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About a week until the release of Volume 8…… Caraway's character rough draft has been released in the Activity Report.

When I asked Anima if I could have a midnight snack with her, she immediately gave her approval. It seems like Anima is now cooking fish fillets.

Since I'm just having a midnight snack, I don't want to eat too much, but I'm still in the mood for some soup. I think I'll make some miso soup.

[Well then, Anima. I'm going to make some miso…… Errr, soup.]

[Eh N- No, I can't have Master bother himself with such a……]

[Don't mind, don't mind, I originally came here with the intention of making myself a snack after all.]

Laughing at Anima's predictable reaction, I quickly prepared what I needed and started cooking. With Anima, a little forcefulness works just right.

While making miso soup, I called out to Anima, who was cooking her fish next to me.

[……Does Anima cook often]

[I don't cook often, but when I miss meal times, I just cook for myself. Though I say that, the most I can do is just bake or fry stuff……]

[I see, same here…… or so I'd like to say, but I still can't fry things properly.]

The excellent cook Sieg-san and sometimes Illness-san teaches me how to cook, but I don't have much of a repertoire yet.

Well, I don't really cook that much to call it a hobby, so I can only make simple stuff.

[You worked until late night today, right Aren't you tired, Anima]

[Thank you for your concern. Cara looks after me, so I often take breaks…… I'd like it if I could work a little longer though.]

[Ahaha, I guess that's just like you, Anima.]

It really was just an idle chat, but it strangely made me feel relaxed. The reason for this was probably the atmosphere around Anima.

It may have been due to the influence of my Sympathy Magic, but it feels good to spend time with Anima, who seemed to genuinely adore me and was happy when I spoke to her.

[Do you and Caraway-san often go out together]

[……I think it's more like Cara drags me out as she sees fit. Being my assistant, Cara basically has the same days off as I do, so we have many opportunities to go out together. Just the other day, she took me fishing.]

[Heehhh…… Fishing huh…… I've only done it a few times, but I liked it a lot.]

[I- Is that so! T- Then, next time…… Ah, n- no, excuse me. It's nothing.]

When I said that I liked fishing too, Anima looked at me with a happy expression on her face, but immediately went back to cooking, looking flustered.

As has been the case for a long time, Anima basically never invited me to do anything on her own volition. The first thing that comes to her mind is that she feels bad about taking up the time of her master.

That's why, chuckling a bit, I decided to suggest this to her myself.

[……How about we go fishing together next time I'm almost an amateur though, so I'd appreciate it if you could teach me some things.]

[……Master…… Y- Yes! This unworthy Anima will support Master with all my might!]

Seeing Anima look so happy that I feel like I'm looking at a puppy wagging its tail, I chuckled again. How should I say this…… She really is adorable.

Soon, the food was ready, and Anima and I moved to the dining room to start eating together.

[Come to think of it, Master. I've heard that Akari-dono and Kazuya-dono will start learning how to make magic tools at the Seditch Magic Tools Trading Company in five days, so should we prepare something  If so, should I prepare them as soon as possible]

[Hmmm, I wonder about that That Trading Company will apparently provide the basic necessities though, so I guess they'll just need writing utensils.]

[I see, then there is no need to hurry. However, the two of them may be nervous, so I think it would be better to prepare some support in case something goes wrong.]

[Unnn, that would be great. Anima seems to be taking care of Mom and Dad a lot huh. I'm very grateful for that.]

[N- No! It's my duty as a retainer to support Master's family!]

Anima looks flustered by the sudden praise, but she still looks happy…… Over the past two years, she has grown into a dependable person, but I'm relieved to see that this part of her hasn't changed.

Thereupon, Anima's expression suddenly looked like she was thinking of something, before she spoke, looking slightly apologetic.

[……Ummm, Master, I'm changing the subject…… but there's something I'd like to consult with you regarding Cara……]

[Caraway-san Unnn, what's the matter]

[……No, actually, Cara seems to be concerned about the fact that she is the only one Master addresses with "-san" added to her name……]

[Eh Is that the case!]

Now that she mentioned it, I've been calling her Caraway-san, just like how I did when I first met her…… Her current position is the same as Anima, Eta and Theta, so she may be feeling like she's being singled out when I'm calling her different from the others.

[Yes, I did hire her of my own volition, so I think it's rude of me to ask this…… but if it's possible, I hope Master will treat her as you treat me and the twins…….]

[U- Unnn. Alright…… However, I see…… She didn't show it when in front of me, but she was concerned about it huh…… Thanks for letting me know. It's good that I knew of this sooner than later.]

[Thank you for your generosity…… Although she seems to be unfettered, Cara seemed to be concerned about a lot of things, as she's even a little concerned about the fact that she's the only one among the retainers whose age is so far away from Master's.]

I see, Anima's age depends on whether or not the years she lived as a Black Bear was included, but even if it were, it's not that different from mine. Meanwhile, Eta and Theta are both 72 years old…… Unnn, it's amazing that the 72-year-old twins are among the youngest people I know of, but for Demons, I guess they would be pretty young.

[I'm glad to know about how she had such parts…… Rather, since this would be a great opportunity, do you mind if I ask you some other questions I guess Eta and Theta also have things that are difficult for them to say directly to me because of their positions……]

[Yes, as far as I can tell……]

They call themselves my retainers, but I consider Anima, Eta and Theta as my family, so I would like to know more about them if possible.

In regards to Caraway-san, after getting her permission, I will talk to her with the same tone as Anima and the others…… Other than that, if the opportunity arises, I think it might be a good idea to go somewhere together to deepen our friendship.

They've helped me in many ways, and I want to return the favor…… so let's think of some way to do that.

Serious-senpai : [……Alright, let's answer some questions!]

: [Eh What's with you all of a sudden]

Serious-senpai : [No, it feels like I'm just explaining what's going on at times like this, so I thought I'd change things up a bit.]

: [Keep the sleep-talking when you're asleep, Fake Serious. (This fake serious…… She started sleep-talking while awake huh.)]

Serious-senpai : [Your hidden thoughts and what you're saying is rev…… Wait, aren't they the same thing!]

: [Well, for the time being, carry on.]

Serious-senpai : [……Well then, let's start all over again and just ask the first question. "Why is there no Marquis-rank"…… Yes, , please take the floor.]

: [……Well, this will be touched on in that reorganization mentioned last chapter, but in m…… Alice-chan's world, there were no marquises…… No, they were removed.]

Serious-senpai : [Is that so Why]

: [It was because the one who unsealed the Great Evil God of Despair the first time. The time Alice-chan defeated it was when it was unsealed for the second time, but when it was unsealed for the first time, the resurrection may have ended up being incomplete, but there was nothing they could do about it until it disappeared, so it apparently caused quite a bit of damage. It seems that because of this, a bad image was attached to the title "Marquis", and thus, over the years, the position of Marquis itself disappeared. And so, when Alice-chan created the Peerage system, she created it according to her world's standards.]

Serious-senpai : [I see…… Then, next question, "Is the Marquis-rank going to be made"]

: [That was something Alice-chan thought about, but this system has already been established for almost 20,000 years, and there are many Count-ranks who have been working hard to become "Duke-rank". And if Alice-chan says that "she made a rank for those not as good as Duke-ranks, but better than Count-ranks", there would definitely be some complaints, which is why Alice-chan is making adjustments to move Ein-san up to being the Seventh King.]

Serious-senpai : [Fumufumu…… Well, that's it for today's questions. See you next time!]

: [In the end, Serious-senpai, you didn't answer any question!]-

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