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It was a rather large mansion with a very peculiar atmosphere. The exterior of the mansion had a western-style majestic appearance, but the overall color scheme of the mansion was dark.

There were gargoyle-like statues sitting on the stone pillars next to the gate that served as the entrance, giving it a unique intimidating feeling. As we passed through the gate and entered the garden, the first thing I noticed was the large fountain in the center.

On top of the fountain, there is a ghastly statue of a devil, and the water flowing out of the fountain is somehow reddish-black like blood. The trees planted throughout the garden were all withered, probably on purpose, creating the place a rather eerie atmosphere.

Unnn, errr…… Is this the house of a devil or something This kinda looks like the castle of a boss in an RPG…… Can you believe it According to Pandora-san, this is already pretty neat and tidy.

Apparently, there are usually more skewered items in the garden…… I'm scared to know what was skewered, so I didn't ask.

Moreover, this mansion is located in a certain city in Archlesia Empire. Apparently, it has something to do with the fact that Moloch-san is the Chief Information Officer for the Archlesia Empire…… I wonder what the neighborhood residents think of this mansion

While I was thinking about this, we walked through the eerie garden and arrived in front of the large door that was the entrance to the mansion……

[ ! ]

[It looks like we're being received.]

A 3m tall, muscular, cow-like being…… looking like those Minotaurs in anime, appeared. For some reason though, it was wearing a suit that was clearly smaller than his size.

……Their clothes alone make them look like a butler, but other than that, they really looked like a full-on fighter.


And they speak quite fluently…… Their voice is very high pitched though, so is she a female

Even though I was shocked in many ways, the Minotaur (temp) led me into the mansion. The outside may have been dreadful, but the inside of the mansion was even more dreadful…… The corridor is adorned with frightening pictures that look like someone could be cursed by just looking at them, and items that could be used for some black magic.

[……It seems that she kept her word and displayed her relatively decent artworks instead.]

Hearing Pandora-san mutter something like that, I had an indescribable expression on my face. This is already relatively decent…… Does that mean that this place is usually something like a horror house

After a short walk, I saw a double door with ornate decorations, and after the Minotaur (temp) stopped in front of it, it turned to look at us and deeply bowed.

[Please come in. My master awaits ahead.]

It seems that the Minotaur (temp) guide ends here, and after Pandora-san nodded once and opened the door, I followed her into the room.

In the center of the large room, which had few windows and felt somewhat dim, stood a figure that I assumed to be Moloch-san.

The woman was about 160cm and dressed in a rather revealing ethnic costume that looked like something you would see in the desert or warm regions like that.

The intricate tattoos, unsure if they were magic-related or not, that marked her brown skin caught my attention. Her hair was gray and she had large goat-like horns on her hair and a thin black tail.

The impression I get from her appearance is that she's completely devilish, and I could also feel a unique dreadfulness from her.

Upon seeing us, Moloch-san gave us a beautiful bow, and when Pandora-san and I approached, she looked up and staring at us with her amber-colored eyes, she spoke.

[I have been waiting for your arrival, Miyama Kaito-sama. I've been looking forward to the day when we could meet like this. I am one of Phantasmal King's executive subordinates, the Ten Demons. Codename: Moloch…… and my real name is "Satania Darklord. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance……]

[Ah, yes. I'm Miyama Kaito. It's also nice to meet you. Errr…… What should I call you with]

[You can call me whatever you like, but so that my true identity isn't revealed, I use my real name when I'm not on duty as one of the Ten Demons…… It would be my honor if you would call me Nia.]

[Well then, I'll call you Nia-san.]

After exchanging a quick greeting with Moloch-san and Nia-san, I decided to ask her about something I'm curious about.

[……Also, by code name, does that mean that it's an alias]

[Yes. We, the Ten Demons, have been given codenames by Shalltear-sama. However, those who don't have original names just use their codenames as their real name.]

[Come to think of it, the executives that Miyama-sama has met up to this point have all had their codenames as their real names, including me, so I apologize for forgetting to explain about that.]

Moloch-san and Pandora-san answered my question. However, I see, codenames huh. The expertise of the Phantasmal King's subordinates are indeed covert-related, so I guess it isn't surprising that they would have codenames.

I see, so there are some members of the Ten Demons who have separate real names…… I guess I'll have to make sure I know exactly how I should refer to them.

: [……There's that guy who naturally pretends that her real name doesn't exist though……]

Serious-senpai : [I mean, in Pandora's case, it seems like she had completely forgotten that she ever had a real name.]-

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