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As soon as Makina removed the hand covering her eyes, Alice spoke to her, sounding somewhat agitated.

[……In the first place, you see, isn't it a bit simplistic to say that breast size equals adult charm]


[I mean, that magnanimity brimming from within, isn't that also part of an adult's charm]


[Oi, you scrap. What the heck is with that triumphant smile on your face]

At the first point, Makina looked as if she had been struck in a sore spot, but Alice's following words made her leak out a relaxed smile…… And her gaze had moved towards Alice's breasts……

Alice knew immediately what that triumphant smile meant, so a vein popped out of her forehead as she stood up.

[……This is that, you know The composure of someone who possesses them.]

[Tell you what, you're on the side of those who don't possess it. In fact, I'm impressed that you can be so proud just for your B-cup.]

[Fufun, say all you want, the difference between Alice and I is quite evident. The size of some lump of flesh isn't something of my concern.]

[……The same world creator as you, Shallow Vernal-sama, has a D-cup.]

[……That is…… a- a little bit…… concerning.]

[Your child, Hina-chan, is also a D-cup.]

[……I see…… I'm not…… big breasted at all…… Knowing the truth…… sure hurts, isn't it]

Makina kept her composure when Alice used Lilia as an example since she isn't her own child…… but when it came to her friend, Shallow Vernal, and her child, Hina, she couldn't disregard them.

As a result, Makina's earlier triumphant expression disappeared, and depressed, her shoulders slumped.

[Well, there's really no point in worrying about those things…… I think it's time to resume training.]

[U- Unnn. You're right, the size of one's breasts doesn't determine one's charm after all! Alright, let's get back on track!!!]

[Your speed of recovery sure is as fast…… as ever……]

As soon as she heard Alice's words, Makina immediately changed her thoughts and put on a cheerful expression on her face. When Alice saw this, she wryly smiled and was about to resume training…… but she stopped speaking.

As if she had realized something big, the expression on her face looked extremely serious.


[……Makina, what did you just say before]

[Eh What are you talking about]

[……"The day where my beloved child will love me will come soon"…… That's what you said, right]


[Thinking that that's your objective…… What's with your usual outbursts No, in the first place, isn't that strange How is it that the "omniscient and omnipotent you are interrupted at the right time every time by Kuro-san"…… Even if you wanted to be hindered, no matter how I think about it…… No, in the first place…… Why does it have to be "your child who bares their fangs at you" If you just want to be loved, wouldn't it be better if you looked towards your children who don't……]

Yes, that was the question that Alice noticed. If she takes Makina's earlier statement into account, it means that she is aware that she isn't loved by Kaito at the moment.

However, that wasn't something that could be seen from the usual her…… from Eden. And above all, the fact that she, who is supposed to be omniscient and omnipotent, is being prevented from acting by Kuromueina every time just doesn't add up.

And even more fundamentally, if Makina's goal was just as she said, to love her child to her heart's content…… Why had she set the standard for her beloved child to be someone that would bare their fangs at her

And most importantly……

[……This is strange. How could I not have noticed this before]

Yes, she should have had some questions that needed to be answered. But even Alice, with her brilliant mind, hadn't questioned this matter until now.

When Alice turned to Makina, shocked at what she had noticed…… she saw Makina have a somewhat troubled smile on her face.

[……Ahh, I've really blundered huh. It is as Alice said, I may have been somewhat clumsy…… "I've made it" so that "no one in Trinia would question that"…… but I forgot that "this isn't my world and you're not affected by that anymore".]

[……Makina, you are……]

[If it's alright with you, I'd rather you don't ask me any more questions…… This really isn't something I want to talk about.]

The expression on Makina's face as she wryly smiled looked somewhat sad, and she seemed to be expressing her desire not to step in this matter.

[……Well, I don't really intend to do anything that my best friend Makina doesn't like either, but can you tell me one thing]

[Unnn, what is it]

[……Your "real objective"…… What is it]

[Please keep it a secret, okay I am———-]

Hearing the words Alice said with a serious expression on her face, Makina looked somewhat resigned as she told her the truth.

[……Makina…… You are…… No, "you too"……]

[Don't look at me like that, Alice. It's alright, even like this, I'm still feeling the results of my efforts.]

