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In the gondola, which unexpectedly isnt swaying at all, I look at the scenery with the little dragon who was completely attached to me and is sitting on my shoulder.

[Looking up from here, Symphonia Kingdom is brimming with greeneries, doesnt it]

Although the Symphonia Kingdoms royal capital is that developed, its very lush and beautiful when viewed from above.

It doesnt look like theyre just wilderness that would make one feel like theyre uncharted territory, the scenery gives me the impression that theyre really taking care of nature.

[Yes, the Symphonia Kingdom is home to the largest elven forest in the Human Realm, and is a country with a great deal of nature.]

[As expected though, the primary factor is that the Symphonia Kingdom has a close relationship with World King-sama.]

Hearing my words, Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san explained.

[The Elves, in particular, were firmly worshiping World King-sama, and the Sacred Tree Festival is also considered as a festival to give thanks to World King-sama for the good harvest.]


Sieg-san vigorously nodded in affirmation to Lunamaria-sans words.

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Apparently, she really is equal to a God for the Elves.

[If I remember correctly, Chronois-san told me that the World King is the spirit of the World Tree, so is that related to why theyre considering her as a God]

[Yes, the Elves…… lost the forests they used to live in when the Demon Kings army invaded. When World King-sama learned of this, after the treaty of friendship was signed, she used her power to create vast forests for the Elves. Since then, the Elves have evidently treated World King-sama as their God, and theyre holding firm faith to her.]

[The Elves are a large race, but no Elvish Chief has named himself a king since the Treaty of Friendship. Perhaps, it proves that to the Elves, the only king they have is World King-sama.]

It seems that the World King is the greatest benefactor of the Elven race, and thats why they were strongly worshipping her.

But even so, creating the worlds largest forest, I guess thats to be expected from one of the Six Kings, she has a really outrageous power.

[Incidentally, as it was the Symphonia Kingdom who provided the land, since then, World King-sama has sent her spirit and fairy followers to the Symphonia Kingdom, resulting in the development of Symphonia Kingdoms food culture that is extremely rich in crops.]

I see, that explains what Lilia-san meant earlier when she said that Symphonia Kingdom has a close relationship with the World King.

I remembered hearing that theres no God of Fertility in Symphonia Kingdom, so I guess the one who brings fertility to the country is the World King.

On the way to the Elven Forest, Lilia-san told me the story about the World King and the Elven Forest.

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After a short three hours of travel on the Flying Dragon Services, we could finally see a city thats mostly made with wood in the center of the vast forest below us.

Some of the buildings look like log cabins, others look like towers made of wood, and in the center of the city conspicuously stands…… a huge tree that looks like its several hundred meters tall.

Thats probably the Sacred Tree that symbolizes this festival. Anyway, I heard that they were living alongside nature, so I thought the place would only be about the size of a large village, but even though their houses may be different from the Humans, this place could already be considered as a large city.

[T- This is amazing…… All of their buildings are made with just wood]

[As expected, they didnt just use wood, but they would use as much of nature as possible.]

The white dragons landed in a place that looks like the entrance to the city. It was amazing to see from the sky, but standing in front of it like this is also quite a sight to behold.

It seems that Kusunoki-san also felt the same way, as she seems to be deeply moved and muttered.

Stepping into the city of the Elves that renewed our thoughts of how this really is another world——- is something nice to do if I was able to do head straight into the city, but we first have to deal with a problem.



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The little dragon that took a liking to me wont separate from me.

Just as my Sympathy Magic directly transmits my emotions to others, at the same time, I can also understand others emotions.

I dont know if the baby dragon liked me that much, but it sat on my shoulder the whole time we were traveling, and even now, it still clings to my clothes and wont separate from me.

[Miyama-senpai, it has become really attached to you huh.]

Just as Yuzuki-san said, the female driver is somehow trying to separate her from me, but the baby dragon isnt listening at all.

I dont know if I should be happy or troubled that she has become emotionally attached to me but…… In any case, if I cant persuade this baby dragon, I cant get in the city of elves.

