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As they walked from the meeting place to the beach, the God of the world, Shallow Vernal, glanced at Alice. Thereupon, sensing the significance of her glance, Alice moved a few distance away so as not to be noticed by Kaito and the others, who were chatting with each other, and spoke in a voice small enough for only Shallow Vernal to hear.

[Oya What can I do for you, Shallow Vernal-sama]

[I was just a little unsure of your intentions. How is not allowing me to prepare lunch a form of payback]

[……Hmmm, that's actually more of a bonus. Well, let's just cut the crap and get straight to the point. I have to admit, I was surprised by Shallow Vernal-sama's growth at the housewarming party back then…… that I thought I'll be the one surprising Shallow Vernal-sama this time.]

[……Surprise me Although your actions did displease me, I'm not really surprised though]

Seeing Shallow Vernal tilt her head, unconvinced of her answer, a fearless smile appeared on Alice's lips again.

[……Hmmm, I thought I'd save it for lunch…… but I think it might be a good idea to reveal some spoilers first. Then, here's what's happening, Shallow Vernal-sama…… If you can prepare something better than this ingredient, I can retract my previous statement and leave lunch to Shallow Vernal-sama, you know]

Seeing the small lump of meat that appeared on Alice's hand out of nowhere as she said this, Shallow Vernal spontaneously stopped walking.

[Ohh, two blinks in a short interval…… It's the gesture of surprise that Kaito-san was talking about. Which means, I guess the surprise was a success huh]

[……Yes, I certainly am surprised. No, I still am surprised…… How in the world…… did you manage to persuade "her"]

Looking at the lump of meat in Alice's hand, Shallow Vernal instantly understood who Alice had gotten it from. However, it was because she understood who it's from…… that she couldn't understand.

Seeing Shallow Vernal reacting just as she expected, Alice smiled, looking somewhat satisfied.

It was the day before they went swimming. It happened while they were taking a break in training.

Even for Alice, training with Makina, an omniscient and omnipotent God, is exhausting. After all, if she doesn't keep her willpower up to the very limit, she won't be able to even move properly in front of Makina. In a sense, taking frequent breaks was a must.

[Whamm…… Hmm~~ This is happiness!]

[Ahh, Makina. There are also drinks here.]

[Thanks! However…… Why did you bring "provisions" today Well, I'm happy with this though.]

While eating the burger that Alice handed to her, Makina tilted her head and asked. She has helped Alice train several times before, but this is the first time Alice has ever brought provisions.

As Makina was thinking that Alice was probably going to ask for something strange, Alice gracefully smiled and spoke.

[Well, I've been indebted to Makina for many things after all. I really am just expressing my thanks.]

[Is that so…… You don't really have to mind it all that much though…… but thanks!]

[No, no.]

Although Alice's phrasing was obviously suspicious, Makina believed Alice's words without any particular doubt and continued eating with a smile on her face.

In the first place, the Affection Meter for Alice in Makina's heart was extremely high. She basically doesn't use her omniscience against Alice, and she takes most of her words in stride…… After all, Makina is very sweet to her best friend Alice.

In the end, not asking any more questions, Makina finished the food Alice brought and spoke with a satisfied expression on her face.

[……Thanks for the food! What now Should we resume our training right away]

[Ahh~~ No, let's finish up things here today. I'm okay in regards to time, but I don't want to leave your place tired since I will be swimming with Kaito-san tomorrow.]

[I see…… That sounds nice, swimming with my beloved child. I want to go too.]

[Please give up on that. If you intrude while he's spending time with his lovers, it'd become the pattern of a mother who is completely disliked, you know]

[……I know that. That's why I didn't say anything.]

[Hmmm. Well, I guess you're right. It's hard to notice because you, going out of control, just had that strong of an impression, but Makina does think things through huh.]

Even as she was envious of Alice who would be swimming with Kaito,  Makina didn't try to force her to allow her to come along. Yes, the times that she was out of control may have had a strong impression, and she may appear overbearing among most people…… She's actually thinking about the timing of things rather carefully.

