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In front of Sieg-san, who was stunned by the sudden suggestion, Kuro continued to speak while making the blackboard vanish.

[As expected though, I can't teach you every day, and unlike Anima-chan, Sieg-chan already has a solid foundation. It may just be a few directional teaching sessions a month, but I'm sure you'll grow.]

The expression on Sieg-san's face as she listened to Kuro's words was very serious, and I felt that she had probably already decided to accept Kuro's suggestion at this point.

However, she continued to listen to Kuro in silence, as if she was simply thinking of listening until the end before giving her reply.

[……In addition to that, I think it might be a good idea for you to come and train at my house when your schedule permits, Sieg-chan.]

[At Kuromu-sama's house]

[Unnn. Our Neun is the same technique type as Sieg-chan, and having her nearby would be a good stimulus for you. Moreover, "the child who is teaching Neun" would also be nearby. If it's okay with Sieg-chan, I'll talk to her and she can teach you some things. She's very caring and good at teaching, so I think she'll be a good teacher.]

[……Is she someone I know]

It seems that Neun-san has a teacher, but I don't remember hearing anything about her until now. Neun-san is the newest member of Kuro's family, but her skills are apparently top-notch, and there are only a few people who can teach her.

The most likely candidates are Ein-san and Zwei-san, but I can't really imagine them teaching Neun-san, so I asked Kuro.

[No, I don't think Kaito-kun has ever met her, I think The last time you came to our house, she was out of town after all…… Her name is Funf.]

[Funf-sama! Ummm, that Count-level, High-ranking Demon who is also known as "Portcullis' Giant Soldier" and "Master of Wrought Iron"……]

[It seems like Sieg-chan knows about her. Unnn, that's her. If you're interested, do you want me to talk to her She's kind and easy to talk to, so you don't have to be nervous.]

[Y- Yes!]

[So, what do you think, Sieg-chan Would you like to receive instruction from me]

[Yes! I'd love to!]

Agreeing to Kuro's words without hesitation, it seemed like Sieg-san was quite concerned about it, and the fact that Sieg-san had a chance to solve her problem like this makes me happy.

However, setting this matter aside, I wonder what kind of person this Funf-san is From what Kuro said, she seems to be a kind and caring person……

Around the same time as I thought about wanting to meet her if I had the chance, something popped into my head. Come to think of it, I've received a lot of help from many people during Shiro-san's ordeal back then. Even though I didn't know some of them, many of them were willing to take part in the fight despite the danger.

I've expressed my thanks to them through Kuro and Alice, but I still would like to thank them in person if possible. It was difficult to go around to each one of them because there were many people who had helped me then, but listening to the conversation just now…… I may not be able to thank all of them, but I think it should be possible for me to meet some of the executives.

I'm not really sure how many Kuro had, but I know the number of the others. I've already gotten acquainted with Megiddo-san's five executives. As for Magnawell-san's executives, I think they were called the Four Great Demon Dragons, and excluding Fafnir-san, I'm still not acquainted with the other three. As for Lillywood-san's executives, they were called the Seven Princesses, right I've never met any of them, but I'm pretty sure there are seven of them.

As for Alice's executives, the Ten Demons…… I'm acquainted with Pandora-san and Catastro-san, so there are eight people I'm not acquainted with yet.

Considering that there were 26 people, including my acquaintances, plus the main members of Kuro's family, it wouldn't be impossible for me to go around and thank them.

Of course, as executives, they would probably be busy, and it may be hard to make an appointment with them…… but for the time being, I'll just have to consult with the Six Kings about this again next time.

As I was thinking about this, Kuro lightly clapped her hands and brightly smiled.

[……Well then, we'll discuss the details of the schedule another time, but since Kaito-kun has joined us, let's go play at the beach!]

[You're right. We're at the beach after all, and it would be a shame not to enjoy ourselves.]

I was grateful for Kuro's willingness to take the helm at times like this. Nodding along with Sieg-san, we naturally switched our minds to playing on the beach for now.

[Since we're at the beach, I think we should do something that can only be done at the beach! Fufufu, I've actually done a lot of research on "other world's beach games", so let's play with that!]

[Other world… the culture in Kaito-san's world huh…… I'm looking forward to it.]


Kuro is very excited, and Sieg-san looks eager when she hears about it…… but I wonder why An uneasiness that I couldn't ignore was rising within my mind.

This is because Kuro is a bundle of inquisitiveness when it comes to things regarding another world…… Earth, stocking up on knowledge regarding our culture, but the information she has is either problematic or weirdly misunderstood.

From what I've heard, that super-exciting battle sport was also Kuro's idea…… Unnn, how should I say this…… I can only hope that a "new extra-dimensional sport" will not be born today.

Sieg entered a different strengthening route in the Web Novel.

~ ~ Difference between the Light Novel and Web Novel: Funf ~ ~

Web Novel : Kaito visited Kuro's home when he was making a music box, but Funf happened to be away, so they never met and have never talked.

Light Novel : Kaito and Funf met right after Kuro becomes Kaito's lover (Volume 6), and have been building a friendly relationship with her ever since.

: [……What should I do Kaito-san is thinking of stupid things like meeting my sh*tty pervert corps. If it's possible, I'd like to stop her…… H- Hmmm, but they'd definitely meet each other sooner or later either way…… but what should I do……]-

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