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How did I end up in this situation As I was thinking about this, I was facing Lilia-san, whose face was currently bright red.

After the hug that Shiro-san requested, I thought that I would be able to return back to the surface, but Shiro-san said that it was Lilia-san's turn next.

What she meant by that was, of course, that I'm going to hug Lilia-san next. Considering the fact that we're still at the bottom of the ocean, it seems that Shiro-san doesn't plan to bring us back to the surface until after the hug between Lilia-san and I.

Well, to be honest, I'd be lying if I said I didn't expect this at all, and of course, I don't mind doing this. However, one thing that surprised me…… was that Lilia-san was more enthusiastic about this than I thought.

Lilia-san gets easily embarrassed, so if Lilia-san didn't like it, I would try to persuade her, but it didn't look like I needed to do that.

No, of course, she was still embarrassed with her face blushing red, but she didn't seem to be flustered or looking like she was about to reach her limits. Rather, the emotions conveyed by my Sympathy Magic…… was a strong sense of expectation.

As I was wondering about Lilia-san's reaction, which was slightly different from what I expected, I slowly reached out my hand. When my hand slightly touched her shoulder, Lilia-san's body jerked for a moment, but it was really only for a moment as she raised her blushing face and looked straight at me.

I could see in her eyes that she was trying to tell me to keep going.

Thinking that Lilia-san seems to be more aggressive than usual today, I pulled her closer to me. Lilia-san isn't that short, but she's a little shorter than Shiro-san. Maybe it was because of this, or perhaps, it was because of her initial reaction of leaning in close to me with her ears all red, but I somehow got the impression that she was more delicate than she looked.

When I put my hands on her back, somewhat timidly, Lilia-san put her hands on my back as well. Her reaction was so cute that I couldn't help but put more strength into my arms to hug her.

Thereupon, Lilia-san suddenly looked up and stared at my face…… and naturally closing her eyes, she pursed her lips a bit.

As expected, I'm not so insensitive that I don't know what her actions mean. Leaving one hand on Lilia's back, I took my other hand away and gently placed it on her cheek. In response, Lilia-san leaned a bit and her face came closer to mine.

Speaking of which, Luna-san has told me earlier that Lilia-san's height was 157cm…… which mine was 169cm…… having a height difference of 12cm. If I remember correctly, I think I heard someone say that the best height difference for a kiss is 12cm.

As such a thought crossed my mind for a moment, Lilia-san's and my lips overlapped.

How long did we stay like that I don't know if it was a few seconds, or perhaps, minutes…… but we kissed for what felt like a very long time, but also felt like a moment, before without a word, we pulled our faces apart.

Lilia-san's face was as red as an apple and her eyes were moist, but she still looked at me with a somewhat happy expression, which for some reason, I found a little refreshing.

…….Ahh, I see. This isn't the first time I've kissed Lilia-san. Lilia-san, who becomes more aggressive once she decides to take action, kissed me during the Six Kings Festival. But after that, it didn't linger much in my memory, as Lilia-san immediately fainted from embarrassment.

[……I guess I would have to thank Shiro-sama huh.]

But now, Lilia-san couldn't faint her embarrassment away here. That's why, even when she's embarrassed, Lilia-san didn't faint.

If I just weren't being conceited, Lilia-san would have wanted to do something lover-like with me like this. However, I think she was usually too shy to take the opportunity to do so.

That's why, now that she had this opportunity, she was more aggressive than usual.

[……W- Well…… I still feel so embarrassed that I feel like my face is about to burst……]

Though I say that, I don't know if it's just as Lilia-san or not, but it seemed like she still felt overwhelmed with our kiss. Well, I guess that's also part of her charm……

Perhaps, no, I'm pretty sure what exactly was in Shiro-san's mind. I think Shiro-san took the trouble to bring us to the bottom of the ocean where no one else was around, so that the shy Lilia-san could be aggressive, and then stopped Lilia-san from fainting in exchange for a hug.

That was definitely an action taken out of concern for Lilia-san, making me really feel that the recent Shiro-san is amazing……

[You are roughly correct…… but don't you think it's unfair that you'd even kiss her here]

I've been trying to put it all together nicely here, you know Please don't make any unnecessary remarks.

With Shiro-san's power…… we were brought back to the sandy beach. Thereupon, Lilia-san deeply bowed to Shiro-san and thanked her.

[……Shiro-sama, thank you very much.]

[I wonder what you're talking about All I wanted was to flirt with Kaito-san, you know]

[Fufufu, I see…… Still, thanks to Shiro-sama, I had a very happy experience. So, thank you very much.]

[Fumu, I guess I'll just accept your thanks.]


Hmmm, despite my initial misgivings, the pair seemed to be more comfortable with each other than I had expected. And as expected, the most important part of it is that Shiro-san, who holds the superior position, is very friendly.

Rather than saying that I'm feeling Shiro-san's rapid growth again, it's more like I'm thinking that she really is an amazing person…… I don't know how many times I've thought of this, but I'm getting a better opinion of her again.

[You can praise me more, you know Praises make me happy.]

[……A- Ahaha…… Wait, unnn]

As I was thinking about this, her usual…… smug smile appeared on Shiro-san's face, which is something that only I could tell. And then, the sea behind her suddenly surged and a big wave appeared…… making up a three-dimensional "doya".

Stop…… Stop with the Doya Wave…… It's a good thing that no one was swimming by chance, but if someone had been swimming nearby, they would have been swallowed up by Shiro-san's smugness…… U- Unnn, I guess this part of her was just like usual.

Serious-senpai : […………….]

Makina : [Hmmm, how envious. I want to hug my child too…… wait, arehh Serious-senpai Are you not going to drink your coffee]

Serious-senpai : [Eh N- No, I'm going to drink it…… but wait a bit, let me regain my composure.]

Makina : [Unnn]

Serious-senpai : [……Ahh~~ That's right. It would be great if I could also have some spicy biscuits.]

Makina : [Spicy biscuits Here.]

Serious-senpai : [……A- Ahh~~ Errr…… It feels like the lovey-dovey development would continue for a while, so I can't wait for the seriousness to come!]

Makina : [With the flow of the story, I think it would be difficult, but the possibility of that happening isn't zero. The seriousness would make the situation more exciting, so I think it would be great if such a day comes.]

Serious-senpai : [……………………..No, you're going with that! I'm not talking about thaaaaaaaaaaatttt!!!]

Makina : [Eh]

Serious-senpai : [ , seriously, come back already!!! She's the worst of the worst! This woman would kill the joke without noticing!]

Makina : [Eh Eh]-

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