No, its not that they were preventing us from entering the city but…… the fact is that this baby dragon isnt my pet, this is the Flying Dragon Services baby dragon, so I cant just take it along for my own convenience.

[Dont worry. We can meet again when were going back, and we can also meet back in the royal capital.]


[Unnn, so you have to diligently listen to what the driver says.]

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The baby dragon looked very sad, but I managed to convince her with my words as it made a small nod.

And then, her grip on my clothes weakened……


[ ! ]

And she suddenly bit me on my neck.

I was startled for a moment, but it doesnt seem like she sunk her teeth on my neck, and after play-biting twice, she let go.

What was that just now I dont really know, but the fact that the female driver is surprised probably means that it may be an act to show affection or something like that.

Anyway, after that, the baby dragon separated from me, and as I waved my hands to her, she gave me a cry of reluctance even as she saw me off.

She was a really cute child. Ive heard that this Flying Dragon Service has set up a shop in the royal capital, so when we go back, Ill occasionally come to visit her.

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Saying it once again, we finally stepped into the city of the Elves.

This world has something called magic, and the big city is said to be enclosed inside a Barrier Magic, so theres no such things like an ostentatious wall surrounding the city and we were able to easily enter.

[Everyone, we will now be meeting up with the people who will be guiding us here.]

[The one who will be guiding us]

Lunamaria-san said that although her father was a half-elf, she had never been to the Elves city before…… so could it be an elf acquaintance of hers Or perhaps, theres someone whos working as a tour guide around here

I was about to open my mouth and ask Lunamaria-san the question, but right at that moment, I heard a loud voice that came out of nowhere.

[Symphonia Kingdoms!]

[Duchess Albert and her entourage!]

[ [ [ ! ] ] ]


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The voice that came out of nowhere startled me, Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san, and for some reason, Sieg-san also had a shocked expression on her face.

And when I moved my gaze towards the voice, I saw two shadows running towards us from the distance.

A male elf with short blonde hair and a female elf with long red hair…… The two of them each ran in a straight line from diagonally to the left and right in front of us, and they began crossing with each other a few distance in front of us.



Crossing with each other in midair, they somersaulted once before landing. And with that landing, the two elves struck a pose, standing with their backs behind each other.

[ [ Welcome to the elven city of “Rigforeshia”~~!! ] ]

(T/N: リグフォレシア / Riguforeshia)

[ [ [ ………………… ] ] ]

How the heck am I supposed to react to this Somethings wrong. Their tensions were obviously greater than even we, who had just come here, had.

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And then, seeing that Sieg-sans holding her hands on her head, could it be that these people are……

[……A- Arehh Why do I feel like all of you are drawing away from us]

[Mhmm, could it be that our pose is a little too sophisticated for them]

[ [ [ ……………. ] ] ]

I guess thats to be expected from elves, the blonde man and the red-haired woman are both tremendously beautiful, but how should I say this…… Their excitement was excessively out-of-place.

In front of the dumbfounded us, Sieg-san, who was holding her head in her hands, slowly stands up and draws her two slender swords.


[A- Arehh Sieg-chan Whats wrong Your face looks really scary.]

[Hahaha, she must surely be feeling bashful!]

[However~~ I feel like she would try to slash me any moment soon……]

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[H- Hahaha…… W- Wait right there, Sieg. Lets calm down and talk……]


[ [ Gyaaaaaaahhhhh! ] ]

Sieg-san, who had turned into a shura, attacked the two elves and their miserable screams rang out.

[…..Umm, Lilia-san. Could those people be……]

[Yeah, errr, theyre Siegs “parents”.]

[ [ [ …………….. ] ] ]

What can I say, no…… I dont even think that theres anything I can say.

Just when shes about to attend a festival in her hometown with people she knows, and for her parents to suddenly appear with an outrageously high excitement, from a daughters point of view, it would be nothing more than shame play.

Sieg-sans sad emotions were being fully conveyed, even without my Sympathy Magic, just from the deep blush and the anger that could be seen on her face.

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Dear Mom, Dad—— Weve arrived in the elven city of Rigforeshia. And there—– I met Sieg-sans parents.

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