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As we finished preparing lunch while chatting leisurely, as if to switch gears, Alice announced in a slightly louder voice.

[Well then, that's it for preparations. We still have some time before lunch, so why don't the three of us go for a quick swim]

[Ahh, that sounds good. Speaking of which, I haven't swum yet, and I think lunch will be better if I exercise and get hungry.]

I've been to the sea itself when I was with the pair of Shiro-san and Lilia-san, and the pair of Kuro and Sieg-san…… but it was more like a walk on the ocean floor when I was with Shiro-san and Lilia-san, and we were just riding a banana boat when I was with Kuro and Sieg-san, so I haven't really gone swimming.

[……Haven't the two of you swam in the sea earlier]

[Well, it's not so much that we were swimming. It's more like I'm teaching her how to swim.]

[Yes. I had never swum before, so I was receiving instructions from Alice-dono. Thanks to her, I can now somewhat swim.]

It's just a guess, but the somewhat that she was talking about is something that was already beyond the limits of what I can do…… but it would be foolish to go into that, so I just nodded with a wry smile. At any rate, their physical abilities are basically too different from mine anyway.

Well, it's not like we're going to compete or anything like that, and if we're just going to swim lightly, the difference in our physical abilities won't matter that much. The only thing that worries me a bit is Alice's antics…… but she can read the mood, so it would probably be alright.

[Then, how about we go to the sea]

[Ahh, please wait a moment. I've got some things I need to do……]

Muttering this, Alice picked up some of the ingredients that she had finished preparing. Just as Alice's hand seemed to glow for a moment, something that looked like yakisoba was made on her hand.

……Why yakisoba Also, I'm not going to try throwing a tsukkomi at that obviously plastic-like container. It looked just like the yakisoba that could be bought from festival stalls, but I don't know why she made it at this time.

[Errr, Alice…… That is]

[Well, you see, I thought I should thank her for preparing the ingredients.]

[……Does that mean that it's for Eden-dono]

When Anima heard Alice's words, she looked puzzled. I guess that's understandable, or rather, even I don't know what to say here.

No, it's not that I don't understand why she's thanking Eden-san for preparing the ingredients. The fact that she made yakisoba though was the mystery.

I mean, Eden-san and yakisoba are quite fatally incompatible from a picture standpoint, you know I can't even imagine Eden-san, who looks like a mythical angel…… eating yakisoba.

[……Ummm, Alice-dono I don't mean to be rude, but would that really be alright I've heard that she's quite a difficult person, so wouldn't it be better to give her something more luxurious]

It seems that Anima is thinking the same thing as I am, and she asks Alice in a confused and worried way. I know exactly how she feels. For example, if it's a gift from someone Eden-san calls her child…… from someone from her world, I think Eden-san would accept it with a smile.

However, that person is sharp towards the inhabitants of this world, so no matter how much she highly evaluates Alice, wouldn't she be angry if she received something like yakisoba

[No, I don't think she's that picky about what she eats. I've already told her that we're going to the beach, so there shouldn't be any problem with food that can be prepared at the beach. There's no need to go to the trouble of making a fancy dish that doesn't fit the atmosphere.]

[……Errr, but won't Eden-san get angry]

[It's alright, you don't have to worry about it that much. She'll probably say it tastes good no matter what she eats anyway……]


[Ahh, no! I'm just saying that God doesn't really judge food every time they eat.]

As she said this, Alice summoned a magic circle on her hand and the pack of yakisoba disappeared. It didn't look like she stored it in a magic box, so she probably teleported it to Eden-san.

H- Hmmm, is this really alright No, but come to think of it…… She did mention how she liked burgers, so perhaps, her taste buds may be more common than we think.

[Hmmm, I mean…… As I thought, didn't your attitude towards Eden-san change]

[Is that so]

[Unnn, how should I say this…… You were treating her more roughly than before……]

[Ahh~~ Well, you see, she was still a God of a world, so I had some respect for her.]

[……But now]

[That rampaging god needs no respect……]

I knew it. There really is a big change in Alice's attitude towards Eden-san. Even when she was saying harsh things towards her, her expression and voice were gentle…… It felt as if she was talking about her astounding friend.

As I thought, she seems to be getting along well with Eden-san, but it doesn't seem like she would admit or hide it. Hmmm, since it's Alice, it's possible that she's just embarrassed. As was the case with Iris-san, she's often shy about expressing her fondness to her friends…… I think it would be best if I don't pursue this too deeply.

However, hmmm…… Yakisoba and Eden-san…… No matter how I think about it, this really is a strange combination.

Makina : [The yakisoba is so tasty!]

Serious-senpai : [……Unnn, well, I guess he's right. If you don't know what kind of person this fellow (Makina) is, you would have such an impression. When you know her, rather than being a strange combination…… You would strangely feel like she's the type of person who likes yakisobas.]

Makina : [Let's eat it together, Serious-senpai! Are you fine with tea]

Serious-senpai : [……You really got used to this place, haven't you]

Makina : [What are you talking about]

Serious-senpai : [You're a bit of a minefield when it comes to certain topics, and you can go off the rails even if I don't step on the mines. On top of that, you being an airheaded joke killer, but other than that, you're a decent guy…… And above all, your logistics ability within the Afterword is just divine…… Unlike , you're the type of person whose merits and demerits are quite clear.]

Makina : [U- Unnn]

Serious-senpai :[No, it's nothing…… It would be great if we have some red gingers.]

Makina : [Yes, here you go. You're one of those who put red ginger in your yakisoba huh I'm not a fan of red ginger, and I like putting lots of dried seaweed on it!]-

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