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A few moments after Sieg-sans parents shocking entrance, currently in front of us, Lunamaria-san was on her knees with her hands on the ground, her body trembling in fear.

[……Ummm, Im sorry. Its not that I meant any harm, I just forgot to say it……]


[No, it really was just an accident. Its just that after I sent a letter of our visit to Rigforeshia, they graciously accepted to show us around so……]


Right next to Lunamaria-sans neck were two swords, pierced on the ground, while in front of her imposingly stands Sieg-san, her face filled with anger.

Apparently, Sieg-san was the only one who wasnt informed that her parents were going to show us around.

Well, considering that she was always near Lilia-san, so she should have been properly informed about this, Im pretty sure that this useless maids fate is already set in stone……

[S- Sieg-chan. Luna-chan didnt really mean any harm, so just leave it at that……]


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Sieg-sans mother, the red-haired woman, tried calling out to her, but after she got glared at by Sieg-san, she immediately pulled back.

It seems like it would take some time before Sieg-sans anger subsides.

[Miyama-sama! Please help me!]

The heck, oi! Dont throw your problem at me, you useless maid!!!

No, no, even if you turn those relying eyes on me, what you did is…… No, not just this situation, even those previous times were just you, getting your just deserts, and Im not related to why this happened at all.

Its not my responsibility to help you, and I have no obligation to do so…… So, please stop looking here, Lunamaria-san. Im really weak against those relying look in peoples eyes so…… Ah, geez!!!

[……U- Ummm, Sieg-san. Will you please let her get away for now]


[No, I understand how you feel, but Im sure Lunamaria-san is reflecting, so please just leave it at that.]

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Hearing my persuasion, Sieg-san looks like shes still quite unsatisfied even as she nodded her head, and she pulled out the sword away from Lunamaria-sans neck.

Seeing that, Lunamaria-san looks like shes relieved from the bottom of her heart, but unfortunately for her, I dont intend to leave her like this.

If I were asked which side I would take under this situation, I would say Im with Sieg-san here. I really feel sorry for Sieg-san if were just going to let this situation pass like this, so Im going to do something that should work.

[Sieg-san. If Lunamaria-san does something strange again, please tell me. I have a great idea how to stop her from doing something again……]

[……Ummm, Miyama-sama That idea you mentioned……]

[Im going to ask Kuro to give you a scolding.]

[Please accept my apologies!!! Im begging you, anything but that!!!]

This threat seemed to be very effective against the zealot, as Lunamaria-san lowered her head so fast that she was already rubbing it (T/N: her head) against the ground.

Shes clearly more desperate about this than when Sieg-san was pissed at her.

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Anyway, this seemed to put Sieg-san in a better mood to some extent, and I faced Sieg-sans parents again.

[Now that the situation is settled, once again, everyone, welcome. I am Sieglindes father, my name is Rejnhardt. You can just call me Rei.]

(T/N: レイジハルト / Reijiharuto)

[And I am Sieglindes mother, Sylphia. Please call me Fia. Nice to meet you~~]

(T/N: シルフィア / Shirufia)

[ [ [ Nice to meet you. ] ] ]

With a bright smile on their faces, Sieg-sans parents introduce themselves.

However, seeing them up close like this, both of them look really young…… Let alone being in their 20s, They look young enough to be passable in their teens, but both of them apparently were already over 200 years old. Elves are amazing……

[Its been a while. Rei-san, Fia-san.]

[I see that youre quite healthy, Lilia-chan. Have you finally found yourself a husband]

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[Ah, no, that is……]

[It was impossible even with the blessing of the God of Love so—— Gofuaahhh!]

A beautiful body blow struck Lunamaria-sans abdomen just as she was about to speak unnecessary things. This fellow really isnt learning her lesson at all……

It seems that Lilia-san is already acquainted with Sieg-sans parents as they exchanged very polite greetings.

I thought they would show us around the city right away, but Lunamaria-san confirmed the location of the inn she had booked for us and told us that she was going to bring our luggage there, and so, Rei-san and Fia-san suggested that we relax until Lunamaria-san returned, so we ended up visiting Sieg-sans parents home.

Rei-san and Fia-san seem to have very cheerful personalities, and theyve been talking to us while on the way.

[By the way, you mentioned youre Miyama-kun, right]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

While walking, Rei-san suddenly spoke to me with a serious expression on his face.

The serious expression on his face, coupled with his beautiful appearance, somehow looks sharp.

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[What do you think Our Sieg is quite cute, isnt she!]



