see Anima, Im also going to tell her to follow the guard forces instructions.

After that, Rei-san joins in our chat and the topic of conversation shifts to the event for tomorrow…… Sacred Tree Festivals harvest competition.

[Then, the harvest festival will be held tomorrow as planned]

[Yeah, weve taken every precaution to ensure that the harvest festival, which was originally made to be child-friendly, would be safe…… And though its ironic, because Death King-sama uprooted the Black Bears, we can say that its rather safer compared to the previous harvest festivals.]

[I see.]

It seems that with the extinction of the most dangerous beings in the Elven Forest, the Black Bears, the harvest festival is now safer.

[Speaking of which, where was the harvest festival going to be held in]

[Its going to be held in the “Spirits Forest”, east of Rigforeshia.]

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[Spirits Forest]

[Yeah, the symbol of the festival, the Sacred Tree, is the “Spirit Tree” in which spirits live. The Spirit Trees only bear fruit at this time of the year, and that fruit is a local specialty of Rigforeshia.]

Yuzuki-sans question is answered by Rei-san.

It seems that the Spirits Forest is just as its name says, the forest where spirits live, and the Spirit Trees that grow there are apparently the Sacred Trees.

[Does that mean that the participants will harvest the fruits]

[Thats right~~ And for the elves, its also a perfect opportunity to make friends with the spirits.]

[The Fruit of the Spirit Tree is a strange fruit where it tastes worse if its not harvested together with the spirits…… The spirits are very shy though. The secret to harvesting more fruits is to be friendly to them.]

Fia-san and Rei-san explained my question in turn.

Apparently, the spirits were very shy, which is why each participant goes into the forest separately to interact with the spirits and collect the fruits.

[In case youre wondering, the competition is ranked to see who collects the most fruits, but thats actually just an added bonus.]

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[Yes, after all, this event has an overwhelming advantage for “Spirit Mage”.]

[ [ [ Spirit Mages ] ] ]

Ive heard that the harvest festival, like the hunting tournament, will be ranked, but thats apparently just a bonus, as the prize for the harvest festival is an assortment of fruits harvested from the Elves Forest, which is meager compared to the hunting tournament.

And when Fia-san mentioned the unfamiliar term “Spirit Mage”, Kusunoki-san, Yuzuki-san and I tilted our heads.

[A Spirit Mage is a mage who is loved by the spirits, and they can borrow the power of the spirits. For the elves, being a Spirit Mage is a very honourable duty. Incidentally, Fia here is a spirit mage.]

[Ah, then, Fia-san can call spirits]

[Yes, its been a long time since I did, so lets go call her……]

I dont know if girls were just really interested in seeing spirits or not, as Yuzuki-san asked in response to what Rei-san said, and with a gentle smile on her face, Fia-san made a small magic circle appear above her hand.

The emerald green magic circle shimmered several times, before a small, translucent fairy, less than thirty centimeters tall, appears.

The spirit who looks like a translucent girl whos wearing green all over her body really looks just as I imagined, and seeing her, Yuzuki-san gets even more excited.

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[Uwaaahhh, shes really cute…… Just a little touch—– Ahh!]

[Fufufu, I told you, right The spirits are very shy…… and the only people who can touch their bodies are Spirit Mages.]

Yuzuki-san tried reaching out her hand, and the spirit quickly hid behind Fia-san.

[How about you try, Kaito-senpai]

[Eh Me]

I looked at the spirit who came in front of Fia-san again as Yuzuki-san told me that, the spirit noticed me and looked towards me…… and after a while, she began fidgeting.

When I felt that she reacted strangely, I slowly reached out my hand so as not to scare it…… but when the spirit saw me reach out, it looked surprised before she disappeared.

[I guess thats impossible even if its Miyama-sama huh.]

[No, in the first place, I feel like youre misunderstanding something…… Fia-san]

[She disappeared I didnt unsummon her though, but she disappeared instead of running away]

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Replying Lunamaria-san with a tsukkomi with a wry smile on my face, when I turned towards Fia-san…… For some reason, Fia-san had a strange expression on her face while shes quietly muttering something.

As she tilted her head at the situation, the magic circle in Fia-sans hand shone again and the spirit returned.

Then, the spirit slowly approached me and after fidgeting for a while, she handed out something to me…… a small fruit.

[ [ [ ! ] ] ]

[Errr…… Are you giving this to me]

Seeing this scene, the three elves, Rei-san, Fia-san and Sieg-san, looked surprised.

I was curious about why those three reacted like that, but when I spoke to the spirit in front of me, the spirit slightly nodded.

[Thank you.]

As I thanked her and received the fruit, the spirit spun around me looking somewhat happy, and then, she started patting around my body.

Arehh I thought the only person who can touch a spirit is a spirit mage

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[Ummm…… Whats happening]

[…….Mi- Miyama-san! H- How in the world did you do that!]

[Eh No, I didnt really do anything……]

[Unlike when youre harvesting together in the harvest festival, giving you what they harvested is a “gesture of affection” for them. In other words, its like that spirit is saying she wants to be friends with you.]

[I- Is that so……]

I have no idea why , but it seems that this spirit liked me.

As proof of this, when I reached out my hand to the spirit that came near me, the spirit didnt run away and I was able to touch her.

And Fia-san, who had been watching the scene looking dumbfounded, with her mouth wide open, her shoulders slightly slumped down.

[……A- Are you alright Fia]

[……Rei…… I…… It took me twenty years…… twenty years to become a spirit mage…… but for an instant In an instant…… he was already able to……]

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[Fia-sama, Im sure that youre well aware now…… that this person is just abnormal.]

[Thats right, Fia-san! Kaito-san is just unusual! Hes really a monster in all sorts of ways……]

The burning reproach by Lunamaria-san, along with Lilia-sans follow up, directly struck me.

As far as Lilia-sans concerned, shes naturally treating me like Im some sort of monster…… but its not like I used my Sympathy Magic this time as I did with the baby dragon…… So why in the world did this happen

Dear Mom, Dad—— I heard about the harvest festival and about the spirits. And for some reason—– I received the affection of a spirit.


Kaito has the blessing of the God of Creation, and because of this, hes loved by the world.

Therefore, for the fairies and spirits that were born from nature, the magic power emitted by Kaito is very Kaito, making Kaito look attractive in their eyes.

That is to say, from the spirits point of view, Kaito looks like a superior ikemen.

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