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It was a peaceful afternoon, and I was drinking tea at a small table I had recently purchased.

Incidentally, this is already a common scene. The concept of weeks doesn't exist in this world, but if I had to use my world's standards, I'd say that the frequency of Eden-san's visit is about 6 times a week…… In other words, she visits almost every day.

In a way, chatting and drinking tea with Eden-san may have become one of my daily routines.

Well, though I say that…… It doesn't really take a very long time, for it takes "about 1 second at the shortest, and half an hour at the longest" for her to start rampaging and end up being blown away by Kuro.

By the way, as a side note, as we've been together for a while, I've also come to understand some of the omens of Eden-san's rampage.

Although I had first imagined Eden-san that she would go berserk as soon as the switch is turned on, in reality, there are several phases before she goes berserk.

First, Phase 1: She starts calling me "her beloved child" when she usually calls me "Miyama Kaito" or "her child".

This is a danger signal, because it's a sign that Eden-san is getting excited.

However, if she's just at this phase, she's still relatively safe, as there's no other change other than the way she calls me.

Phase 2: The words Eden-san says begin to increase.

It's a little surprising, perhaps because the times when she was out of control just had too strong an impression in my mind…… but in normal times, Eden-san tends to be more of a listener.

She asks me what I've been up to, listens to my stories with a smile, and occasionally gives me some advice, but she doesn't say much.

However, as Eden-san's excitement increases, she starts to talk more and more, and gradually starts to speak faster and faster. With her like that, I should treat it as the ready signal starting to flash.

Phase 3: A deep smile creeps on Eden-san's face.

This is also unexpected considering that Eden-san was usually out of control, but she's usually smiling calmly and her expression is gentle.

And when her smile turns deeper, looking just like a predator aiming at its prey, it's already a red light. Pouring a light amount of magic power into my necklace, I tell Kuro that Eden-san is about to go berserk.

She will come to help me even if I don't tell her, but it will be faster if I do this in advance.

Phase 4: The final phase, Eden-san's eyes become muddy and a black heart begins to appear.

With her like that, she's only seconds before she goes out of control, or she's almost out of control already. How should I say this…… When Eden-san's eyes, which are usually as beautiful as rainbows, start to get muddy, her excitement is almost at its maximum, which is extremely dangerous.

But well, even though I say there are such phases…… It doesn't mean I can always detect the signs of Eden-san's rampage.

This is because those four phases I just mentioned don't necessarily move from one phase to another. Those phases…… all of them may be triggered all at once, even directly going to the final phase, so I can't be too careful around her.

To make matters worse, although it isn't that frequent…… There were times when "she's already at phase 4 when she appears", out of control right from the very start. The only thing that's scary about this is that I can't predict when that happens because it was a complete mystery.

Incidentally, when she's not out of control, Eden-san isn't dangerous at all, and most of her conversations are about asking about my current circumstances and my health. The expressions she had at those times were gentle and her mood was calm.

As long as she doesn't get out of control, she really was just as she calls herself, a magnanimous mother gently looking over her child. No, seriously, the impression her rampages had is just so strong that it overrides everything, but she is a kind person as long as she doesn't go on a rampage. Unnn, well, there's about a 99% chance that she'll go out of control within 30 minutes though……

[……And that's why, I sometimes feel like eating some junk foods.]

[I can understand how you feel. I guess changes like this brought the enjoyment of food.]

[That's right.]

Although it was just idle chit-chat, Eden-san smiled happily and agreed with me. No, seriously, how much better it would be if she's always like this……

[Speaking of which, Eden-san, do you have a favorite food]

[Let's see. I don't really require meals…… but I like burgers.]


Going with the flow of the conversation, I asked, but the answer I received was just too unexpected. Eden-san's favorite food is burger How should I say this…… I don't mean to be rude, but that was really unexpected.

I mean, I can't imagine her eating a burger at all in my mind. Though I say that, I think it would be rude for me to be too shaken about this, so I retracted my surprised expression and spoke.

[……I see. I like burgers too. There are many kinds of burgers, but what kind of burgers do you like, Eden-san]

It was rare for Eden-san to talk about herself. No, of course, if I asked her about something, she would answer me, but I hadn't had much of a chance to ask her about her preferences, as she often just listened to me talk about myself.

I wonder if that's why, as when I agreed and curiously asked her…… Eden-san's eyes seemed to light up for a moment.

[Really! My child likes burgers too huh! I'm glad, we're the same!!!]


Arehh "Her voice changed" It's not her usual composed voice, but a cute voice that sounds a little young…… Rather, hasn't her tone of voice changed too

[As for what kind of burger I like…… Hmmm. That's a very difficult question. There are so many different kinds of burgers, and all of them have different deliciousness, so it's hard to choose just one.]

[T- That's true.]