What the heck is this person saying all of a sudden

[No, even as her parent, I must say. Sieg is quite well proportioned and extraordinarily beautiful!]

[H- Huh……]

[If youre a man, youd understand Siegs appeal, right]

[Ah, yes. Well…]

Its true that Sieg is a tall and slender person, with a beautiful, well-defined face that seems to combine dignity and loveliness, along with her red hair and long ears that are the special characteristics of elves, I think it wouldnt be a mistake to call her a beauty.

She has a gentle and kind personality, is good at cooking and baking, and has a good temperament, making her very attractive.

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However, why would her own parents ask such a question at this point of time

After hearing my response, Rei-san nodded, looking somewhat satisfied, and zipping his face close to mine in excitement, he spoke.

[Of course, I know you do! So, how far have you gone with Sieg


[ ~ ~ ~ ! ]

Again, I repeat, what the heck is this person saying

[Have you gone on a date Or have you already gone past the kissing part]

[N- No, its not like Sieg-san and I have that kind of relationship……]

[What did you say! Are you sane! Youve already been living with Sieg for a month now and for you to not lust after her, are you even a man!]

[……E- Errr……]

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Im a little confused and my head cant keep up with what hes saying but, I guess Rei-san is just one heck of a doting parent.

I can tell that she loves Sieg-san very much from the way he talks and his behavior, but I wonder what this is…… This absurdly high disappointment Im feeling……

[This wont do, of course, as a father, its hard for me to see his cute daughter having a lover. However, at the same time, I also want my daughter to be happy…… and today, for the first time in her life, Sieg came home to her parents with a man in tow! Even if tears still fall from my eyes, Im all ready to accept, even if shes coming here to inform us of her marriage!]


[And yet…… you cant go on like this! Its fine if you sometimes act like a man, go assault her like the beast you are! Alright, Ill give you some money, so you and Sieg go on a date—- Bfuuooohhh!]

A fist slammed into Rei-sans face, who was overwhelming me with his frightening momentum, at a tremendous speed.

The one who slammed that fist into his face was, needless to say, Sieg-san.

Sieg-sans face was bright red and her clenched fist was trembling. She looks very angry.

[S- Sieg, c- calm down. Daddy is just thinking about Siegs sake—— Bfueehhh!]


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As Rei-san fell on his buttocks and tried to explain, Sieg-sans fist slammed into his face again.

I cant feel any mercy from Sieg-san anymore, as she began swinging her fists down, one after another, faster than even before Rei-san could say anything.

[Ara ara, please excuse them~~ Theyre causing quite the ruckus.]

[Eh Ah, no, is it alright even if you dont stop them]

[Its okay. Its his fault anyway.]

Looking at the extreme violence that her husband is receiving, Fia-san told me in a relaxed tone.

Ah, how should I say this… I feel like I can see how Sieg-sans daily life is back in her hometown…… This kind of flow where Rei-san would mess around, Sieg-san getting angry, and Fia-san leisurely watching them, seems to be something usual for them.

[Well, its not that he had any bad intentions. Its just that Sieg-chan seemed to like you a lot.]


[ ! ! ! ]

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Sieg-sans fist, which had been hitting Rei-san, stopped when he she heard the words that Fia-san nonchalantly said.

[I mean, the letters that Sieg-chan sends lately have always been about you—– mghhhmmm!]

[ ~ ~ ~ ]


Fia-san tried to continue speaking, but before she could finish speaking, Sieg-san quickly moved and covered her mouth.

Sieg-sans face is now bright red as she looked at me, frantically shaking her head for some reason.

Hmmm. Its just my guess, but Sieg-san probably wrote about one of the rarely seen otherworlders, me, and sent it to her parents, but I guess that means Rei-san misunderstood her huh

Then, it makes sense why Sieg-san is that flustered. After all, if they perceive something that the person herself intends to, and her parents suddenly start saying things that lack common sense, she will obviously get flustered.

[Aoi-senpai. Sieg-san looks pretty obvious to me but…… is Miyama-senpai really that slow]

[His self-esteem is probably that low, I guess that an idea like that never came up in his mind]

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Dear Mom, Dad——- Sieg-sans parents were quite lively, and it seems that Sieg-san is having a very difficult time. However, how could I say this in a good way Looking at their flurries of exchanges, those times when Mom and Dad were still alive—— I remembered them.

T/N: 11/13

edit: Im posting the illustrations, so thats the last one for now. Also, 1 so… only 3 left. I should be able to do it by tuesday.-

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