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Within the temple of the God of Space and Time, Chronois, located in the upper level of the God Realm, in one of its rooms, the Supreme Gods were gathered around a table.

Fate flipped through a stack of papers, while Chronois and Life looked at her nervously. After a few moments of hearing only the sound of paper flipping in the quiet room, Fate lightly exhaled and smiled.

[Unnn, okay! Let's go with this.]


[We're finally one step ahead.]

The three of them were discussing the God Realm Festival that Shallow Vernal had entrusted to them, with Chronois and Life planning it and Fate confirming their plans. Unless Fate accepts their plan, they wouldn't be able to move on to the next step.

At first, their ideas were being quickly rejected, so Chronois and Life each learned about the festivals in the Human Realm, and after a few more attempts, Fate finally accepted their plan.

[I think having this as the overall flow is good enough. However, putting aside the main attraction, I also think that it would be nice if there was something unique. Something that would make you think that it could only be seen in the God Realm Festival.]

[……In that case, considering that it was in the form of a festival, wouldn't it be safe to have food in that]

[The products of the God Realm that are famous in the Human Realm and Demon Realm are Glorious Tea and Shallow Grande…… but they're too expensive. The people who would be able to afford it would be extremely limited.]

With the general idea decided, they've begun discussing the particular details. After hearing Fate's suggestion, Chronois and Life discussed it with serious expressions on their faces.

Fate is only their supervisor though, so she basically watches their discussions and gives advice when needed.

[In this case, I don't think it necessarily needs to be a high-quality and delicious item. What's important is that this is especially found in the God Realm Festival.]

[I see…… If that's the case, I have a few candidates in mind. Food that doesn't exist in the Human Realm or the God Realm, but only in the God Realm…… I will have the ones that are relatively inexpensive prepared. God of Life, is it possible to increase the number of foods in a short time]

[That's easy. However, that's except for products that need Shallow Vernal-sama's permission, such as Shallow Grande……]

[What about Glorious Tea]

[That's possible, but doesn't it have the image of being a very rare tea]

If they can prepare a special item that can only be eaten at the God Realm Festival, it will be a much-appreciated factor and a great weapon when they launch the God Realm Festival again in the future.

However, if the item is too expensive, the number of people who would be able to afford it will be limited.

[It's not like there needs to be only one special item, right I'm sure the nobility would like to have products that are well known in the Human Realm like Glorious Tea, so it would be great to have something for their kind of people.]

[I see, so we can have both cheap and expensive products accessible to the general public…… If that's the case, how about making a new item to commemorate the God Realm Festival Wines would be overlapping with Shallow Grande though, so it would have to be something else…… but if it's us, we should be able to prepare something like that, right]

[That's a good idea. We will manufacture something so that we can move it at our discretion…… I think we should talk about this matter to Shallow Vernal, but it certainly would be great to have such a thing to commemorate the God Realm Festival.]

As she watched Chronois and Life discuss with each other, Fate-san was thinking with a light smile on her face.

(The flow of things looks really great, isn't it By referring to the festivals in the Human Realm and the God Realm, asking for opinions from the people they know, they've been able to keep their bad God-like thoughts in check, and things are going pretty well without me having to change their course.)

Seeing the two Supreme Gods' changes compared to when they first came up with their idea, Fate felt a sense of admiration as she realized how much they had grown.

(……As expected of Shallow Vernal-sama, she's really amazing. With only an order, both of them are studying about festivals very seriously, which in turn is helping them to broaden their horizons. I'll only be supervising the two of them as they grow first to keep them from going to a strange direction, and after they grow up, each of them will then guide their subordinates, which will change the mindsets of the high-ranking and low-ranking Gods…… This will be the start of God Realm's growth huh.)

From Fate's point of view, the current discussion between Chronois and Life were actually going well, and she was confident that at this rate, they would be able to complete a festival that many people could enjoy.

And that in itself will lead to the growth and change in the previously closed-off God Realm and the Gods…… Witnessing Shallow Vernal's ability to see what was ahead, Fate could only admire her.

(However, if I trace it back to the beginning, I guess it's all thanks to Kai-chan that Shallow Vernal-sama, who had been fine with keeping up with our previous situation until now, came to want the Gods to grow up, and it was also thanks to Kai-chan that I was able to grow up a step ahead of the others…… Fufu, Kai-chan really is amazing.)

Absentmindedly thinking about such things, Fate watched the discussion between the two of them…… and for someone like her who finds working tedious, she seemed to be surprisingly enjoying this meeting.

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 【RUSH IN PROGRESS!】

Serious-senpai : [……The heck is that Rush]

: [The update frequency had apparently become constant.]

Serious-senpai : [Are you some pachinko or what! I mean, I guess the reason why Author-san have been consecutively updating lately was because they've been wanting to do this……]-

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