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After everyone had met up, our group was finally dispersed into our predetermined pairs and started swimming. Meanwhile, I'm free to move from one pair to another…… and I've already decided which pair I should head to first.

Yes, it was the pair of Shiro-san and Lilia-san. I need to first make sure that this pair were acquainted enough with each other that they would at least have some kind of conversation between them before I can go to another pair.

Well, putting aside if it was the previous Shiro-san, I don't think there's any need to worry about the Shiro-san now…… but I think Lilia-san would probably be really nervous, so I think I need to support her first and help her relax.

With this in mind, I headed for Shiro-san and Lilia-san while moving my gaze around, taking a quick look at the other pairs.

Kuro and Sieg-san had prepared a boat and a beach ball, and they seemed to be enjoying talking with each other. Both Kuro and Sieg-san are very sociable, and I really don't see this pair having any problem at all.

Isis-san and Fate-san were walking along the beach instead of heading to the ocean. When I looked at their expressions from a distance, I could see that they were a little tense with each other, but they didn't seem awkward, so I guess they were okay too.

As for Alice and Anima…… I wonder what they're doing Anima is bowing her head towards Alice, while Alice has a wry smile on her face. Hmmm, it's just a guess, but I wonder if Anima is asking Alice to teach her something I'm a little curious about them, so after Shiro-san and Lilia-san, I think I'll go check out their pair.

……Now then, as for the problematic pair, Shiro-san and Lilia-san…… U- Unnn. Just as I expected, their pair looked exactly like the phrase "a frog being stared at by a snake".

As they faced each other, Shiro-san was expressionless while Lilia-san was sweating like a waterfall.

[……Shiro-san! Lilia-san! I'll be intruding on your pair first, okay]


When I called out to them, trying to make the atmosphere as cheerful as possible, Lilia-san looked relieved, as if she had just met her savior.

It really is a good decision to come here first. For the time being, I'm going to start talking to them so that they can have as much conversation as possible.

[So, have you two decided what you're going to do for fun yet]

[No, not yet. We have something we need to do first.]

[……Something we need to do first God of Creation-sama, what could it possibly……]

Hearing my question, Shiro-san answered in her usual intonationless voice, but unsure of the meaning of her words, Lilia-san and I tilted our heads.

Thereupon, Shiro-san turned her gaze from me to Lilia-san before she calmly spoke.

[The reason why we're paired like this is so that we could deepen our friendship with each other. If that's the case, then we should close the distance between our hearts to some extent first. I don't think that taking action while we're still feeling distant will lead to good results.]

[I- I see……]

O- Ohhh…… That was quite the straightforward opinion. Shiro-san really has mentally grown so much that even Alice assesses as such.

It seems that Shiro-san is also well aware that Lilia-san's heart is reaching its limits, and is planning to solve that problem first.

Perhaps, I may have been worrying too much about them. If Shiro-san is willing to step up and solve the situation like this, I feel that they could have deepened their friendship without me coming……

[And thus, let's start by the way we call each other. Lilia…… Cast aside our statuses today. I allow you to affectionately call me "Shiro".]

[ [ ……………….. ] ]

At that moment, I felt as if all the sound in the surroundings disappeared. Errr, this is that, right…… Shiro-san is stepping up, trying to solve the situation. She really is trying to get to know Lilia-san as well as she could.

But sadly, effort doesn't always yield good results.

It's a really strange story. Shiro-san is definitely trying to step up, but for some reason, looking at them from the sidelines, it looks like "Lilia-san is facing her first ordeal"…… I mean, Lilia-san's face looked even worse than before.

[……U- U- U- Ummm…… God of Creation-sama, a- as expected, doing such a thing is……]

[I allow you to affectionately call me Shiro.]

[H- However, t- t- that would be extremely rude of me……]

[I allow you to affectionately call me Shiro.]

[T- That is extremely challenging for me……]

[I allow you to affectionately call me Shiro.]

[……Yes. Shiro-sama.]

Lilia-san's eyes became completely blaaaaaaaaank! Shiro-san completely pushed her way through. Well, Lilia-san's reaction isn't any wonder…… I understand her because I've experienced this situation myself. The infinite loop of Shiro-san's expressionless, inflectionless voice is just uniquely powerful.

U- Unnn. Let me retract my previous statement. I'm really glad that I came here first. I feel like it would take me quite a while to finish up here.

Makina : [And thus, Ali…… seems to be busy for a while, so I'll be Serious-senpai's partner for a while.]

Serious-senpai : [……No, it's not like I really need a partner…… Well, alright. You seemed more reasonable than anyway.]

Makina : [Well then, just like my child's lovers in the Main Story, how about we start off by deepening our friendship too Then, so that we can get to know each other…… Let's tell each other "the Top 100 cutest things about my child"!]

Serious-senpai : [……Huh T- That's a bit…… If we want to deepen our friendship with each other, we should talk about each other……]

Makina : [Ahh, I see, I guess you're right. Sorry, my bad.]

Serious-senpai : [……So you understood huh.]

Makina : [I was taking care to keep it beginner-friendly, but still, Top 100 would still be too few. If we want to deepen our friendship at least talk about "the top 10,000 cutest things about my child", or else we'll end up with similar answers!]

Serious-senpai : [ ! ! ! I'm begging you, come back already!!! I can't have any other partner but you! Rather, I don't care if you go away, just bring this dangerous fellow away with youuuuuuu!!!]

Makina : [Then, I'll start first…… Ahh, I'll keep the "supplementary explanations" to the minimum, so I think I'll be done in about "4800 hours", and then, it'll be Serious-senpai's turn! Don't worry about the time! I'll change the flow of time around here……]


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