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Since coming to the world of Trinia, I have gained many things. I'm really glad that I came to this world and I love this world.

If I had something to complain about, it would be that the "biggest crisis of my life" is renewed every year, just like the wine that is released every autumn……

Well, the biggest crisis in my life is usually renewed by the same person, and that person is a God in another world, so I guess it really isn't a complaint about this world.

Anyway, just like that…… this man, Miyama Kaito…… is the biggest crisis of my life.

[No lump of flesh eyesores, no abominable God's half-body…… It's finally "just the two of us", my beloved child……]

[Y- Yesh……]

As Eden-san looks at me with a crazy smile behind her muddy eyes, I can't even reply properly because my body is shaking.

By the way, Eden-san and I are on "a planet" that she gave me as a present. Unnn, even when I'm the one saying it, I also don't know what I'm saying, and one might think that I'm joking…… but unfortunately, it's true.

And just like Eden-san said, it's just Eden-san and I in this place…… whether it's Kuro, Alice and Shiro-san…… I don't have anyone I can ask for help when I need it.

[Ahh, how I have longed for this moment! I am at the peak of my happiness. Yes, that's right. It's me and my beloved child here…… No one…… No one will interrupt our meeting! Ahh, my beloved child, you must have also waited so long, haven't you I'm sure you wanted to be pampered by Mother. But until now, we are being disturbed by that abominable half-God. Yes, of course, I understand what my child wants to say. If only I could defeat that God's half-body, Mother would have been able to spoil my beloved child to their heart's content, unhindered by anyone. Ahh, please forgive this worthless mother for taking so long to allow an opportunity like this where we're all alone. Please don't worry. For all that Mother and my beloved child have been forced to endure, on this "two-day, one-night trip", I will pour out my motherly love to the point of fascination! I will release all of the love that Mother has been "holding back" because of my wariness of that God's half-body, and bring heavenly happiness to my beloved child!!!]


SOMEONE SAVE MEEEEEEE! HELP MEEEEE!!! Ahh, this is bad, Eden-san's eyes have completely disappeared…… Rather, this is unbelievable, what did she mean with her still holding back! That still isn't her final form!!!

I've never had a crisis like this in my life. Will I be able to return home safely……

In the first place, as to how this situation happened…… This was because of "a chess tournament where all abilities were banned", with the winner receiving a "two-day, one-night trip with me".

For some reason, I became the prize without my knowledge, but I didn't mind it that much because it happens all the time.

The problem was that the winner of the tournament was Eden-san. Just like the others, Eden-san was also unable to use her abilities such as Though Acceleration and Future Sight, and that they had to make their move before the 10-second limit ends.

However, Eden-san seems to have taken countermeasures seriously, as according to her, "she had memorized every past games and practiced hundreds of thousands of games without using any of her abilities".

And even though Eden-san's match-up wasn't the best, she defeated both Kuro and Shiro-san…… and even Alice, who I predicted that I would win, beat her after a fierce battle.

Well, to put it shortly, Eden-san won this trip with me through legitimate () procedures, and thus, it seems that Kuro and Alice can't interfere. Before we left, they vigorously apologized to me.

And so, without my knowledge, this trip, the biggest crisis of my life, has been prepared.

To be honest, I want to refuse here. However, looking at Eden-san, who was already in her maximum tension, I felt that if I refused, it would lead to a terrible situation, so in the end, I don't have any other choice but to accept the situation.

And thus, here I am, on Eden-san's planet that "only had the sea, the sandy beach, and a cottage".

However, I didn't come to this place without a plan. There's a 50-50 chance that it will work out, but I've prepared a way.

[We can start playing on the beach, but first of all, I have to make sure that my beloved child is satisfied with our date…… Oya What's the matter, my beloved child]

As Eden-san was about to start rambling about again, I hugged her as if I was clinging onto her body. This was the secret plan that I had prepared.

[I- I'm also glad that I could be alone with you like this, Eden-san. I don't mean to be rude, but since this is a good opportunity, please let me be spoiled for a while.]

I've known Eden-san for quite a while now, and I've learned that she has this "mysterious mode" that shows up from time to time.

I don't know the exact condition to unlock it yet, but sometimes, she changes form when I actively communicate with her.

Though I say that, it's not 100% certain that it will work. If it succeeds, Eden-san's danger level for this trip will be zero…… But it's a double-edged sword. If it fails, Eden-san's tension would become even worse than it is now.

N- Now…… What will happen……

Just like that, the biggest gamble of my life, challenging she who was bringing the biggest crisis of my life, has begun.

Mama Eden did return to her original (past) personality (No one said anything about that not happening in front of Kaito)

Serious-senpai : [……What is this, this strange seriousness-aura……]-

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