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Miyama Akari and Miyama Kazuya, were currently meeting with one of their son, Kaito's lover…… the God of Fate, Fate.

[It's nice to meet you~~ I'm, errr…… well, it's that, right My name is Fate, I'm in your care.]

[I'm Miyama Kazuya. I'm also in your care.]

[I- I'm Miyama Akari. Nice to meet you too.]

[Fumu fumu, Kazuyan and Akarin, right! I'm in your care~~]

Seeing Fate cheerfully call them with a nickname with a bright smile on her face, Akari and Kazuya's backs straightened in nervousness. The two of them had cold sweat running down their backs.

Her voice sounded cheerful, and she was wearing a smile on her face, and the words she says expresses her friendliness…… but Akari and Kazuya noticed it. That Fate's eyes, even when they looked at them, were devoid of any emotion……

It was as if she was looking at a pebble lying on the side of the road that just so happened to come into her view…… Her eyes hold no favorability nor malice, just "disinterest".

If it had only been the two of them and Fate here, they might not have realized it. However, there is another person in that room who clearly brought changes in Fate's emotions.

[And thus, greetings over…… Kai-chan! This is troublesome, so can I go home now]

[No, no, what you did really was just greet them……]

[Ehh~~ but serious atmospheres like this really aren't my thing……]

Fate's eyes, while she was speaking to Kaito, were completely different from when she was talking to the two of them. Her eyes were filled with clear enthusiasm, as if she was looking at her really precious treasure, as if she was feeling irresistible love towards the person in front of her.

And when she turned towards the two of them…… with eyes that held utmost boredom…… that even the couple, who had never met Fate before, could immediately understand.

Fate only agreed to this introduction meeting because Kaito asked her to, not because she held any interest in Akari and Kazuya……

In the end, until the end of their turn, Fate hardly spoke to the two of them, and her attention was only turned towards Kaito.

Meeting Kaito's next lover, Alice…… They somehow felt relieved and were able to talk with her.

During Kaito's ordeal, the two of them had interacted with Alyssa, who was based on Alice, and having the same personality, they felt that Alice was someone they were comfortable talking to.

Of course, they understand that she is a different person, and they don't intend to think of them like that, but it was still much easier for them to talk to her than Fate.

Unlike Fate, Alice's words, facial expressions and atmosphere were friendly, and their conversation went much better.

(……Fumu, they should have interacted with the other me during the ordeal, but it doesn't seem like meeting her is making them think of acting casually towards me……  That's a plus. Let's raise their evaluation for a bit.)

However, it was only because Alice's acting is far better than Fate…… Rather, when it comes to her inner thoughts, Alice was far more dangerous than the uninterested Fate.

Alice is a former human and understands the feelings between parents and children. However, her priority will always be Kaito, and she won't let down her guard, even against Kaito's parents.

Currently, Alice is trying to determine whether Akari and Kazuya's existence will be inadvisable to Kaito or not.

(They were treated quite hospitably at Lilia-san's mansion, but they don't seem to be growing impudent. In fact, it seemed like they were feeling apologetic instead. "I did peek inside their minds"…… but it seemed like they're fine at the moment. Depending on the situation, I thought about "educating" them without telling Kaito-san, so that they wouldn't dare think about anything strange…… but it doesn't seem like such a thing is needed. I still need to be vigilant though.)

Their behavior after coming back to life didn't seem to be too bad for Alice, and she relaxed her guard against them a little.

(Well, there have been records of people growing impudent after getting used to life in this world, so I can't be too optimistic, but if things don't get complicated, it would be for the best.)

Even as Alice was envisioning all the possible patterns that this couple could make in her mind, on the surface, her conversation with them was quite friendly.

Seeing my parents and Alice conversing with each other with smiles on their faces, I felt relieved.

I'm glad Alice and Fate-san are friendlier to them more than I thought they'd be…… Fate-san found the meeting troublesome and wanted to go home early, but well, I guess that's just like Fate-san.

Anyway, since all that's left is Kuro, I'm somehow glad that everything ended peacefully.

[Excuse me, I've brought you some more tea.]

[Ah, yes. Thank…… you]


After an orderly knock, I saw a person come in pushing a cart with tea…… and I stiffened. Alice, who was sitting next to me, was also dumbfounded, "loosening her grip on the tea cup she was holding".

No, there was nothing wrong with Alice's reaction. If I had my own tea cup in hand right now, I would have dropped it too.

No, seriously, I don't understand what the heck is happening right now.

Someone, anyone…… Please explain what's happening to me!!!

For a situation like this to happen…… what course of events occurred……

Why the heck is "Eden-san in a maid uniform, pushing a cart into this room"!

: [If I'm not mistaken, Eden-san is quite popular with the readers, isn't she However, not as a heroine, but as "the dangerous person who suddenly makes her entrance"……]-

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