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In the large castle located in the center of a place that is feared by the residents of the Demon Realm as the Land of Death……. where everything is frozen and extremely cold, it was the second dream of a lonely girl.

The owner of the castle, the Death King Isis Remnant, had left Kuromueina as a King to become independent, and had immediately asked her family, Shalltear, to build a castle for her.

She had prepared many rooms for many people to live in, and even furnished them so that they could be used immediately. There was a huge dining room with enough space for many people to share, and even a large bathhouse…… When this castle had just been built, her heart had indeed been filled with dreams.

She wished that one day, she would be able to smile in this bustling castle, just like she did when she was with her family at Kuromueina's home…… However, her dreams were frozen in time, just like the castle engulfed in snow.

In the corner of the large castle , there is a library full of books. As usual, Isis was reading a book by herself. The castle isn't without its visitors, as she sometimes spends her time together with her close friend Lillywood and her other family members.

However, both Lillywood and Kuromueina are usually busy and don't visit as often as they had before. Recently, her beloved lover Kaito has come to visit her often, but even so, she still spends more time alone.

She used to feel frustrated when she was alone, but after she met Kaito and her hand was pulled out of the darkness, she didn't feel as much pain as before. She felt that if she spent her time looking forward to the time together with Kaito, the times of loneliness that hurt her heart would be eased.

Now, Isis isn't impatient anymore and was composed enough to accept her current situation.

Perhaps, was that the reason why Her second dream that she had sought and struggled for, but made no progress, the dream that was somehow pushed to the corner of her memory…… The dream that had been frozen in place has now slowly begun to move.

[……Isis-sama, I've prepared some tea. Would you like to have some]

Hearing that voice, the reading Isis turned her attention away from her book, and saw her who had recently become a resident of her castle…… Iris, Isis' first subordinate.

[……Unnn…… Thank you…… I'm happy.]

After happily smiling at Iris' words, Isis lightly waved her hand, and a table and chairs appeared between them. After making sure that Isis was seated in her chair, Iris prepared tea and sweets, and placed them in front of Isis.

[……Iris too…… together with me……]

[I guess so. Well then, allow me to join you.]


After Iris became her subordinate and moved into the castle, Isis' mood became so good that even onlookers could see. Just by having one more person in the castle, the empty and cold rooms of the castle became lively and warm.

[……Is Iris'…… training…… going well]

[I'm still struggling a bit with conceptualizing a technique…… so if it's possible, I would appreciate your advice.]

[……Unnn…… there's a…… little trick to that……]

Iris' presence reminded Isis of a dream that she had almost forgotten. The dream that she had just drawn when she had just built this castle, a warm home of her own, crowded with many people…… and towards the dream that she had almost forgotten, she felt as if she had taken a step forward.

It's still just one person. She knew that she hadn't accomplished this by herself, but thanks to Kaito and Shalltear supporting her. However, what she's sure about…… is that she has taken a step forward.

One day, this castle will become a more crowded place filled with fun…… With a new hope dwelling in her heart, she thought that it would definitely come true.

Answering Iris' question with such a thought in mind, Isis moved her gaze and suddenly saw a strange sight.

There was a large table with six distinctive women seated around it.

"Good grief, I guess I really shouldn't expect any constructive feedback from a guy with a brain full of muscles huh."

A woman in a robe with the appearance of a sorceress and a huge coffin propped up next to her chair shook her head.

"Even so, it's still better than getting some from a certain shrewd hikikomori."



A woman with insect-like antennae and wings, carrying six swords with three on each side of her hips, tauntingly retorted, glaring at the woman in robes.

"Oya They're at it again huh, how troublesome. You two quarreling won't make the meeting progress, you know…… I'll just leave this matter to you, Head-dono. I'll be happy if they stop before I finish my tea."

The woman in the white pointy hat merrily laughed, before she  brought her tea to her lips.

"You could have just stopped drinking tea and helped instead……"

Iris, the only one of the six that Isis recognized, astoundedly muttered to herself as she had her hand on her forehead.

"Even so, they really don't get tired of doing that everyday, do they~~ I don't even know if they're close or not."

A woman who seemed to be a spirit wore a blue flower on her head like a hair ornament. A flower that Isis had extremely fond memories of.

"Both of you, I can manage your fights, you know In return, I'd like it if the loser buys me some clothes. It would be that, you know Some kind of punishment game~~ Well~~ This is just great~~ There's these new clothes I've been wanting to buy~~"

The one who urges the two people to fight with a happy smile is the smallest girl among the six. A beastman with ten silver tails, fox-like ears, and two peculiarly protruding teeth.

" " Back off, you evil fox! " "

"Nyahahaha, that way of speaking won't do, you know~~…… When you say it like that, it makes this evil fox want to meddle even more. Well then, let's get the———— Ahh!"

The beastgirl was about to meddle in the fight between the swordswoman and the sorceress, but as if she noticed something, her ears perked up and she turned to face in another direction, her ten tails happily wagging.

The two who had been quarreling, the spirit who had been leisurely watching, the witch who had been drinking tea, and Iris, who had been holding her head in her hand, all turned in the same direction as the beastgirl.

Thereupon, with heartfelt happiness on their faces, the six of them spoke at the exact same time.

" " " " " " Welcome back, Isis-sama. " " " " " "

With those words, the scene that had been reflected in Isis' eyes disappeared, as if all of it never happened.

[……Isis-sama Is something the matter]

[……Ahh…… No…… It's nothing.]


After smiling at the curious Iris and telling her it was nothing, Isis reached for her tea.

She wondered if what she had just seen was just a hallucination…… or perhaps, a scene from the future, shown by the "piece of power of the otherworld God" that resides within her……

However, somehow…… She doesn't have any basis for it, but Isis was sure of it. The scene she had just seen———– was something that would come true in the future……

Isis Remnant had been in the dark for a long time. If Kaito who dispelled her darkness and illuminated her with his warm light is described as her sun, then she can be described as the moon who continued to illuminate even within the darkness.

As the moon rose in the dark night sky……slowly, but steadily…… stars appeared in the sky.

A woman stopped her persistent training for a moment to take some rest……

A woman, who had been cooped up in a cave for a long time. went outside on a whim……

A spirit inhabiting a blue flower that blooms alone in a desolate land……

A fox-like monster suddenly stopped running across the snowfield with its silver tail fluttering with the wind……

A witch with a white hat who spends nearly 10,000 years on a small, empty island……

And Iris, who went outside the castle to go to the bar in Kaito's mansion……

Each of them, all in different places, "looked up at the moon in the night sky at exactly the same time"…… as if, perhaps, it was something inevitable.

The frozen dream, illuminated by the sun————– has already begun to move forward.

~ ~ Death King's Executive Subordinates, The Pleiades ~ ~

"Black Violent Star", Iris Illuminus

(Koku Bousei)

"Far North Star",  

(Kyoku Hokusei)

"Fox Monster Star",

(Kou Yousei)

"Celestial Blade Star",

(Ten Jinsei)

"Earth Bound Star",

(Chi Bakusei)

"Crystal Flower Star",

(Shou Kasei)

It will be a long time before all of them are introduced.-

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