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It's a little late to say this, but although the atmosphere between Kuro and Shiro-san are complete opposites, there are some things that I feel were similar between them.

There is indeed that part where they sometimes make mistakes in some things regarding the other world, but most of all…… I think that they are very similar in the fact that "their airheadedness increases when they're excited".

Shiro-san's airheadedness needs not to be said again, but Kuro, who usually admonishes others for going out of control, would often behave in a way that would make others dumbfounded. This is especially prominent when it's related to baby castellas, but even when it's not related to them, I'm still worried because her airheadedness would also pop out sometimes.

[I've heard that there are these things called "banana boats" in the other world.]

[……Unnn, it does exist.]

[So, since we're going to play on the beach, I thought of preparing it!]

Fumu, to be honest…… she proposed something more proper than I thought. In short, the three of us are going to play on a banana boat.

Well, banana boats would need a jet ski or something like that to pull it, but I think Kuro should be able to manage that with magic.

As I was thinking about this, Sieg-san glanced at me and asked.

[I take it that it's something different from normal boats]

[Y- Yes, I think it's quite different.]

I can understand what Sieg-san was thinking. An unfamiliar word was brought up, and I came from the world where such a thing exists. I can understand why she would want to ask me here, and I'm happy that I'm being relied on.

But unfortunately…… I've never ridden one before, so I can only describe it to her with 100% of my imagination. I used to be a loner back in that world after all, so I naturally didn't have any experience of hanging out with friends in junior high, senior high, or college. In fact, the last time I went swimming was with my parents when I was in elementary.

So, I only have a little knowledge about them from TV and books. The only thing I know is that you get on a banana-shaped boat with a handle and  are pulled along by a fast vessel like jet skis.

I don't even know what we should be careful of when riding such things, so I think it would be better if I listen to Kuro about that……

[And thus, tadaaa! Here it is!]

[……Isn't that a "banana"!]

[Eh Of course, it will be bananas…… It's a banana boat after all, isn't it]

Seeing Kuro curiously tilting her head, I lightly pressed my hand on my confused head. The thing Kuro summoned was an actual banana…… Each of them is so large that they're several meters long…… You're wrong, this isn't it.

[……I- It's so big.]

[Unnn. I've been searching for this for today, but as expected, it was very hard to find something of this size even in the Demon Realm.]

Well, I guess that'd be obvious. No matter how different this world is, you can't have bananas as large as a house growing all over the place.

No, that's not what I should be throwing a tsukkomi here……

[……No, ummm, Kuro…… This isn't it.]

[Eh This isn't it]

[A banana boat isn't a "banana who was turned into a boat" but a "boat shaped like a banana"……]


It's just a faint hunch, but it doesn't seem like Kuro took this out for laughs, and was instead seriously thinking that they were made from bananas. No, even so, I'm amazed that she found a banana that's big enough to hold several people.

[Eh Then, what should we do about this banana]

[……We can just eat them together later, but first, we have to prepare a real banana boat.]

A- Anyhow, I think something should be done in this situation. The one I can rely on here……

[Sorry, Alice. Mind if I disturb you for a moment]

[Yes, yes, what is it]

[Do you have a banana boat]

Yes, it would be Alice. Since she's well-prepared and always eager to do business, I think she would have prepared stuff that's used when swimming in the beach.

I also don't need to worry that Alice doesn't know what a banana boat is. She definitely knows what it is.

As if to affirm my certainty, Alice held out her hand into the empty space and brought out a banana boat as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

[If it's for three people, this size should be fine, right]

[Yes, thanks. Errr…… How much is this]

[Hmmm, overcharging you like usual is also fine but……]

When Alice heard my words, a complicated look appeared on her face as she glanced at the gigantic banana Kuro had brought, before she returned her gaze to me.

[……I can already guess the situation seeing that, so well, this one's free.]

[……Unnn, thanks.]

[Kuro-san can be very silly sometimes, can't she…… Well then, I'll go back, so later then~~]

After watching Alice disappear with a light wave and return to Anima's side, I turned my attention back to Kuro and Sieg.

[Anyhow, this is the real banana boat.

[Heehhhh…… Is that so…… Now that you mentioned it, it does look like a banana.]

[Phantasmal King-sama said that it was for three people…… But how do you ride this thing]

[Errr, I'm not really that familiar with it either……]

Lifting the banana boat with one hand, Kuro inspected it from various angles, and seeing it for the first time, Sieg-san curiously looked at the banana boat.

As I was explaining to them how to play () with the banana boat, I suddenly thought about something.

Kuro can certainly take care of the power———– but wouldn't we be quite glued to each other when riding this

[———-Kuhh, what a blunder!]

[What's the matter, Kuro]

[So it's this kind of toy huh…… so wouldn't it be alright even if "it's shaped like a baby castella" If I knew this was the case, I would have made it that way!]


It's just as Alice said, she is basically reliable…… but Kuro can be very silly sometimes.

Serious-senpai : [……Middle Part (Feeling Despair)]

Makina : [That sounds nice, riding a banana boat with my child…… I guess the next chapter would have quite the lovey-dovey in it.]

Serious-senpai : [……Middle Part Does that mean that there would be a Final Part (Feeling Despair)]-

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