This is because, "when Kaito is with his lovers or has some business he needs to attend to"…… Makina basically doesn't appear before Kaito. She makes sure to take Kaito's convenience as a priority before her desires.

In fact, during the Six Kings Festival, even as she received the badge signifying that she is his companion, she went separately so as not to cause trouble to Kaito.

In fact, aside from when he encounters her by chance, she basically only appears before Kaito at a party where a large number of people participate, when Kaito himself calls her, or when "Kaito is bored at home and has nothing to do".

[That's obvious. Even when I want to love my child, I want to make sure I won't trouble him. I'm properly considering my child's circumstances.]

[……Seriously, if you just don't go out of control, you would have been pretty decent.]

[……It's not I mean to do it intentionally either…… but my child is just so cute that I can't stop loving him, and before I knew it, all sense of reason in my mind disappeared.]

Yes…… If "her too big of a love for Kaito" and "her thought process that everyone except her children as talking lumps of flesh" was removed, she would have been someone with proper common sense.

……But then, those two peculiarities of hers are so strong that her other traits get overshadowed, making her look like a lunatic……

After smiling at her troubled best friend, Alice changed the subject.

[Well, regarding our swimming tomorrow…… I actually have a favor to ask Makina.]

[……I don't have a good feeling about that, so I refuse. I mean, even if it's easy for Alice to say it, if I interfere with the other world in any way, I would need to explain everything to Shallow Vernal later on. The only reason I'm helping you train is that this is a loophole in our contract…… What we're doing here is already in the gray area, you know]

[Fumu fumu…… Ahh, I'm changing the subject…… but "were the burgers delicious"]


Makina was about to dismiss Alice's request, but hearing what Alice said right after, Makina stiffened.

[No, I was just curious…… So, how was it The burgers "whose ingredients I carefully selected and prepared", "hand-made with all my heart" for my "best friend Makina"…… Were they delicious]

[……Eh N- No, ummm, they were delicious but…… Eh D- Does that mean…… Is this what I think it is]

[I wonder I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm glad you found it delicious. Ahh, I'm sorry for digressing, I was just curious…… Now then, let's get back to the topic at hand, I actually have a favor to ask Makina.]


When she heard the words Alice said with a refreshing smile on her face, Makina looked up to the heavens, looking as if she had given up on so many things.

Remembering the exchange she had with Makina, Alice asked Shallow Vernal.

[Oya Wouldn't Shallow Vernal-sama, who can read minds, be able to know the answer right away]

[……What a nasty question. I know that one of "tens of thousands of methods" in your mind was the right answer, but I don't know which one it is. I see, so a countermeasure like this exists huh.]

[It's more like a practical use of "Thought Division". It's like hiding a tree in a forest…… Well, anyhow, I win this time, right]

[I guess so…… that makes it 1 win and 1 loss…… I see, you're interesting.]

[I'll take that as a compliment.]

[Yes, I hope we get a chance to talk again. I'm sure I can learn a lot from you.]

[I don't really mind, but please make sure you prepare the best tea and sweets available as a teaching fee.]

[I understand.]

Seeing the fearless smile on Alice's lips, Shallow Vernal also slightly smiled. Just like that, unexpectedly, but in the best way possible for the purpose of this day…… The friendship between Alice and Shallow Vernal deepened.

~ ~ Extra : Why is Makina-chan such a no good scrap ~ ~

① (Haahhh…… I went out of control and troubled my child…… I'll have to be patient here and not scare my child……)

② (Fuwaaaaaa, my child really is just the cutest. Hah! T- This won't do! Be patient…… Be patient……)

③ (Nuwaaaahhh! I can't take it anymoooooore! My child is so cute and I can't hold back anymoooooooore!!!)

④ Blown away by Kuro → Return to ①

※ In some cases, ② is skipped.

It's easy to be fooled by her outrageous behavior and deep personality, but "she's been repeating the above no good scrap of a loop since her first appearance".

……I'm reflecting upon my deeds everytime, every single time…… but standing before my child…… I wasn't able to restrain the overflowing love in my heart.-

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