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A game of beach volleyball played by everyone, two versus two. Again, Kuro organized everyone and explained the rules of the game.

To summarize…… Since the purpose of this game is just for fun, we'll be playing five games in a row. The pairs from the morning will be used as is, and I will be paired up with someone that wouldn't be my opponent for the match.

When I'm faced against the others, they would make sure to hold back, and even when they aren't facing me, they wouldn't use force that would destroy the beach, keeping their focus on having fun.

Any attempt to "alter the past", "overwrite reality" or "determine the future" will result in immediate disqualification…… Well, that was apparently the basic rule.

[Now then, let's talk about Kaito-kun, since he is at a disadvantage in terms of physical ability. I'm going to add a special rule when it's a match involving Kaito-kun. When playing with Kaito-kun, everyone would basically match his physical ability…… Well, it isn't really that strict. It's just that attacks that Kaito-kun can't react to at all are prohibited.]

As for the overwhelming difference in physical ability between me and the others, I was relieved to know that I would receive a handicap in the match.

Well, this beach volleyball is mainly for fun, so the whole thing is rather lax. However, that laxness also gives me a sense of security that it won't be too dangerous or cause too much damage to the surrounding area, so I'll also be able to enjoy it.

[Well, that's the general idea. We can just add more rules after we try it out. Now then, if anyone has questions…… Wait, Shiro Are you listening properly]

Hearing the words Kuro said, I moved my gaze and saw that Shiro-san had her back to us for some reason, and when she heard Kuro's voice, she turned towards us.

[……Yes, I heard you correctly. I don't think there's any problem with what Kuro said…… but I have a suggestion.]

[A suggestion]

Arehh What is this For a brief moment, I thought I saw Shiro-san looking kinda tired…… As expected, I guess it's just my imagination There's nothing that had happened that would make Shiro-san tired, but now, it feels like she's back to normal.

[Yes. Regarding Kaito-san's pair, if we just decide it before the match, there is a possibility of conflict, so let's just decide on his pair right here.]

[……I understand what you're saying, but we have an odd number here, you know]

[Yes, that's why, I have a suggestion…… How about making Kaito-san pair with this being]

Immediately after Shiro-san said this, for some reason, I heard a fast-paced BGM rang out of nowhere. What is this What the heck is with this BGM

Right after that question popped in my mind, appearing before my eyes is a human…… oid. Something humanoid. I say that it's a "humanoid" because for some reason, the being's whole body was wrapped in a mysterious light that didn't dazzle me, and I couldn't make out any of this being's features except that it's humanoid.

Confused by the suddenness of the situation, as if to punch through the air, the being flicked its right arm, and after the light converged on it…… The being's hand appeared. "A big cloth hand" with "paw pads on its palm"……

It then thrust out its left arm in the same way, and with a fluid motion, unleashed a high kick, which also brought out its leg with a flash of light. After both of its hands and feet were conspicuously revealed from the dazzling light, its torso also appeared.

Thereupon, this being crossed its cloth arms…… stuffed costume arms in front of what would be its head, and pausing for a breath's time, it vigorously spread its arms wide. What appeared was the face of a creepy cat reinforced with a rust-colored red steel plate, looking like it was some kind of fusion between a creature and a machine.

Around that time, the BGM started to play an intense tune, seemingly reaching its chorus, a giant wind-up key appears on the back of the stuffed costume…… and in the last few moments, the few remaining trails of light moved and became a crimson scarf that was wrapped around the cat's neck, and settling on a striking pose, the BGM came to an end.

A body that can be described as a patched-up doll, and a wind-up key behind her back…… Is she trying to look like a wind-up doll now Anyway, a somewhat retro and mechanical stuffed cat appeared.

……Now then, isn't this the time where I make a tsukkomi Isn't that Alice! What the heck is with that entrance seen, are you some magical girl with your very own transformation scene!!! Could it be…… Has her diligence earlier kicked up this kind of backlash

[……This would be Kaito-san's pair.]

[Isn't that Shalltear……]

Kuro seemed to have the same impression as I did, as she threw a tsukkomi with a dumbfounded look on her face. However, even though I am dumbfounded…… I also thought that this wasn't that bad.

It was indeed a nice idea to have Alice, who was great at using clones, to serve as my pair. Alice's technique was reassuring, and she would probably be able to match well with me, so we wouldn't have any problem working together. I also feel comfortable with her.

The others thought the same thing, and after discussing it for a bit, Shiro-san's suggestion was adopted and Alice (in costume) was assigned as my pair.

The only thing I'm unsure of…… is why Alice, the person who was supposed to be my pair,  had this indescribably complicated expression on her face.

Serious-senpai : [……Arehh Where the heck did she go Oh well…… Makina aside, what happens when it's Alice & Anima vs Kaito & Alice (in costume) Will swimsuit Alice take it easy on their opponents]

The Mysterious Helper "Mystic Catto"

Power – SSS

Speed – SSS

Technique – SSS

Spike Ability – SSS

Receiving Ability – SSS

Supporting Ability – SSS

Special Ability : "Omniscience and Omnipotence"

Serious-senpai : [Oi, what the heck is that! Is that really Alice! I mean, which sports manga can you find someone with "Omniscience and Omnipotence" as a special ability! Ahh, I see…… So that's why he would become the winner……]-

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