[……20 billion years, needless to say…… is a really long time, you know]

[……Unnn. It really is…… a long time.]

This would be the third time…… and the most fundamental and biggest "change in premise". Thinking like this, the truth about Makina, which has been cleverly hidden until now, will be revealed.

Even after 20 billion years, she hasn't lost her origins. She hadn't lost the feeling she had when she wished to become a god.

However…… "Not everything remained as it was before".

Why does she call Kaito, who doesn't accept her love, as her beloved child……

Why does she get interrupted by Kuromueina at the perfect time, every time, as if she was aiming for that herself……

Even though she was operating the body of Paradise, who possesses strength almost equal to Kuromueina, why is it that she, who is supposed to have the power of omniscience, is defeated by Kuromueina every time……

The answer to this question is revealed by a change in premise. The premise is that…… "Makina herself is aware that her love is distorted".

She realized a long time ago, that her love, which was once pure, has swollen up over the years and turned into something that contains madness……

If one cog is distorted, it will have a great impact on the machine as a whole.

She often says that "she loves Kaito". However, "Kaito never said that he loves Eden…… Makina". Even when such a situation happens, she will see it the same as "a child loving their mother".

To begin with, clearly looking at what had happened back then, one would notice that even when she knew that the way she expresses the greatness of her love wasn't reciprocated, "she was still repeating the same pattern of conveying her love".

She talks about her love without exception. She would say that she loves Kaito so much, and that she will do anything for him…… but most of the ways she expressed her love were only that.

Back then, Alice…… Alice once told her. That "knowledge without experience is meaningless"……

She has never been loved by anyone, nor has she ever loved anyone. Yes, Makina has too much love, but "she doesn't know how to express it". Even if she understands that she was wrong, she is unable to express her love right.

That's why, she can't correct her love even though she realized that it has been distorted…… There is no absolute right answer to the form of love after all……

Perhaps, it's because she's omniscient, capable of knowing everything, so she wants her partner to know all about her love, and it always gets out of hand.

That is why she loves Kaito to the level of doting him.

Kaito doesn't accept her insane and wrong way of expressing love. However, he doesn't reject all of her advances. He will accept what he doesn't mind receiving and reject what he does not.

Furthermore, even when Kaito is exposed to her love filled with insanity…… "He doesn't hate her". Although he is somewhat uncomfortable with her, he agrees to have tea with her if she invites him, and he is willing to chat with her.

Every time Makina talked to Kaito, it was just a bit, just a tiny little bit…… but she felt as if her slightly distorted gears were being fixed.

That is the reason why she considers Kaito as "her beloved child"…… "The existence that she has been waiting for to correct her mistakes, even if they sometimes had to bare their fangs against their God".

The twisted mechanical god with a heart overflowing with love, but not knowing how to love, always loudly proclaims her love. I love you so much, I will do these things for your sake———— And the heart of such a twisted mechanical god cries out…… that "if my love is wrong, I'd like you to teach me"……

The sad mechanical god who used to be human but "has never experienced being loved", "unaware about her true feelings", always speaks of love. I love you so much. I love you with all of my heart———— That's why———— "Please love me"…… The heart of such a sad mechanical god pleads…… Still unaware of the true reason why she isn't fulfilled.

It may take a lot of years for her love, which has been swollen up and distorted over the past 200 million years, to return to its proper form.

But if one day, the time comes when Kaito surely accepts her love, realizes her true feelings hidden deep inside her, and returns her proper love…… Then perhaps, it will be the day when the mechanical god will be able to return to just being Makina.

Serious-senpai : [It was a bummer that I arrived late…… but isn't this great…… Splendid! Which means, Makina is like the Last Boss of the After Story, and Kaito will be on his way to save her heart that is broken in a different way than Alice's!!!]

: [No, that's not the case at all, I heard how there wouldn't be any serious development planned…… In addition, it seems that Eden (Makina) and Kaito-san would be flirting around next time, and it's going to be a sweet series where all the lovers would go swimming.]

Serious-senpai : [Why! You could just go with this seriously glorious flow!!! Why are you giving up at this point! Not enough sweetness Like hell I caaaaaaaare!!!]

: [Also, even if her distortion is fixed, the size of her love won't really change….. so it's not like a Yandere would turn into a Deredere, you know]-

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