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Next to appear on the beach were Lilia-san and Sieg-san.

Lilia-san's swimsuit was a white bikini, which I think was simple but well-suited for her great figure. A blonde, blue-eyed beauty wearing a white bikini…… It looked very orthodox.

However, what caught my attention more was Lilia-san's hairstyle. She wore her long hair in a big braid at her back, which looked really cute.

[…….T- This feels more embarrassing than I imagined. Ummm, does it not look weird]

[You don't look weird at all. Of course, that's also the same case for your swimsuit, but your hairstyle also suits you very well.]

[T- Thank you.]

The slightly embarrassed expression on Lilia-san's face was very cute, and I even felt dazzled by her unusually revealing appearance.

[……I'm jealous that Lili has a great figure.]

[Sieg-san's swimsuit looks great on you though. Sieg-san is tall and slender, and you're very beautiful.]

[I'm glad to hear you say that. Thank you.]

Sieg-san's swimsuit is a light green one-piece type that's a bit revealing…… I think you call it monokini One-piece swimsuits look really good on the slender Sieg-san, or rather, she looks dignified and cool.

As I was thinking about this, I saw Anima running towards me, looking a little flustered.

[My apologies for keeping you waiting! It took me a while to get used to this garment……]

[You don't have to worry about it. That aside, even though your swimsuit has an unusual design, it looks great on you, making you look cute.]

[Thank you…… Well, the design was because I have a tail.]

[Ahh, I see.]

The swimsuit that Anima was wearing was a brown and white striped swimsuit with a regular bikini on the top, but a hot pants-like swimsuit on the bottom.

I see, it's difficult to use a swimsuit with too little fabric area because she has to make a hole for her tail to come out…… but that aside, I think the swimsuit she's currently wearing is very cute and great.

With her, seven of my lovers are here…… All that's left is Alice. Alice is quite the shy person, and she rarely wears revealing clothes.

As was the case with the mixed bathing at the Six Kings Festival, she was the one who would most likely stiffly fortify her defenses when such events come up.

……Please don't tell me she won't be coming in a stuffed costume. She won't be, right I don't think Alice would do something like that but……

[……T- Thank you for waiting.]

[Uwooohhh! Since when are you…… wait, arehh]

[W- What is it]

[Ah, no…… is that a swimsuit]

Before I knew it, Alice had appeared…… and how should I say this…… She was dressed in a rather revealing way, which was somewhat unexpected.

And orange and red checkered…… swimsuit Rather, she was dressed in a tank top and skirt, with a hoodie over it.

[It's a swimsuit called tankini. I mean, I'm not kidding here, Alice-chan isn't good at this kind of thing. I'm already doing my best by wearing this……]

[I- I see…… Ummm, you usually wear dark-colored clothes, but those light-colored clothes look good on you too. Unnn, you look cute.]


[……Also, your hairdo…… Doesn't your hair seem shorter]

Alice wasn't wearing the mask that she always wears, exposing her unmasked face, which may be the reason why she looks so embarrassed. And most of all, Alice's hair, which is supposed to be quite long, became semi-short…… just a light shorter than Kuro.

[Ahh, it was a hindrance, so I shortened it. Though I say that, I didn't cut it, and just changed its length by magic.]

[Heehhh…… You have quite the different image than usual…… It's hard to describe, but it looks really good on you.]

[Ah~~ I'll say this now, but my hair used to be this long. I mean, counting overall, I've had this hairstyle longer than when I've had long hair.]

I nodded at Alice's explanation, and just at that moment, Kuro and Shiro-san returned. The stormy atmosphere around them is gone now, so it should be safe It seems like the fight is over.

Anyway, with everyone assembled here, everyone would then be separated into the determined pairs. But before that, there was something I needed to discuss with them.

[Now then, I'd like to say to go out and have some fun…… but before that, what about lunch I've prepared a lot of stuff in my magic box, and I heard that Laguna-san had also arranged someone to cook for us……]

Yes, I'm asking about lunch. It was now past ten o'clock, so after playing a bit, it would be lunch time. I had prepared some ingredients and simple cooking utensils in my magic box, as well as some food bought from street vendors.

[In that case, I will————-]

[Whoa there, I will be stopping you here!]


Alice interrupted Shiro-san, who was about to say something when she heard my words.

[It would be boring if the food is prepared by Shallow Vernal-sama's creation, and since it's our leisure time, let's have a barbecue! By the way, I've already got permission from Laguna-san in advance.]

[Ahh, that sounds great! That looks fun!]

Alice's words were met with a smile and a nod of approval from Kuro. A barbecue under this blue sky certainly sounds like a lot of fun, and it's probably best eating it together with everyone.

Rather, she's already got permission from Laguna-san…… She's as prepared as ever.

Asking the others for their opinions, they all seemed to be in favor, so we decided to have barbecue for lunch.

[……Then, the ingredients will be———-]

[Whoa there, I will be stopping you again!]


After it was decided that we will be having barbecue, Shiro-san sounded like she was about to say something, but was interrupted again by Alice. Shiro-san is starting to look a little displeased.

[This time, Alice-chan has already prepared the ingredients!]

[Eh You, the one preparing the ingredients…… Are you okay Do you have a fever]

[Hey, Kaito-san!]

What a surprise, Alice has already prepared the ingredients for the barbecue…… What in the world is going on here The situation is very unusual. I mean, this would have been the situation where Alice would take the initiative to have Shiro-san create ingredients……

When I gave a slightly dubious look, Alice coughed a bit before she directed a fearless smile towards Shiro-san.

[……No, it's just that someone stole a march in the housewarming party back then, so this time, I'm just returning the favor. Thus, please leave today's lunch to me!]

[U- Unnn. Well, if Alice is alright with it, then we're counting on you.]

[Roger that! I've prepared the best ingredients, so you can expect nothing but the best.]

Alice's cooking skills are actually top-notch, so I can trust her…… Well, Shiro-san seemed to be a little displeased, but since Alice has prepared so many things for us, we can just let Alice handle this.

It's just that, hmmm…… What's with that confident look on Alice's face She isn't the kind of person who would mess around with her cooking, so I'm sure she's not going to make something weird but……

Serious-senpai : [Impossible…… Alice is preparing the food! This smells like she's plotting something……]

Makina : [……I was made to cook.]

Serious-senpai : [……Ahh, I see, Alice's pockets aren't hurting at all……]

~ ~ Extra : The Depressed Makina-chan ② ~ ~

Alice-chan : [……Here, Makina. It's pudding~~]

Makina-chan : [……Alice, you're making fun of me, aren't you Thinking that you can just feed me something sweet and expect me to get better is quite awful…… Comfort me more…… The pudding is tasty.]

Alice-chan : [You're gobbling it up though. Moreover, you looked like you really got better…… Errr, then, I guess I'll do that. This calls for a hug. Now, plunge into my breasts!]

Makina-chan : [……Your comforting is so sloppy. 0 stars, won't recommend.]

Alice-chan : [That's not something you can say after leaping into my arms without any hesitation.]

Makina-chan : [……Pat my head too.]

Alice-chan : [You sure got lots of requests…… Yes, yes.]

Makina-chan : [Ehehe.]

Alice-chan : [……You looked like you're already feeling better. Heck, I feel like you're already the same as ever……]-

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