[However, if I had to think about it, I would say that burgers can be roughly divided into two categories: meat-based and non-meat-based. Of course, there are other complex types of burgers, such as crispy fried fish burgers and veggie burgers, but I guess I like meat-based burgers more! There are three main types of meat-based burgers: beef burgers, pork burgers, and chicken burgers. This is just my personal opinion, but consider each burger's advantages…… Chicken goes extremely well with sour sauces and spicy seasonings, doesn't it Doing it teriyaki-style is also delicious, and if you think about it, it goes well with burgers that have a strong sauce flavor. Pork is inferior to beef and chicken in terms of depth, but it also has its own unique strength. Especially when it comes to fried food such as cutlets, I think pork is the best choice. It goes without saying, but beef is the primary representative of burgers, and it has a solid and stable feel. It's the perfect meat, making me feel happy when I eat it.]

She started talking like crazy! However, rather than her usual craziness, I got the impression that she was just genuinely excited about the topic being her favorite food.

In any case, Eden-san had a happy expression on her face from start to finish, and combined with her more innocent expression than usual, she seemed to feel young suitable for her appearance.

[……but well, we can't exclude the limited-time burgers, right The word "limited" just really feels intriguing, and it makes me happy to find new and challenging flavors. However, if I were to be asked what my favorite burger is, I would have to say the simplest and most orthodox one. I guess you could call it the taste of memories, but as it's the flavor that I fell in love with first, it would have to be…… my favorite……]


Eden-san had been going on and on about burgers, but as she was about to wrap it up, she seemed to have suddenly realized something and her voice dropped to a whisper.

Then, moving like she was a broken tine doll, she turned towards me.

Eden-san's face was turning pale, sweat dripping from her face like a waterfall, and her rainbow-colored eyes were moving around at an unbelievable speed.

How should I say this…… Yes…… It's as if she was flusteredness given form.

[……Ummm, Eden-san]

[……E- Errr, y- y- y- you see…… c- can we…… just say…… just now didn't happen]

Seeing Eden-san's expression as she femininely told me this, my heart couldn't help but skip a beat.

I don't know if it's because Eden-san is the God of a world or that she's usually somewhat dignified…… but yes, she usually has a sense of confidence around her. If I had to describe it, I'd say that her self-confidence and awareness of her overwhelming superiority is evident in the atmosphere around her.

But now, that atmosphere has disappeared, and the way she anxiously asked me if I could somehow forget about her current blunder, the gap between her and her usual self was so great that it made her look really cute.

[Ahh, errr…… It's not like I would pursue you about this, so if you'd rather forget about it, I'll do that.]

[I- I see…… Thanks.]

To be honest, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious. After all, she was completely different from the image I had of Eden-san…… but yes, how should I say this…… It was more like "she accidentally showed her true colors" or something like that.

However, I felt too bad to ask Eden-san, who looked like she was about to cry, about this, so I chose not to pursue the matter after all.

Thereupon, Eden-san looked really relieved from the bottom of her heart and patted her chest. I tend to see her usual insanity, but looking at her like this made me see that Eden-san is also incredibly well-groomed, which somehow made my heart strangely beat faster.

[……Now then, it would be troubling if I talked too long, so I think I'd better take my leave.]

Ahh, her usual voice returned. It's understandable if I think that the way she sounded earlier was an accidental expression of her true self, but why is it that her voice is clearly different from her usual voice No, I'm sure it's easy for Eden-san to change her own voice…… but I don't understand why she would do that.

However, I had just promised that I wouldn't pursue it, so although I was curious, I would just keep this to myself.

Also, this is quite the rare pattern where Eden-san left without being kicked out by Kuro. Looking closely, I can see that her cheeks are slightly blushing red, so she must have been embarrassed.

[I- Is that so, I understand.]

[I'll make up for this blunder in some way, shape or form…… I have some "omnipotent spheres that are useful as watchdogs", so should I give you about "a trillion" of them]

[……No thanks.]

Omnipotent spheres The heck is that, those sound really dangerous…… At the very least, I don't think they're something you can just throw out as an apology for your blunder…… Also, I think I heard something about her having trillions of those, but that was just my imagination, right Unnn, it's just too scary, so let's just say it was my imagination.

[I see, then I'll think about some other way…… Well then, if you'll excuse me.]

[Ah, yes. Later then.]

After watching Eden-san get wrapped in light and disappear from the room, I tilted my head once more. I don't feel like I've seen a new side of her, though I might have just been mistaken, but it was shocking in many ways.

But speaking of which, even though we've been together for a while, I don't really know Eden-san that much…… Hmmm, it might be a good idea to ask Eden-san a little more about her hobbies and preferences in the future.

Rather, I think it's a little late for me to say this now but…… Eden-san, the fact that you like burgers so much that you talk about them so much makes me think that you're more of a commoner than I imagined.

Serious-senpai : [……Ahh, even if her true self was revealed here, this isn't going to have a serious development huh……]

: [It really was an obvious one, isn't it]

Serious-senpai : [I mean, that large amount of chatter is her default when she's excited huh…… Then, even if she becomes Deredere, it won't be much different from what it is now, right]

: [The only thing that will change is that she will be less likely to exclude others or make disturbing statements. Rather than the size of her love just changing, it may even grow.]

Serious-senpai : [……Couldn't you already…… call her a Yandere]-

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